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    The whole idea that things were permanent in D2 was a lie. I could easily power level one of my characters to 80 in an afternoon, which was more than high enough to tackle hell with good gear.
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    If D3 wasn't nerf at all (pre 1.0.3), i think alot of people are still crying for help, plus, if it wasn't for "those" guide, i don't think many will ever clear Inferno...Just saying..

    It took me a long time to clear Inferno, and if it wasn't for the nerf, it would've taken me an even longer time. So the stance I'm taking is against my own interests, but it doesn't matter, because that's how I think things should be.
    Plus, Blizzard themselves said that it should take people a long time to clear it anyway, so it was "working as intended".
    Granted the whole "you need Act 3 gear to clear Act 2" was stupid and horribly implemented, but that's a different story altogether.

    IMO Inferno should've been left as a monumental challenge. The change that I thought needed to be made was to make inferno-viable gear accessible in Hell mode. Players could've geared up for the "impossible" challenge ahead. Instead, they just hit the EZ button.

    There seems to be a lingering desire by many to have some "impossible" mode re-implemented.

    Not impossible, just smart play and lots of frustrated moment over and over and over and over.....I miss my 1.2k All resist with Warcry moment DW :(, hit and run, hit and run, maintaining Frenzy, LOS, OP reflect shield etc etc...oo wait...fug that.. :P

    But i do miss those moment where a certain affix + elite pack/champ use to make me think "ok it's time to GTFO" or "CMON TELEPORT NAO!!!".

    Quit after killing Diablo, and came back ard 2 weeks ago. Other than farming for the hope of "good legendary" drop to make some gold in return for imba gear on AH (which may takes me forever :( ), Apart from that, umm...this game really present no challenge other than getting more gear, and killing higher MP, which to me, is fun but sometime, mehhh....but that's just my personal opinion.
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