Returning to D3 avec 3 fresh(ish) 60s (advice)

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    Good morning users of dfans forums.

    I have been a reader for a long time and before this game of
    I've never really needed to post anything but as I'm coming back to the game I'm a tad bit confused

    I should preface this by saying; I'm not here to complain at all, so if anything comes off as a negative remark, know it wasn't my intention.

    I started playing this game at release but didn't really have enough time to play to make it work.

    I do have a little more free time and have found my self playing again and love all the improvments (of which there are many)

    Basically I am in need of some guidance. There are so many things to do, I don't know where to begin.

    I have 3 60's and am willing to play which ever one is the easiest to get going (to start farming and getting better gear for them

    I've tried farming for machines to get a hellfire ring but have only ever seen 2 keys drop (since i can only do mp1)
    I've done some paragon farming but I was wondering if it's better to get hellfire and other things first
    Or should I farm crafting mats and make the new gloves, bracers, ammy?

    I'm really just looking for a few steps which I should take first so when I log on, I immediately know what to do, instead of bouncing between toons, wondering what i should do?

    Any help would be much appreciated and I thank you in advance.

    Oh (i cannot post links) so deltaspirit#1235 is my battle tag.
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    Hello, I have been playing steadily since release and here are some of my tips to enjoy the game:

    1. Play around abit with different builds on your characters and choose to focus on one class that you are the most comfortable with.

    2. If your internet is stable and very rarely get disconnects, try out the Hardcore mode. It gives that characters more meaningfulness. They gameplay because more exciting because there are concrete consecuenses for mistakes. Also, the economy is ALOT better on Hardcore. People die with their characters all the time and constantly need new gear. You will get things sold!

    3. Using the Auction or "Self-found". I would recommend not to "use" the actionhouse and instead playing "Self-found". It's easier to find upgrades, the gameplay will be more rewarding because you find gear that you can use yourself. Ofcourse you can set your own rules on how you want to play (for example, I sell things on the actionhouse to get gold for crafting, but I never buy things from the AH).

    4. The softcore market is hugely inflated and defiled (both Gold AH and Real money AH). Low-midlevel gear is mostly trash and very cheap, but the highend gear is crazily expensive and it's almost impossible to get access to those kind of gearpieces by just playing the game and gathering money. The actionhouse is baaaahd - said the sheep.

    5. If you have trouble to find an effective build, search either the official forum or fansite forums for builds, it's always fun to try new things!

    Good luck and welcome back to Diablo 3!
    Make your peace...Quickly!
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    I appreciate the advice :)

    however, I'm not bored with the game, but rather overwhelmed by it.

    I don't have all the time in the world so I was basically asking how to be very efficient.

    i.e what I should do when i log on - farm items, paragon, try and get machines, do crafting?

    what should I do in what order to make me more efficient and give me a goal to work towards when I log on.

    Currently I do enjoy playing the monk the most if that helps.
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    Overall, you should just stick to farming.. once in a while, a decent drop will come and you will be excited about it..

    @ release a lot of people expected a game, which diablo never have been and should be, basically it's all about gearing = farming. The paragon levels gives a great feeling of progress, while you farm..

    in patch 1.0.7 they introduced "Archon" recipes, which had 1 stat of your own choice, these crafts can be great upgrades aswell!

    atm, you get most out of act 3 - there's a few "favorited" routes people tend to use - but in the upcoming patch (1.0.8) there will be more mobs in all the other acts (I, II, IV), which makes the more enjoyable playing, instead of running act 3 all the time.. so stick around and wait for the new patch, a lot will change to how people will farm.

    I aslo just started again, back from a little break.. i stopped right before patch 1.0.7, so gearing up again and wait for 1.0.8 :)

    Good luck out there!
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    Quote from Deltaspirit

    i.e what I should do when i log on - farm items, paragon, try and get machines, do crafting?

    what should I do in what order to make me more efficient and give me a goal to work towards when I log on.

    Currently I do enjoy playing the monk the most if that helps.

    Looks like you want to do act 3 runs then, this will get you items and experiance. I am assuming that you mainly want to build up wealth. ( PLaying the AH would be another option for that, if you like doing that )

    A link to your armory would be helpful, maybe we can see how to improve your chars. Also a budget would be nice to know ^^
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    Thank you two for the replies i do appreciate it.

    my armory is

    I have 1 mil gold as of right now lol, pathetic I know, I just can't seem to get lucky with drops quite yet.

    I don't mind using the AH a bit to speed up the process, but I'm not really interested in "playing" the ah. I don't want to be buying things and selling them for profit or anything like that (but as i said, i don't mind buying some upgrades)

    So basically just keep doing act 3 runs?

    My monks dps and health are extremely low MP1 is as good as I can do and even then it gets a little tough at times. I think i have like 50k ish dps and like 20k (ish) health. I think i'd be happy with 80k dps and 35k health, running mp3 or so might be nice.

    Also is there an easy way to obtain a hellfire ring to help with paragon leveling? I've tried farming keys but in 100s of runs i've gotten 2 keys. (most people i see posting to do hellfire runs require 3 machines, but i can't even complete one lol)

    thanks again for your time and advice!
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    Problem with getting hellfire rings is that on low geared chars it's hard to just join a Uber boss run (with or without machines) seeing how most do ubers on mp8+ (atleast the games i've seen)... My best advice would be to just farm around, gather some crafting mats and craft better shoulders, neck etc. as you go along, sooner or later you are gonna hit that really awesome item and maybe even be able to knock up the MP a notch :D... As for paragon, you get it along the way but focusing on paragon is really something you do when you have better gear and maybe even a good hellfire ring so you can run mp3 or so xp farming ....

    You can always pay your way out of getting a hellfire ring (boosting runs), but seeing how you have low gold you should try and find a friendly group who are willing to just let you tag along on a mp10 uber run.
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    I think you need to get up that life and a bit more resists first and start thinking about damage later on ^^

    Start by putting those bracers, chest and belt in the stash somewhere and get high vit/high res/as much dex as you can afford pieces. Crit on the bracers if possible. That should bump your survivability up a notch and you will still do 40k dps.
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    Well, since diablo is a RNG (Random Number Generation) game, which means that out of 10.000 mobs, maybe at one time you will get 20 legendaries, but at another time, these 10.000 mobs will only give you, lets say, 10 legendaries or even less, down to zero if you are really unlucky.

    No matter what, it's impossible to not get a decent drop once i awhile, and you should try selling those on AH or use them yourself, if it's an upgrade.

    In the end, don't listen to much too the "Crowd" on what you should do - just farm the areas you like and enjoy the game!
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