Top 3 Weapons For Every Follower (gear discussion as well) [[UPDATED]]

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    Oh ok so almost full act 3 clears, thats not to bad. Like you said, on a templar I'm sure alot more would spawn.

    Quote from eytars_Wrath

    it's a fun ring ex. while battling an elite, a goblin pops up and throws everything through a loop..shakes things up a bit

    There's nothing better than throwing a wrench in the works :)
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    What's up everyone? The Diablo III community is normally so vocal and opinionated, with many thoughts they must express (don't let me down). :)

    Show some love, let me know what you think (critiques/criticisms). Im new to the whole video production/YouTube scene. I can see error (37) in the videos, so I know you can as well, but maybe you see something I don't.

    Also let me know what you thought the best part was or what you like most about the video. Even if the best part was when it ended :Thumbs Up: .

    If there is a topic you would like me to make a guide on, go ahead and post it. Currently working on a video series "maximising wrath of the berserker up time" for some viewers.

    And thanks to everyone who has been checking out my videos and commenting!
    You can check out my Diablo III videos here
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