Enkeria's Ideas (both old and new)

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    Gems - "Craft All" function http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7257297022

    Thank you for this, it's a bit faster now but not fast enough. Is it possible to have just 1 progress/crafting bar animation instead of 20 when doing 20 gems for example?

    I was thinking that gems and the "craft all" or in this case "craft many" would be similar to Identify All function.

    Edit: This would not apply on amulets and other future craftings. Just gems (all availible tiers).

    Thank you

    Shield icon over banner - Goblin glow hard to see http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7257097018#1
    The icon glow around the shield and axes are very hard to see in Act 2. Why not make the shield darkgold or gold-colored with some shadows to make it more "pop"..

    The Elite icon could have a red shield for encounters on Rare / Champions / Uniques.

    And a blue shield when doing uber-bosses? Normal bosses?

    Thank you

    The private chat function - Requests http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7257297019#1
    We on Diablo 3 PvP Sweden have tried the PTR and have some input. This thread is about the private chat function that we can create.

    Our thoughts on PTR patch 1.0.8
    1. We would be happy to name our temporary chat-channel. This just to let people know what kind of chat, "channel/site" or "clan" we are inviting them into.

    2. And to make 1. work proper we wish to invite people by battletags, even if we do not have them as a friend. Which also include, invite friends that we are not friends with at all that other players might have in their list -or- players that we had some time ago which are not blocked.

    Well, as a community we play with many people, all the time. having a chat with admins, moderators as well as those we play with, even if we do not add them would be awesome. This is our viewpoint and we like to give input in hope of Blizzard seeing this.

    Thank you

    Move around objects in AH ideas http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5724173526#1
    Version 1. Original: Right-click: Move
    By right-clicking on an object (item, gear) you can search similar stats on the market. I wish for a "move" option. With this you right-click, choose move and them move around the object within your stash only. The stashtabs should be opened by hovering the object over it for 0.4 sec or something because you are holding it.

    Version 2. Advance: Left-click: Move
    A even better idea (for my taste personally) is more advance to program. With a "drag and drop function" were you left-click (normal click) to move around. And drag the object to the center screen to "put it on the AH".

    Version 3. Advance alternative: Right-click: Take. Right-click: Drop
    Right-click: Choose Move. Righ-click anywhere with free slots in stash, choose drop. Think of it as a cut + phase feature.


    Edit: Oh yeah! This feat should also apply on every character you have in AH. Not only the one you chose before entering AH in the menu.

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    Suggestions for future patch http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7258346015?page=6#111
    Make space in auctionhouse / trade so we do not add more zeroes on the gold we want to spend or request.

    Fast swap-button for Skill-change builds! This swap button could be the "W" key, as a tribute to Diablo 2's weapon swap. Could be something you activate in town too. The deal here is that we should swap while we are in town and does only apply on skills and not gear.

    Another 1-2 skillrunes, even if its targeted Expansion it would be awesome!

    Better overview when we log in on Battle.net 3.0

    More goldsinks! Not expensive but plenty of them! Maybe give a weapon your name, add socket or even re-roll stats.

    Plans that will open events (mini-quest) randomness in an act. Once you have learned third Artisan (or an other NPC) a plan for "Save the girl in the well" perhaps, it may random appear in a future gameplay, and continue to do so. It would add goldsink + a natural addition to gameplay. Read more about this idea here: "Will the Mystic open up new events?" http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5847725975?page=1#0

    Monsters in the holes! Some areas on each map have some spots that seems always "dead", for example, there is a small lake in Fields of Misery. Shouldn't there be anything on that spot then just an enviroment? Add some fishmen crawling out and spit acid on us!

    PvP Spectator Mode + PvP Scoreboard or even apply this to Brawl (do not confuse PvP with Brawl! It's two different gameplays). Picture as an example: http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc438/enkeria/spectator_mode_zps6bc10e93.jpg

    More types of Gems and extra bonus in Gem-combos. All resistance? Life steal? Faster Cooldown? Thorns? This could be added to Diamond and Saphire in future gems. And if we have a 3 socket armor and add a specific gems in specific order with specific tiers of gems we would get some wicked cool bonuses. For example: "Summon a giant bird" or "Once in a while a light beam targets you from the sky", burning monsters x seconds, with cooldown etc. etc.

    Gem-bag. A specific little bag, essentially an extra inventory (or stash), move around the gem bag as if it was the Horadric Cube, but with only gems.

