[Suggestions]: The Talisman and The Burning Hells Portals

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    Thanks everyone for the very positive feedback. It's much appreciated!
    I'm glad that so many people liked the suggestions!


    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to send an e-mail directly to the developpers but it seems that they don't have a direct way to give them feedback (the only one I could find was this: [email protected] but it seems it refers only to the feedback on CMs, MPVs etc. - and anyway the files in .pdf are too big to be sent to them :( ).
    So the only way to do it it's by using the forums so I will write my ideas here.

    I'm sorry about the very long read BUT this is my feedback and it was intented to be read by the developpers, so if you don't want to read it, just stop here.

    (remember that these are just simple ideas that the developpers can take as base to create something new and improve the game)

    Here's the e-mail:

    I'm Edriel, an italian Diablo 3 player.

    Firstly I want to apologise if my English is not very good, I'm really trying to write in the most clearer way I can but I don't know if I will succeed.

    Since the launch of the game I felt that this chapter of the Diablo series could be very successful.
    However I don't think that in its current state it can become a masterpiece.

    With that in mind I started to make many suggestions on the Italian Forum and after a while quite a few people who were excited about my ideas suggested me to personally send you my feedback.
    So that's why I'm writing you this e-mail.

    I hope you will enjoy the two ideas I translated for you, because it took quite a while to do it :)

    P.S. I posted the Talisman idea in September so it might feel a bit “old”.
    P.P.S. I hope you can answer me, even just a “we received your feedback and we appreciate it would be nice” :)

    an italian fan of the Diablo series



    This idea is ment to improve 2 important aspects of the game that currently, in my opinion, are lackluster:

    1. Longevity
    2. Paragon Level design

    I imagined something that is not far from the philosophy of the Diablo series and something that I really loved in other games: the souls.

    The Talisman will be a special container that will allow the player to capture the souls of defeated enemies.

    As you can see from the image the Talisman will feature 5 minor globes and a supreme globe of souls.
    In the 5 minor globes the player will trap the souls of lesser demons (normal monsters or Elite monsters – the quantity of souls needed to full the globes depends on balance of course and on the talisman type. So the player can have “situations” where he/she needs just one Elite monster to fill completly the globe, “situations” where the quantity depends on how many times the player used the Talisman or “situations” where he/she needs a mix of normal and Elite monsters' souls and in this last case Elite souls would fill more the globe) while in the Supreme Globe the player can capture the soul of a Boss.

    Every minor globe of souls will activate its own effect based on the type of Talisman that I will show you time to time.
    When all the minor globes are full, the player is allowed to capture the soul of a boss that will increase or add other effects.
    In addition everytime the players starts a new game session all globes are empty.


    This idea could replace the current mechanic of the Nephalem Valor by inherently including it into the Talisman.
    The idea can also be “expanded”. But how? In this way:

    This is the Talisman of the Nephalem.
    As you can see there are various effects: +1 Artisan Item, +1 Follower Item etc.
    These effects will unlock everytime the relative minor globe is full, but the effects (or bonus items in the case of this type of Talisman) are not cumulative so, for example, if the player has both the first and the second globes full, only the second effect will be applied.

    With this Talisman the player needs just one Elite monster to fill completly a single minor globe and the effects will be applied only on Elite monsters kills and Boss kills.

    Once all 5 minor globes are full, as I wrote above, the player can capture the soul of a Boss.
    This soul will grant him/her the chance to have all the effects active, but when he/she kills another boss or when he/she kills an Elite monster and the “Talisman procs”, all souls will be lost.

    Why did I wrote “Talisman procs”? Because if you did see there is a “chance to find 1%”.
    What does that mean? It means that the chance to find bonus items is only of 1%.
    Don't worry about that percentage because it refers to a Paragon Level 1 character: the percentage is equal to the Paragon Level of the character.

    If the player kills another boss, instead, the chance is always set to 100%.

