1.07 vs 1.08 Monster Density Comparison

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    Longer video and some excessive rambling, feel free to mute :P

    First time posting here, feedback is welcome and appreciated.

    TL;DW - Some Zones are really good, others are a little bit lacking but overall awesome changes.
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    Looks like farming the act II keywarden will still be rather boring :(

    Act I looks much improved.

    Act IV seems about the same, really. Did you notice more elites per map? Mob density in Act IV was never as much a bottleneck as killing elites was b/c it took much longer to build NV stacks in my opinion. Act III had many more elite packs.

    How did your kill streaks (Massacre, et al.) compare to traditional Act III runs?
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    I'm very interested in seeing the halls around Zoltun Kulle.

    edit: Totally forgot the thank you. Awesome job. Further information would require much longer videos, but this one was nice, compact and informative enough!

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Thanks for the time spent making this video, I've been waiting to see how big the changes are. Act 1 interests me the most and the areas look greatly improved. I can't wait to give it a try now :D
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    I'm excited for this change. It will be a great improvement to farm all acts and not feel the need to strainfully farm act III to death. I typically run the VotA and Festering Woods but now being able to hit all the spots available will make for an interesting farm/key run with buddies.
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    thanks for putting the video together. It's a little hard to describe something like a density change without actually seeing it.

    some constructive feedback: instead of running around in circles at the beginning and talking about the changes and then rambling during the actual run, you could have just talked about the changes during the run. Or even better, you could have shown the changes you were talking about like the craft multiple and ID all station, etc.
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    Thank you for posting this vid. I'm quite happy to see this difference of density in other acts. I can't stand act3 anymore, even if i don't play that much these weeks. My favorite act has always been the first one, expecially with the Pony Level after the Butcher, and i'm glad it will be a lot more fun to run with all those monsters to kill :D
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    Pony Level needs more mobs

    Act 4 needs more mobs

    Act 2 could use a little more.

    Act 1 - Perfect

    Act 3 - Perfect even with nerf.
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    Quote from Cobearz

    Pony Level needs more mobs

    Act 4 needs more mobs

    Act 2 could use a little more.

    thats why i didnt notice a change
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    Nice video, thanks!

    I downloaded the ptr and gave act 1 a try for about 45 minutes. I will admit I was skeptical that monster density was anything more than a cosmetic fix that wouldn't actually address the replayability of the game, but at least for the short term, I was pleasantly surprised. Act 1 felt awesome, and since I like both the story and asthetics of act 1 the best, I think the game just got significantly more replayable for me, even without any itemization changes/fixes yet applied.
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    I don't understand, how are you guys on the PTR? Mine says server not available when I try to log into it.
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    Now I have to figure out the best zones in each act for a WW Barb to farm 5-stacks and then XP whilst wearing my Tyreal's Might. Hopefully someone else will do this so I don't have to. :)
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    I would like to see even more mobs than what they put in the change.
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    Really cool video. Incidentally, didn't mind the rambling...I too burn my hands with hot water while cooking pasta sometimes, :-)

    But yeah, great visual aid to help illustrate improvements in monster density. I read the patch notes, but I must've missed the part where Nephalem Valor gets an experience multiplier, that's pretty awesome.

    I think what I like most about the change, though, is that with higher mob density, people can likely get similar (if not more) XP by farming LOWER MPs than feeling the need to farm higher ones for the numerical increase in reward. Seems like an increase in fun factor, too. I don't mind long, drawn out wars with elite packs, and I don't even mind finishing a long drawn out war with an elite pack and not getting more than two blues and one yellow drop and no legs or sets for my trouble. But when setting the MP a bit lower, I'll be killing more mobs way easier, and more kills will ALWAYS amount to more drop chances, more gold drops, more XP, etc.

    Really can't wait to check it out, looks like a total blast, :-D
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    Thanks for the video ;) good job, sir.
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    Quote from overneathe

    I'm very interested in seeing the halls around Zoltun Kulle.

    I was thinking the same thing. Also the vault of the assassin and the other vault in dalgur oasis where the key warden is in act 2.

    Thanks for the videos, nice to see we can now farm something else than the dark act 3 haha.
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    I've run VoA a couple of times now in the ptr, doesn't seem to have changed that much.
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    Do you think this can help to get the game with a lot of fun?

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    If you're tired of farming act 3 then I imagine it will.
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    Quote from Lezard_Valeth

    If you're tired of farming act 3 then I imagine it will.

    Maybe can be amazing and a lot of fun. Honestly I hate walk and walk to find the monsters, that makes the game bored.
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