    -or- Make gems stack 1000 each.

    -or- The gem-bag is like a pre-talisman. If we do not use the gems on items, they could give us some kind of bonus while being in the bag. Maybe..?

    Charms that are in a tetris-system. Similar to the Gem-Combo (read above) these charms shall give different bonuses when they are attached differently on a 3x3 or 5x5 grid. Make charms availible to twist and turn so they fit.

    Create groups on your battletag friendlist. "Best friends" "Pro gamers" "My family".. You get me?

    Higher cap on out friendlist, from 100 to 150 or 200 even!

    Notepad on the friendlist, so we can add under the name "annoying gamer" or "owe me 2 mil".

    All stats on auctionhouse should be searchable. For example ias% Lacunis. And legendary stats should be shown in "show similar".

    "Spectate" a friend in-game. Without giving our friend a harder time by changing the difficulty setting.

    2 more tabs in the stash.

    Instead of "Away" or "Busy" on our friendlist, make us use own words "Up for ubers!" or "hugz 4 free!"

    Health potions. When having 2 or more different health potions in stash, let the second potion kick in if the first one is gone (0) in our UI (Q button). This should work with any potion and use highest potions first.

    Lock an item, so you wont sell, salvage or loose that item. Change it by any button command.

    Sort stuff in your AH tab, after sold, purchased and canceled.

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    Banner - function ideas - 2012 - http://us.battle.net...ic/7005434504#1
    Followup on the blue respons on ideas for banners.
    Link: http://us.battle.net...32270?page=4#78

    Today we use banners in co-op to pinpoint where you meet champions, uniques and keywarden. If 4 players spread across a bigger area, the banner works as a faster way for everyone else to know who found a monster they need help with.

    The banner is also used to show the cool design and to kill critters (for fun)

    And lastly the banner is used in a frustrated way to show others that "I really wish that demon could live again so I could kicked it's !@#, this is why I have droped the banner right in his dead".

    What else could the banner do? Ideas?

    Here are my thoughts.

    If one banner is droped in town
    A - Trade with the banner it touches around the towns waypoint if accepted.
    B - Banner replaces the portal area (it moves the portal) if a portal is open to wherever the banner is droped.

    If one banner is droped outside town.
    C - Save location as an X on the map to better find our way to the place with arrows / numbers showing us how far its to the X. Maybe if we found keywarden, and must stack up NV5 before killing. X marks the spot, X will go away once you are close.
    J - Droped banner and then clicked on it would open our stash, that are a small portal for our hands to grab and leave gear. (idea from my friend)

    If two or more banners meet within X radius outside town.
    D - It could open a fast trade function if accepted.
    E - Votekick on public server function if accepted.
    F - If all banners in-game touch at one point, the area will be closed with a giant circle, making enemies within that circle stay put. The circle could last 10 seconds and are not skill-related.

    If accepted = a yes/no window will open.

    G - Banner could be team related in PvP
    H - No Sigil option should be availible for people who want a clean flag.
    I - Background color option as default, except 100% dark, no stripe, no other details.

    Your turn. Thank you.


    As you guys can see. Many of my ideas are probably stupid since there is almost never an answer, even though I spit out ideas all the time.

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    Ideas for the expansion http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5153825365?page=2#21
    My thoughts on Expansion. I have not read anything above (sorry for double posting but I have thought of this for a loooong time)

    First Expansion out of Two
    Act 5: Westmarch

    Area: Jail
    Event: Make things right - Save scoundrals brother.

    Area: Outskirts of Westmarch
    Middleboss: Adria

    Area: Inside the jewel
    Event: Kill Dirgest, take scroll of wisdom.
    Monsters: Scarabs, Insects, Reptiles
    Bonusboss: Dirgest

    Event: Travel to Purgatory
    Area: Purgatory
    Monsters: Outcasts, fallen angels etc.
    Main boss: Imperius + Malthael

    We must find and put Adria to justice, a trail lead us to Westmarch. Scoundrals brother know where to find her. Upon killing her we find out more about Dirgest. Killing him gives us a missing scroll of wisdom, something that will take us to the knowledge that Dirgest had a connection with Malthael. By finding him in purgatory we find Imperius too that will take us on, knowing that he will win by a delusional Malthael it will end the era of Nephalem. After defeating him/them the story will give us a hint about a new expansion, told by Leah and Cain in spirit.

