3 easy fixes for itemization in D3

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    Quote from Laevus

    "They can no longer stack a single stat to achieve high DPS. "
    At the moment, I believe people with top dps are stacking main stat, IAS, crit chance and crit damage, that's four stats to achieve high dps. Crit chance with low crit damage isn't great, and high crit damage with low crit chance is also kind of pointless. By reducing crit chance so drastically, you're removing two stats from the desired item pool, and making it even easier to gear to the (new) effective best dps model by only requiring main stat and IAS.

    People (top notch players) also definitely want as high Base Damage as they can get, as well as Average Dmg (kinda the same as Base Damage, except on Rings/Amulets). So that's 5-6 very important offensive stats.

    My grudge with the current system is that no matter what you simply cannot go without CHC/CHD. You can definitely build a character with 0 attackspeed and no Average Damage (these seem a lot less effective than Crit), but without Crit you're not only locked out of a lot of builds but you're also way waaaay behind the power curve.
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    Quote from VTurth

    1.) Crit damage nerf. Simply add a decimal point in the middle of all crit damage stats on gear. Crit damage is now balanced. Move along..

    I'm not sure, if it is, but crit damage should be the core stat that increases paperdoll dps the most. The reason being, it does nothing else. Primary stats have defensive side effects. Crit chance and attack speed have synergies with many skills/builds to the extent that items with those are often better than ones giving more dps/ehp. This aspect of the game (core offensive stats) is absolutely fine imo.

    Core defensive stats (resist, armor, vit etc) could use some tuning. I really wonder who came up with the idea to let all resist roll higher than single resists, effectively removing any distinction between damage types. Must've been high.

    But a rework of those still isn't the fix to itemization that everyone talks about. To be honest, I don't have a solution at hand myself. More affixes, more skill affecting affixes, unique affixes are nice thoughts, but it's extremely tough to actually do.

    2.) Add increase specific skill damage mod from 1%-100%. Melee skills (Barbs/Monks) will show up on melee weapons. Caster skills will show up on caster items (wands/daggers). Class specifc items will have class specific skills. And random + damage % skills can show up on rings/amulets and uniques.

    3.) Add cast speed to only work on casting skills.. Cast speed only appears on rings, amulets, wands, staves and daggers. OR WD/Wiz specific items. IAS no longer works for casting skills.

    Well, skill affecting affixes are an idea, don't know, if it would work. Imagine having multiple SoJs, that would decrease HotA cost by 5 each.

    I do agree with your flavor stuff. Casters wielding brutish melee weapons are not right. But that's the least of my concerns. It's not like we have Navy Seals running around in our dark fantasy world. If you ask me, the worst, Blizz did in this regard, were guns in the WarCraft world.
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    I think itemization is inherently flawed the way dmg is calculated and how it ties to your main hand weapon. This KILLS any diversity - the only thing you will ever want is more dmg + anything that gives dmg (crit and all the other bs). Combine that with lackluster meaningful affixes and items that bring variety and you end up with fucked itemization. I know this dumbed down decision will never be fixed i even know why they went that way but if you ever wonder why itemization sucks, that's why.
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