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    Useful link with nice video and a lot of Hands-On reviews:


    this info is cool:

    A new feature players may like is a slightly revamped equipment rating system. As you pick up items, it will tell you if it's actually better or worse than the piece you have currently equipped in that slot. Yes, there already is a similar system that exists on the PC, but this one is denoted by symbols and can be seen even before you pick it up. Thus saving you essential inventory space, and it also makes for much faster farming.

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    Wait... what? How does that work? Does it mean it already knows if it's better before you identify it? No unidentified item drops? I don't get it.
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    Yeah no one knows for sure maybe its explained a bit better in different review.
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    You still have to identify items I believe but if you pick up a blue item or something it will compare with other items you are already wearing without having to open the inventory.
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