    I do not want to see Adria as a main-villain. She is just a side-kick. Make Dirgest a massive thing that we fear more then her. With something from Dirgest we have the power to travel to Imperius who now are hiding in the shadows somewhere with Malthael. Leah and Cain can both be in purgatory for several different reasons. To set them free, we must kill the prime evils who have risen in the Sanctuary.

    - Power potion: Crit damage boost 5 seconds 100%
    - Charms: Put them in a talisman. Different arrangement adds different prefixes (nod towards the runes in D2). Need to buy upgrades for them to work and need to find all charms. Can be arranged by The Mystic.
    - Empty areas should now be randomly filled with events, like the small lake in Field of Misery for example.
    - That reminds me, we need a fish-monster in diablo 3!

    The Mystic: Arrange charms, identify all items in stash + inventory for gold. Boost random affixes and/or re-roll affixes on items. Goldsinks.

    Act 6: Xiansai

    Area: Citadel, underground, Caverns, Forest.
    Middleboss: Andariel

    Area: Hell.
    Mainboss: Three Prime Evils.

    - 1 more rune for each skill to expand.
    - Halls of the Blind should return.

    *deleted* I only have plot for the first expansion. But Andariel is a must in a future expansion, and making Diablo the endboss over everythinelse is the highest demand I have.

    Return of Paladin, Druid and Necromancer.
    Shieldbased is needed. Shapeshifter is lacking and Necromancer was a huge favourite. Jay told us that Blizz found Necromancer very good, so no huge difference will be made on him/her, but thats OK.

    Paladin could use Strength. Druid could use Intelligence and Necromancer could use.. Hold on to your hats.. Vitality!

    Yes, with two pools of blood, the second blood is for minions. Whenever he is healed, some % goes to the minionblood. Sacrifice would swap blood with blood to left and right. It would be awesome and an interesting gaming mechanic!

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    New Classes!? http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6443424917#17

    Here is my Druid/Necromancer/Paladin build:

    Class Name: Alchemist (a.k. Bountyhunter)
    Archetype style: Melee / Tank

    Vampires do exist, and their minions of walking undead is just a fragment of their power. I come from the dwelling "Wiedergeburt", only a few are left scattered around the sanctuary from our clan. We have heard of this day, when the heaven tremble and a giant glow will fall to our realm. The greatest of all the evils have what we need to end Dirgest, the everlasting vampire with one single blow with our alchemy mixture.

    The rain is coming, and it will be red!

    The Wiedergeburt is german and means Rebirth, a collection of human bountyhunter alchemist who fuse their whips and holy crosses with silver and exploding powder. If the zombies are walking, the demons may have wake them, but they are controlled by vampires. In later days announcement of a great battle merged in the sky and as the legacy speaks "The rain will be red", the last two of the greates warriors from the Clan Wiedergeburt will hunt down Dirgest, the leader of the Vampire cult to drive the silver deep into his soul and seal his fate forever. Many think Wiedergeburt's are vampires, this is however wrong. They have made some sacrifices before and darker magic have embraced them with bloodmagic, something they try to hide and hard to forget. It will be proven as a great gift in their struggle. The warriors in the clan live as a traveling ghosts who make mney by doing townsfolk favours. Bigger sums are sent back to their family or to other families in their realm.

    Weapons of choice
    A Weidergeburt is equiped with alchemist powder, silver and whip but can use a scythe, scepter or polearm due to its range. The best part is that this class love 1-hand and shield.

    Resource: Darkblood
    The source works almost like Demon Hunters source except with some huge twists.

    First of, both Health (blood) and resource (darkblood) regenerate slowly. They can swap, if you need more darkblood you may take from health and vice versa. The resource will be filled if you find health potions which leads us to use double amount of healthglobes on the road then needed for any other class. Using signature skills like Imbue weapon, expand and panzer do take much of the resource or none of the darkblood. Some other skills take a lot or could even drain it.

    Why do you want to have this class?

    1. It's a shield-based half-ranged shapeshifting necromantic holy warrior that struggle between light and dark.

    2. It's power are unique in a way that it feels like the old Diablo 2 classes: Necromancer + Druid + Paladin, which fills the gap.

    3. Original new weapon that only this warrior can wield: The whip. And a better use of shield.. And a scythe / polearm / scepter.

