MP10 Budget Build: 30 Million Gold: Super Fast Paragoning

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    A short and sweet budget guide for all you barbs out there looking play on MP10 to paragon up extremely fast!


    -Feedback is always much appreciated :)
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    Appears to me this set was mostly put together with AC2 leveling in mind, at least judging from the low HP min requirements you posted. Since 1.0.8 will drastically reduce AC2 exp farming efficiency, I'm a bit sceptical whether this set would suffice for other areas and purposes as well. I see the basics, but the life part is imo a bit too low to make it overall valid. However in your vid you went for trifecta rings, which is not really a necessity, as you already get AS from pants and bracers. Might make some decent EHP boosts with the rings with vit instead of main stat; same goes for innas pants and other items. I understand you wanted to meet a certain budget and still get high dps, but that dps is severely diminished if you get demolished by hard hitting mobs :)
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