Grin Reaper + Slow..Is that a bug?

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    I was playing last night with a friend and we open the game up to public just for fun. This was a MP 7 HC pub game. We are both Demon Hunters with some pretty decent DPS.

    In comes this WD.. He looked very weird. His gear was not the typical set up.. Nor was his skill set up. My friend checks his DPS and notices he had about 50 000 dps.

    We talked about kicking him but figured, might aswell let him leech for the ride. We where bored.

    He tagged along... Barely attacking. Leeching. So my friend jumps ahead and pulls in a HUGE pack of monsters with 2 elite packs toward him...Just to make him sweat.

    This freakn WD runs in rull steam and explodes with BLUE spirits and skeletons everywhere. Everything was slowed to a crawl and he tanked 2 elites like it was nothing.

    We where shocked, So we keep feeding this sicko WD more and more and he seemed to love it. I've never seen so much slow control. Nor an utter lack of disrespect for his own life in HC.

    I know it had to do with his helmet the Grin Reaper splitting him in 3 and the slow skills. Is this a bug? Seems like he didn't care what he did.

    Also, that may have been the easiest farming game in public we have ever played. A little to easy with that WD.
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