    4. Alchemy is based out of powders and metallic substance. Not firearms!

    5. Source may be something similar of a Demon Hunter but it feels original.

    6. Dirgest

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    I would really appreciate skill presets that you can save and just select which build you wanna use instead of manually switching around all the skills and runes.
    I like the ideas for the expansions aswell.
    Make your peace...Quickly!
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    I'll take a look at these and give some feedback later :) in the meanwhile, thanks for putting these all together in one thread.
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    I love your damn B.Net Layouts. They're fucking incredibly better than the current one. I wish they'd implement yours although we all know how likely that is. You have a lot of good ideas here and craft all/ banner ideas/ trade ideas All of it is well thought out and very good. Wish sometimes Blizz had some of these cool ideas.

    I think the expansion 1 idea is great but for the second I was hoping for more. I love the idea of fighting Diablo 1 last time but honestly I'd rather have it be in a multitude of places. Here's my Idea.

    Expac 1:
    General Area: Westmarch
    After the defeat of diablo you return to tristram only to find that the evil has not fully retracted from this world and you are have sworn to clean sanctuary for good.You battle from Tristram through bramwell eventually to westmarch where you meet a woman, shy and considerate she tells you of all the wonderful things you could do in westmarch. She eventually warms up to you after you quest and cleanse some areas of evil, after which she tells you she knows where the queen of the demons in this land lies. She says she will guide you. She takes you to the dark desolate woods towards Duncraig and Kingsport; between the two you come across some travelers, help them out and eventually end up in an old broken down Zakarum Cathedral. She, whose name I've finally decided will be Lylia, says the evil lies behind the portal under the altar. But to open the portal she says you must go and get a sacrifice, and she says she will offer herself. You decline but she insists and ends up forcing you to sacrifice her through demonic possession Against your will you sacrifice Lylia, or so you think. From the portal a tormented spirit rises and posses Lylia. The tormented spirits name is Lilith. In a ploy to release her soul from the abyss Adria has possessed a girl and in turn possessed you to return Lilith to a human body so she can be free to walk the earth again. A Battle with Lilith ensues and after her defeat a cutscene plays.

    Cutscene story:
    You defeat Lilith but it is shown that Adria is behind this, In an attempt to kill you off so she can continue with her plans unhindered to bring back Diablo and Baal and Mephisto. She knocks you to the ground forces you to your knees when all of a sudden a portal to your right opens, and from it flows the Archangel of Justice, Hope, and Valor. They try to kill Adria there, but she opens up demonic portals and a fight ensues while she slips away into the shadows, you and the three archangels fight off the rest of the demons and set out to search for the witch, and plan to end her scheme before it can get set into motion.

    Expac 1 Class:
    Druid. Reasoning is there is currently no shapeshifter class.
    Main stat: Strength
    Resource: Dual Resource system
    Resource 1: Natural Essence - Fills with attacks slowly degenerates over time(slower than fury but there is no delay to when it decays, It is constantly decaying) max is 250
    Resource 2: Mystic Essence - Slowly refils over time Max at level 60 is 600 you gain 10 per level, used primarily for attacks. Some skills refill mystic essence.
    Skills - 19
    Active :

    Forms: 3
    Werewolf: Cry loud to the moon and the Dire wolves of Scosglen and turn into one till you turn to another form/run out of natural essence/turn it off - Cost 150 Natural Essence - Turns you into a werewolf. Gain 20% move speed and 10% AS and attacks get a 10% damage boost
    Rune 1: (Cry of ferocity) - Increases AS to 25% and Damage to 15 %
    Rune 2: (Hounds of Hell) - You've channeled the spirit of Fire wolves. All damage now does 50% damage as fire over 3 seconds
    Rune 3: (Hounds of the Night) - Your gain 15% lifesteal while in Werewolf form
    Rune 4: (Critical Transformation) - All attacks have an extra 10% chance to Critical Hit
    Rune 5: (Fur of Steel) - Adds 50% extra armor and 20% extra resistence to all Elements