    In this next image you can see the tutorial that might clear any doubt you could still have:

    In this other image you can see that the player has a 1% chance to find an extra gem on the next kill of an Elite monster (or Boss):

    This last image shows you how the Talisman will look like when all the globes are full:


    I feel that the lack of a quest that makes you enchant an item is very sad, so I thought a way to allow the Talisman to enchant items.

    My initial thought was that this system should have had a mechanic based completly on the “harvest” of souls so without the need to add new droppable items and with a completly random enchantment.

    However I feel that the introduction of new droppable items would fit much more the philosophy that the
    developpers wanted for Diablo3.

    These new items are the Soulstones and they will have one magic property each (except one particular soulstone of which I will write later)

    This image represent the Talisman of Enchantment.
    To explain how it works here's another image:

    As you can see even in this case there is a sinergy between the Talisman and the Paragon Levels: the higher is the player's character Paragon Level the more powerful are the magic properties.

    Let's have a look now at how a Soulstone looks like:

    This is the particular Soulstone I wrote about earlier.
    It will have always a primary statistic and a relative magic property of the class that uses that statistic.
    For example the “Soulstone of Virtue” grants Dexterity and:
    – Spirit Regeneration
    – Life points per Spirit points spent
    All other Soulstones will have their magic properties and their relative values completly random.
    Let's have a look on how this Talisman works (make sure you check the Paragon Levels everytime):

    Last but not least, the image that shows you how a full-globe-talisman looks like:

    The soul of the Boss, as you have seen from the images, will give you a random number of sockets.
    Anyway, this idea can be replaced with, maybe, a better one that allows the soul of the Boss to add a random magic property instead of the sockets.

    Note: This Talisman idea can be used to craft new and powerful rings and amulets as well!


    This type of Talisman will allow the player to improve his/her abilities.
    Let's see how it looks:

    With this Talisman, whenever the player starts a new game session, the globes won't become empty.
    The quantity of souls the player captured will be saved so the player's efforts won't be wasted, because every talent point the player gains makes the next Talisman “refill” longer.

    To prevent that a player becomes too powerful, there can be a maximum number of talent points a player can gain.

    To learn how this Talisman works I will show you an image:

    Like every other Talisman I showed you, even this one has a sinergy with Paragon Levels.
    The last image represent the Talisman when it has all its globes full:


    This Talisman allows the player to benefit from various temporary buffs chosen by the player himself/herself.

    Every 10 Paragon Levels a globe will unlock (in this Talisman there is another type of globe – the globles of temporary buffs - where the player can “put” the chosen buff) and it will allow the player to benefit both a longer duration of the buff and a “major quantity” of buffs at once.
    Every globe has a duration of 5 minutes (hypothetical duration).
    However, the 10th Paragon Level is an exception because the player will unlock not one, but two globes.

    Anyway here's a first image to understand better what I've just written:

    Now another image that shows you how the Talisman works:

    In this case the temporary buff has already been chosen. To choose a temporary buff the player has just to click on the globe of temporary buffs. Once he/she clicked on it a window will open: this window is much like the window that allows the player to choose his/her passive abilities (just to let you know how it looks like).
    From the image you can also understand that the temporary buff is already active because the minor globe linked to it is full.

    Let's skip to level 20:

    At level 20 a second minor globe of souls will unlock. This will allow the player to benefit from temporary buffs for another 5 minutes, but he/she must pay attention because the minor globes are not cumulative.
    This means that the duration is just refreshed and it won't stack so the maximum duration is always 5 minutes.

    At Paragon Level 30:

    In this last image the player has just filled the second minor globe of souls.
    This will grant him/her another temporary buff for another 5 minutes since the duration has just been refreshed by the second minor globe.
    Just to make it clear: temporary buffs stacks with each other so in this case the player benefits of both temporary buffs.

    What happens at Paragon Level 100?

    This image explains that when the player captures the soul of a Boss, he/she can benefit of all the temporary buffs for a maximum duration of 30 minutes (or until he/she kills another Boss) with doubled effects!

