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    Umm, no that is far from the truth. I haven't read anything about the changes in IIQ with maps in the recent patches. You must have hit a really lucky streak then, because yes, while you do want to roll higher % maps, if you aren't rolling with mods like "Area is a Maze" or "increased pack size" eventually RNG is going to catch up to you you'll fall back down the latter. The IIQ system for maps is completely broken there is ZERO incentive to roll difficult maps.

    And yes, while you still get exp from maps when you run then there are points of extreme drop off for experience in maps as well. I have better things to do with my life than get .5% or less experience per map because their end game system is a gated RNG cockblock.

    I think Kripp made a video on how to keep map sustainability. He's got full tabs of maps and they are self found. He doesn't farm Docks to acquire them. Right now I have a tab filled with maps and didn't throw reagents into them other than a Transmute and if I didn't like the mods a few Alts. I believe Etup burns Exalts on his high level maps.

    That said RNG is RNG. Just because I'm finding 1-2 maps every single run doesn't mean everyone is. Trade doesn't work like the auction house does. You can write one line and continue playing or you can post on the forum and have them whisper in game. Or hit the 'Public Parties' section and I'm sure someone has a "WTS ## Maps for Chisel/Alc/GCP/Chaos" party up. The game encourages you be social and to network.

    Hate to burst your bubble, but Kripp is anything but self-found in PoE.

    Getting 30% IIQ on maps is easy, so if getting 30% IIQ netted a player 1-2 maps per run there'd be literally zero need for GGG to admit that map drop rates need to be buffed.

    I don't it is suddenly acceptable to "trade" in PoE for things such as gear and maps (content), when it was one of the biggest points of contention everywhere for Diablo 3 that no one wanted to play an auction house simulator to get their gear and they should be able to progress through the game and be able to find their own gear. Yet now we are perfectly find with trading to be able to access content.

    And Etup burns exalts on high level maps just like everyone else. if you aren't burning massive amounts of currency on currency (an amount no average player would EVER be able to maintain) then you can guarantee yourself that you aren't going to be doing any high level maps for any level of consistency.
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