What is a Skill or specific Skill Rune you wish was more viable (how would you improve it)?

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    Quote from Indimix

    Multiple hydras... was so damn amazing in D2, but here is dumbed down for some reason.

    Also, a lot of WD skills need from a minor adjustment to a complete revamp.

    For example, in low MP levels, the cloud of bats rune is useless, in high level it's supposed to be good since the enemies last more but.. don't know. Solution -> you should be able to move around, just like ww or strafe. Or, to make it more unique, a way to attract enemies to you, like a magnet, dont know.

    The WD darts should somehow be reworked so they can bounce through enemies, or something like that. Right now there is no reason to use them. Also, I LOVE the spiders but they are totally useless. Imagine this, that the spiders don't die after they hit something, they just stay there hitting everything on screen for a period of time, let say, 5-8 seconds. Then with a good AS, you could potentially fill the screen with little spiders killing everything, like pseudo-pets.

    God, everytime I start thinking about how to improve this game, the only feeling I'm left with is impotence.

    Yeah, that was amazing :)
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    Dh Companion: Wolf companion.

    I always love the idea of having a wolf as a companion but I cant find a way to make viable right now... I think that the wolf should give some kind of bonus or a buff, or even an special ability idk... I just wish it was more useful.
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