    Isn't there a negative aspect?
    Yes and no: it's true that the supreme globe of souls makes the player very powerful, but the downside is that he/she must kill a boss within 5 minutes from when he/she filled the last minor globe.

    This is the Talisman at full power:

    Note - Temporary buffs can be various: e.g. +10% armor, when you drink a healing potion you gain 50 points of Fury etc, +5% movement speed etc.


    This Talisman has the simple function to capture souls. Once enough souls are captured the player can decide to release them to open a portal that leads to the Burning Hells.
    The monsters that the player will find inside the portal will be stronger the higher the Paragon Level is.

    Here's an image to explain how it works:

    Here's an image of the new UI:


    All these Talismans are separated ideas, but I thought that it would be awesome if all of them could be implemented into the game:

    By clicking on the icons, the player can choose which Talisman he/she wants to use, so the Talisman itself will change its functionalities based on the player's choice.

    The function of the Talisman can be changed any number of times within a game session but everytime the player changes a type of Talisman for another all souls will be released.

    The Talisman of skills is no exception, but the bonuses the player receives from the skill points (the ones that are already allocated) will continue to be granted to him/her even if the Talisman is set to another type.


    P.S. You can check the animated gifs of the talismans of portals and abilities at these links (but the words are in
    italian sorry):
    Portals: http://imageshack.us...minatoevoc.gif/
    Abilities: http://imageshack.us...itaanimato.gif/




    This idea might be similar to the Talisman of Portals one, but I can assure that its philosophy is completly different.

    After you defeat Diablo in Inferno difficulty the player will find out that there are still many Burning Hells Portals active throughout all Sanctury! The player's mission is to seal all of them.

    To start the “sealing operation” the player has to talk with the Caravan Leader in any act.
    The NPC will show the player the map of Sanctuary where he/she can see where the portals are.
    After the player has chosen which portal to seal, he/she will start a quest that will be different everytime: mission rewards, objectives, treasures, bonuses etc. will be different from mission to mission (except a particular one,called “Enigma” where the objective is always the same – more on this later).

    The tooltip of a mission looks like this:

    ● Mission Type
    ▪ Objectives

    ● Enemies in the area
    ▪ Resistances, abilities, damage, etc of the enemies

    ● Rewards based on the Mission Type
    ▪ Quantity or type of reward

    ● Description of the mission

    The Description of the mission will be the only thing that has a fixed “pre-set” since the number of mission types is limited to three (the number is just the number of mission types I could thought about, but the number can increases depending on the feedback received).

    It might sound a bit complicated now, but I can assure you that it's a very simple idea and with the help of some images everything is going to be much clearer.

    Once the player has accepted the mission, he/she will get teleported to the area where the portal is and we can start the “sealing operations”. When the quest is completed the player can get his/her rewards.


    Let's have a look at the map:

    In this map the player can see where the portals are.
    In every game session the position of the portals changes but the total number of them is always 10 (hypothetical number).

    Let's have a look:

    Note the different positions of the portals between the two images.

    At this point the player has just to choose what portal he/she wants to seal so he/she will mouse-over over one and:

    Let's analize the tooltip:

    Mission: Assault

    The mission type Assault is one of the three different mission types.
    Assault indicates a mission where the player has more than one objective (objectives are random – I wrote about this earlier) and he/she must do them in a precise order. For every objective the player completes he/she will get a reward (more on this later).


    This point indicates which monsters the player has to fight against when he reaches that area.
    In addition the player will know what the resistances, the abilities, the weakness etc. of the monsters are going to be.

    Note: I thought that the resistances and the weaknesses of the monsters could be a fixed number (like 50%) and that only their damage increase could be random.
    Another nice idea would be that the resistances of the monsters scale with Monster Power (MP0 = 5% resistance, MP1 =10% resistance... MP10 = immunity and no weaknesses ---> of couse the immunities cannot be to all elements...)
    I thought it would be nice to reintroduce the resistances (even if it goes against developpers' will) mostly to give a sense to the elemental damage types.
    In addition the player knows before the battle what type of resistances/weaknesses the mosters will have, so he/she can prepare better himself/herself with another type of weapon and/or another build etc.

