116 Legendaries being Given Away @ 10:30pm EST

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    Giveaways will begin at 10:30pm where we'll give away what's been donated (no winning back to back)
    Crafting of the 200 BoA items will occur before and after
    Stream will likely end between 4:00 and 7:00am EST


    *Giving away unID and IDed legendaries (116) as well as amulets/rings (33) including Unity, Leoric's Signet
    *No back-to-back wins
    *Crafting 200+ Bind on Account items

    I'm sure I'll get downvoted but I wanted to get the word out, as long as it helps at least one person

    (Note: I'm just starting back on D3 and very new, 1 week, to streaming, so the items won't all be amazing like other top streamers who do giveaways. These items were donated by great users, and giveaways will be done in sets of 3 so everyone can win.)

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