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    www.twitch.tv/itsfabiotime - Giving away 50+ Unid Legendarys, Full Characters, and RANDOM Gold Giveaways!
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    gunna check It out
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    How is this thread different from an advertisement?

    There's no discussion to have here.

    This is straight-up pandering, using this website as a vessel for free advertisements. Everytime we have a thread like this, there's always a 1 or 2 post member saying "I'm gonna check this out, it's cool!" just after the OP. Gee, bringing friends here to bump this stupid shit thread too, aye?

    Many of our more active members have made it clear that we despise the clutter these threads present. As well, often the thread title lures people in, wasting our time, only to find out that it's yet another streamer advertisement.

    Please take some action against these stream-pandering threads. Move them to a specific section or ban the practice outright. Please.
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    He has actually been told to stop posting in new threads, and then told to stop posting this link all together.
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