    Werebear: The Trees of Scosglen have blessed you with the ability to take the form of a bear at will. Effect lasts till you transform to human/run out of Natural Essence/ or transform to another form. - Cost 100 Natural Essence and 30 Mystic Essence - Turns you into a Werebear - Grants 50 % extra Armor and 25% extra all Res Increases Str by 200 at lvl 60
    Rune 1: (Berserker) Increases damage by 15%
    Rune 2: (Deathly quake) When you transform you deal 1000% damage over 6 seconds to any enemies within 10 yards and confuse enemies within 24 yards.
    Rune 3: (Polar Bear) When 3 or more enemies are within 10 yards you increase your damage by 10 % and AS by 5% and gain 2% lifesteal
    Rune 4: (Mama Bear) Gain an extra 20% armor and 10% AR and 10% Life
    Rune 5: (Bear of the Wild) Every 30 seconds Cry to nature and lower enemy damage and AS by 15% within 30 yards

    WereHawk : The stars in the sky light up as you cry out for their sacred skills. - Cost 200 Natural Essence - Turn to a Hawk at will. Lasts till turned off/Transform to another form/ or you lose all your Natural Essencce.
    Rune 1: (Hawk of the Night) - Increases Move speed by an extra 20% and AS by 10%
    Rune 2: (Hawk Eyes) - Gain a 30% crit Hit Chance and an extra 50% Crit hit damage
    Rune 3: (Air cutter) - All attacks make the target bleed for 25% damage over 3 seconds
    Rune 4: (Golden Feathers) - Increased Gold and MF by 50% and gain an extra 10% armor
    Rune 5: (Beacon of doom) - You have a 10% chance to fatally wound your target ( 10% chance to autokill - Doesn't work on bosses instead it has a 10% chance to do 900% weapon damage over 5 seconds as Holy)

    General Skills ( Usable as human and non-human Forms) - 7
    Slash - costs 5 mystic essence - generates 10 Natural Essence: Slash your enemies dealing 150% weapon damage to all enemies in front of you
    Pierce - costs 3 mystic essence - generates 15 Natural Essence: Pierce your enemy for 135% weapon damage and the target will bleed for an extra 30% over 5 seconds.
    Defile - costs 10 mystic essence - generates 7 Natural Essence per hit: Ravage your enemies striking thrice for 95% weapon damage each time The first strike deals physical damage, the second strike deals holy damage and the third bites the target causing an additional 50% damage over 4 seconds.
    Fissure - costs 35 mystic essence: Cause Fissures to open beneath your enemies causing 198% weapon damage as fire over 3 seconds
    Molten Boulder - costs 60 mystic essence : Hurl a Molten boulder towards your enemies damaging and passing through any enemy it hits for 110% weapon damage as fire. It leaves a trail of fire dealing 80% weapon damage to any enemies inside over 6 seconds.
    Hurricane - Costs 90 mystic Essence: Surround yourself in a hurricane that lasts for 120 Seconds causing 160% weapon damage as cold to all enemies inside while also chilling each target and slowing their movement speed by 60%
    Armaggedon - Costs 70 Mystic Essence: Cause Volcanoes to erupt from the ground and comets to fall from the sky dealing 780% weapon damage as Fire over 8 seconds

    Werewolf Attacks ( Only Work in Werewolf Form) - 3
    Rabies - costs 20 Mystic Essence - Each attack used while rabies is active generates an addition 5 Natural Essence: All attacks now do an extra 20% weapon damage as poison
    Feral Rage - costs 45 Mystic Essence - generates 30 Natural Essence: Does 236% Weapon damage to all targets within 10 yards
    Fury - Costs 60 Mystic Essence - Generates an extra 7 Natural Essence per hit: Enrages the Wolf and enhances all attacks done by 50% weapon damage for 40 seconds

    Werebear Attacks ( Only Work in Werebear Form) - 3
    Maul - costs 10 mystic essence - generates 20 natural essence: Swipe at all enemies in front of you dealing a massive blow causing 300% weapon damage over 4 seconds
    Claws of Fire - Costs 35 Msytic Essence - generates 5 Natural Essence: Deals 146% weapon damage as fire to an enemy, if the enemy dies it explodes dealing 100% weapon damage to nearby enemies. This effect can chain up to 15 times.
    Shockwave - costs 100 mystic essence - generates 40 Natural Essence: Sends tremors through the ground causing 540% weapon damage to all enemies within 30 yards and stunning them for 3 seconds.

    Werehawk Attacks (Only work in WereHawk Form) - 3
    Stab - costs 10 mystic essence - generates 20 Natural Essence: Stab an enemy with your beak making them bleed for 150% weapon damage over two seconds this can stack thrice.
    Monsoon - costs 50 mystic essence - generates 40 Natural Essence: Summon small hurricanes that slow enemies by 30% and deal 200% damage over 2 seconds and leave behind a wet patch that slows enemy attack speed by 5%
    Call of the Hawk - costs 150 Mystic Essence - generates 100 Natural Essence: Summon a swarm of Hawks to help fight you dealing 780% weapon damage as lightning over 5 seconds to an area.

