Great new farming route !

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    This route is by far my favorite as a BARB
    I havnt tested this as other classes !

    Best massacre ive reached so far is 1056 !
    Happy farming :)

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    Nice vid Kongor, act 2 is pretty slick as well.
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    would go to HoA lvl2 as well
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    I've been doing the exact same thing as a WD with a locust build. While it might not be the most efficient exp/hr or legendaries/hr it is incredibly fun.
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    Doing the same route, but sometimes i add 1 or 2 areas. Fun and efficient. I'd recommend it too.
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    pretty pumped we can get key's now and EXP in the same run,not just act 3 keys :P
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    I've liked Weeping Hollow even before the patch, solely for the 2-3 elite packs, occasional bonus vendor and once in a while there's even a bonus dungeon, like Den of the Fallen for a few more elite packs and a Resplendent Chest, but the density in the Hollow is super fun, high massacre rates. Act 1 definitely seems like a fantastic XP spot, which is nice. A lot of people feel that it's more appropriate for the "original" feel and mood of Diablo, and I'm inclined to agree.

    Funny thing for me, though. Since the patch has me checking out Acts 1, 2 and 4 more now...I find myself missing Act 3 a teeny bit. Though, that could be because I didn't run Alkaizer routes ragged and mostly did Keeps 1, Stonefort, Cydaea and Azmodan...sometimes threw in Damned Tower 1 just for funsies, but kept to the end. Then in the last patch, they made it so NV carries from Act to Act, which made acing Iskatu and Rakanoth more appealing. By then, I'd be involved in Act 4, all I had to do was clear the Hell Rifts (which are way better now), trod through the Spires, kill Izual and finish with Diablo. Took a while, but it's a nice stretch for stamina, when I saw how long I could keep experimental builds going with 5 stacks.

    But yeah, loving the new patch for the density buffs. I want to say they could use a bit of fine tuning here or there, but all in all, it's making runs really exciting.

    Speaking of routes....heard Realm of Shadow in Act 2 was supposed to be insane for density, though I went there specifically maybe last night and it was kinda barren. Thought that was weird.
    Pre AH-shutdown Transcendence/Spirit Regen build, used only found and crafted gear and gems, could handle MP7.
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    nice video and run but there was no nose picking :(
    Make your peace...Quickly!
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    Nice video, Kongor. Not news, but nice to have impressions confirmed. I would certainly include leorics manor for the two elite packs and hundred cultists in like 30 secs. But then I'm into crafting.

    Speaking of which, anyone have any idea what the best demonic essence farm would be? I assume it's still Vault, but looking for an alternative.
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    VoA would be my top guess for Demonic essence farming.

    As for the topic, been running this route with a few extra area's from time to time (when i need to press that little extra xp from a run) and also did it on the PTR (like a million other people did prolly)... Act 2 is kinda the same routine, the density buff really is awesome all around :D! I also heard about the Realm of Shadow in Act2, but apart from 2 trips there yesterday (EU), i haven't been there since, it is simply too barren and therefore not effective farming area... the little black monsters give close to no xp (they die pretty easy also so no biggie) and they are pretty much the only mobs aside from some ghosts and occasional demons occupying that area... the other 2 dungeons in the Archives however are insane... skellies everywhere :D!

    As for the 800+ mob massacre, i know WD's can do something similiar by using locust swarm to chain mob packs... takes a bit of practice but i did a 450 massacre yesterday, without even trying that hard (was really just looking to skip mobs and go straight for keywarden).
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    thank you for the point
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    I've been using this farming route since I saw the video and I must say that I really like it. Í just geared up my CM wizzard and farming this on MP8 gives me a good killspeed and I am leveling really fast. For me personally the Fields of Misery is a really nice place, the chargebeasts are a little bit annoying but furthermore I really enjoy it. Also in the fields of misery is a cave which I can't remember the name of, but in that cave are so much monsters so close together.
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    Can you make a text version, i hate watching videos
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    Quote from Davemichelin

    Can you make a text version, i hate watching videos

    festering woods>field of misery>weeping hallow>whatever you want :)
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    Been doing this for a few days now, and decided to test and max out the xp/hour today.

    Ran 5 hours - MP7 on a whirlwind Barbarian

    Xp range:

    Maxed out 102mil/hour, definitely good enough for me.

    Did the exact route as Kongor did, but skipped elite packs after 5 stacks of NV.

    Worth mentioning is I ran this solo.
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    I'm just curious, do anyone play something else than WW barb?, I swear, the last 50 videos I saw D3 related it was always the same build, same "strategy", same everything...
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    Quote from Indimix

    I'm just curious, do anyone play something else than WW barb?, I swear, the last 50 videos I saw D3 related it was always the same build, same "strategy", same everything...

    tons of barbs play other builds. the vids you see mostly use WW cause its very efficient and that's what videos usually are about
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    I actually stopped going to the hollows, mainly because those zombies are slooooow and it requires much backtracking to loot. (Yes, I still need gold and items, being only at MP4 comfortably atm ^^ )
    I do the full festering woods, go to leoric's castle for the guaranteed elite there, and then go to fields of misery and clear everything, dungeons included, and then start again.
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    new farming route? looks like the first 3 areas of my original run... lol smh....

    video was deleted after some noob caught me slipping today running my stream all day and sniping my bids. wont be posting anymore info for the community seeing how everyone loves to steal my work and do me dirty.
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    Same, my main complaint with TWH is that the mobs forget they're chasing you by the time you've rounded up another group to kill lol whereas the FoM mobs chase you for quite some time since they inherently move faster.
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