    Objective Rewards

    Everytime the player completes an objective he/she will receive the rewards that are listed in this point.

    Mission Rewards

    When the players completes the mission he/she will get the rewards listed here.

    Note: Just to be clear, even if I wrote this earlier, the rewards are random, and so are enemies etc.
    E.g. If the player gets another Mission: Assault he/she might get the objective to kill X number of monsters and then save Y villagers, the monsters might be Moloks and Cultists with cold resistance and fire weakness, the objective reward might be Z quantity of gold and the Mission reward might be a rare amulet.

    Let's have a look on the second mission type:

    Mission: Race against time

    In this mission the player has only one random objective but he must do it within a certain amount of time.
    The thought a player should have is: will I go for the mission rewards or for the hidden treasures?
    As you could understand, if the player wants the hidden treasures he/she must explore very well the entire area to look for them at the probable expense of a mission accomplishment (you lose time while looking for hidden treasures) or if the player wants the mission rewards he/she has to leave behind a lot of hidden treasures.

    Note: This would be an ideal situation which might change due to the player's progress (more gear, lower MPs with end-game gear etc).

    Hidden Treasures

    This is a list of what items the player can find if he/she explores very well the area.
    By doing so he/she loses time and he/she might fail to complete the mission.
    Hidden treasures can be found inside corpses, chests, ashes etc.

    Enemies and Mission rewards

    The same as in Assault

    Let's have a look on the last mission type:

    Mission: Enigma

    This mission type will have always a fixed objective: “disable traps”.
    By looking at the image you can easily understand that there are no enemies, but this doesn't mean that when the player activates/disables a trap they won't appear.
    To disable a trap, a player has to solve little enigmas (in Soul Reaver 1 style – just to be clear on how I ment these enigmas to be – but much much easier to solve) or he/she must activate and then destroy them (much like the one in the Cathedral where when you click on the chest a lot of skeletons appear).


    Everytime a trap is disabled/destroyed it will drop something. “That something” is what it is listed in this point.

    Enemies and Mission rewards

    The same as in Assault and in Race against time.

    Now that the player knows what type of missions and rewards he/she can get, he/she has only to decide where to go:

    Once the player has completed that mission (note how the portal is now grey-colored):

    he/she has only to choose another one:

    and so on.


    Q. What does the player have to do once he/she has the map of the burning hells portals open?

    A. As I wrote above, the player has just to mouse-over over a portal to choose which mission he/she wants to do and once he/she decided he/she has just to click on that portal and the click “accept”.

    Q. What would happen if a player relogs into the game after he/she got a disconnection while he/she was doing a mission?

    A. As I wrote above, the position of the portals changes on every game session.
    However if the player gets a disconnection or has to log-out, the mission will remain active and when the player steps back into the game he/she will see a town portal that leads to area of that mission.

    Of course, if the player was doing a Race against time mission type that mission would get cancelled if too much time has passed between the disconnection and the relog.

    Another thing: the Burning Hells portal of that mission will remain active, visible and will stay on the same position as it was before the relog. When the mission is completed that portal will grey-out and be disabled like all others. This is to clarify in case you had some doubts if there could be a case where a player could get more than 10 portals open at once in a single game session.

    Q. Aren't there going to be any monsters in the Enigma missions?

    A. Enigma mission type is like the other two, so the player might have to fight against monsters. That image was just an example to let you see that you could get an empty map and a “relative safe” area (however, monsters can spawn from traps!)

    Q. In the Race against time mission type the player could just skip the mission rewards and just look for hidden treasures! Didn't you think about it?

    A. In this mission type the rewards must be balanced in a way so the player MUST choose what he/she really wants to do: fail the mission and look for treasures or complete the mission and leave the treasures?

    Q. Is there any achievement for the Burning Hells Portals?

    A. Yes, here's a couple:


    P.S. Enigma missions might not be very “Diablo” like, but I think that something different might help this game to become a real success. Also you can have a mission that is a mix of all three... well.. the combinations can be many... it's just a matter of immagination I guess.