    Will update with Expac 2 wants later its currently 5:16 AM I'm beat after writing this!
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    Necromancers resource/health system: double blood pool and vitality main stat sounds super cool! I want one. :P
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    good stuff.

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    Quote from Enty

    I love your damn B.Net Layouts. They're fucking incredibly better than the current one. I wish they'd implement yours although we all know how likely that is. You have a lot of good ideas here and craft all/ banner ideas/ trade ideas All of it is well thought out and very good. Wish sometimes Blizz had some of these cool ideas.

    I can't take credit for the B.net layout. Source:

    Edit: And Westmarch / Kingsport is like a citadel area. I think we are going to see that in an expansion.

    The dual vitality pools for necromancer is a feature I really want to see in the future.

    I am also very positive on seeing the next class being an strength class, and druid with some "Diablo-3 feel" to it would do very well and fit the universe once again.

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    Why I think a Sell All button is nice.
    - Faster profit.
    - Less hyper-clicking in inventory.
    - Would work even if less loot are availible since we can trigger customized areas.

    How do my idea work?
    Click on the gold-icon to toggle the gold-mousepointer. Now click on any square and it will be saved as a "sell all area". This area is greyed out and will be seen like this whenever we are at a vendor (note: Not Jeweler or Blacksmith, current patch 1.0.8a)

    When done. Click on the gold-icon again to get back to normal mode. Now we can move around objects while we are at a vendor, left-click to sell or use the "Sell All"-button to sell everything that are greyed-out.

    Simple idea, but probably a lot of work are needed to make this -or- similar possible.

    Thank you.

    Update: I would like to see..

    A. Instead of white, have it gold, so we know gold area is for the sell function


    B. Let the grey area instead be as a "locked" feature, letting us NOT to sell them.. This would fix some issues if this is availible in stash as well. I doesnt need to be "grey" either, just a small icon with a lock on it would do.


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    Anti-spam post :D
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Anti-spam post :D

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing? :S

    I updated my post about "sell all".

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    That wasn't meant for you or your thread Enkeria.

    When a bot spams our forums with messages, the "latest post" feed on the homepage gets flooded; and even after banning the guy and deleting the threads, the page still keeps those "posts" from the bot on the feed.

    That's why I make those "anti-spam posts". They are a good thing :)
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    Oh good to know! :D

    Latest thought (but old as the street since beta): The Talisman

    Think the talisman should have more tiles in it's grid to put charms in it.. When these charms arent in a special pattern, they represent each an individual affix, but put them in a special pattern they become something else (thinking on the runewords + tetris).

    Check picture for more info of my thoughts on the talisman.

    Runewords in D2 would be a Tetristalisman-word in D3...
    This is also simple and a cool feature I wish to see, by patches adding MORE patterns in the future...

    Enhanced version 2013 Nov 19 can be read here: http://www.diablofans.com/topic/105995-talisman-transmute-enkeria-edition/

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    talisman grid feels like minecraft :D
    Make your peace...Quickly!
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    I might give up on the ideas. No bluepost and very few people notice these ideas. I guess they are lame. Thanks guys for watching this thread. I need a break.

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    Quote from Enkeria

    I might give up on the ideas. No bluepost and very few people notice these ideas. I guess they are lame. Thanks guys for watching this thread. I need a break.

    Stash 'em and repost them after a month. People at the official forums are usually too hellbent on trying to find ways to hate the game rather than improve it or people are too busy bumping their own suggestions that they don't have time to check other posts.
    sto lavorando
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    Quote from inkcheese

    Quote from Enkeria

    I might give up on the ideas. No bluepost and very few people notice these ideas. I guess they are lame. Thanks guys for watching this thread. I need a break.

    Stash 'em and repost them after a month. People at the official forums are usually too hellbent on trying to find ways to hate the game rather than improve it or people are too busy bumping their own suggestions that they don't have time to check other posts.

    ^ good point.

    But then again, as was said in another popular thread, Blizzard doesn't have much planned (in terms of game-changing content) for the next few months, so I'm not sure if they would use any of that cool stuff :fret: sadly.
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