    P.P.S. “Missions” can be renamed to “Quests” of course :)

    If you would like to check my other ideas you can click on the link below:


    That is an index of all my ideas for Diablo3, but unfortunately they are all in Italian.


    Reintroduction of the Talisman
    The Burning Hells Portals
    by Edriel - an italian fan of the Diablo series
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    interesting Idea, thumbs up! Maybe you could incorporate bonus exp and gold find to truly replace nv. Also your art work is amazing, I almost believed this was a blue post on a patch preview.
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    Your artwork looks amazing! I'm a bit in a hurry now but I'll comment later on the rest.

    After second sight I think your ideas are very good excpet one. There shouldn't be immunities in D3. A barb only has physical damage and you would lose your NV5 if you respec.

    Sorry for my english I'm not a native speaker.
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    I like the concept of talisman and it being filled with the souls of your enemies. Especially that one which improves your skills, but you need to make a choice, as it is progresivelly harder to level-up. Sounds fun! And your presentation looks nice too.
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    Wow you have some very nice and creative ideas. You also have some very nice artwork. You should post a link to this on reddit as well as both the EU and US forums.
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    Thanks guys! :)

    Quote from Oranite

    Wow you have some very nice and creative ideas. You also have some very nice artwork. You should post a link to this on reddit as well as both the EU and US forums.

    There are the two links to US and EU threads at the end of the post.
    About Reddit I don't have the account there so if someone is so kind to link this thread there too it will be much appreciated :)
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    I seriously commend you for your efforts. Fantastic ideas, truly extraordinary artwork, and very professional looking. Only thing i could say is that it is deff too much for a patch-but an expansion ...ill cross my fingers we see something like this!!
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    This is awesome.
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    so much quality for a "simple" suggestion thread
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    I posted a link on Reddit to this forum post. It is on /r/Diablo and /r/Diablo3. You deserve recognition for your work!
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    The artwork sucks.Seriously it needs much more improvement cos right now its pathetic.

    Oh wait....i was not talking about your artwork i was talking about blizzard's artwork :P

    Seriously the stuff you have proposed would make the game 10x better
    Grinding Gear Games (Company that produced POE): "These are great Ideas, we will use them for sure as they are clearly what the player base is looking for."

    Blizzard: "While we agree that this game needs re-working and that these ideas could help the future of this game, we have no plans to listen to our fan-base at this time."

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    Great work!
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    No immunities on maps please.
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    This needs to be brought to attention of developers so much awesome potential..............
    Grinding Gear Games (Company that produced POE): "These are great Ideas, we will use them for sure as they are clearly what the player base is looking for."

    Blizzard: "While we agree that this game needs re-working and that these ideas could help the future of this game, we have no plans to listen to our fan-base at this time."

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    Quote from DeepThought

    I posted a link on Reddit to this forum post. It is on /r/Diablo and /r/Diablo3. You deserve recognition for your work!

    Thank you and thanks everyone for kind words.

    I've read some comments on Reddit as well and while I agree with the people who says that these two ideas might be too much complicated for the Diablo3 player base I think that something must be done.

    As I wrote at the start of the post these are just a couple of ideas that the developpers can use as base for something new and different.

    If ever implemented I don't expect these features to stay the same I thought them, but I'm expecting them to give some nice ideas to developpers. That's all :)
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    If they implemented anything even remotely similar to this, I think a lot of people would be pleased. Including me :D great ideas indeed.
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    Wow, I´m amazed how much effort you have put to this. :) I would be glad if we had some of those ideas. Maybe in expansion. ;)
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    The presentation alone is enough for a thumbs up.

    I like the hells portal but I don't quite grasp the talisman. Either way, these two things require a major patch or an xpac.
    sto lavorando
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    Amazing work! thumbs up :)
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    Thanks again guys.

    I wouldn't have expected such a positive response even from the rest of Sanctuay eheh
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