am i the only one wanting more legendary drops (pre-lv60)

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    So... I got my new WD to 60 today. But from levels 55 to 60, I dropped from MP10 down to MP3 to speed things up (and also because my Cain's set was severely crippling my survival stats).

    From 1-55 on MP10, I managed to rack up 8 legendary items. From 55-60 on MP3, I racked up zero.

    Hey, it's all RNG, but we're statistically more likely to find legendaries at high MF and high MP levels, just like it is when farming post-60. So running at MP10 (and simply stacking high MF) is the way to go.
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    Quote from maka

    ^^You load up on AH-bought MF gear? You load up on AH-bough gear and can therefore play on MP10, upping your MF? They're both possibilities :P

    When I used to use MF switch, it was with self found MF gear. I no longer switch, as I typically farm MP7 @ 500% MF.

    The gears I currently sport on my 150k unbuffed Monk were afforded because I played the game. I found items with good trade value, and I capitalized thusly. Never even considering the RMAH, I accrued my Monk's gear the same way I accrued my Paladin's gear in D2. I played the game. I traded. I advanced.
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    Quote from maka

    Quote from ruksak

    Quote from dinamar

    Have you completely missed what this topic is about?

    Please....tell me.

    It's about the low >60 legendary drop rate while levelling, and not, as you wrote, "high MF @ lvl60+".

    Yep, I was simply commenting on a comment about a comment I had made.

    Anywho....the problem has been acknowledged by Blizzard and expect changes to be made. The drop rates are too low, certainly. I feel people exaggerate their claims...i.e. they lie outright, as many people do, to make their stories more interesting. When I hear someone say "I've played 1000 hours and no sets found".....I accuse them of lying.
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    Well, I can only speak for myself, but the first set piece I found was about 500 hours in. I think that's pretty poor design.
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    Well the problem with no Legendaries and Set items drop while lvling, is that;

    1. You spend very little time lvling compared to farming at lvl 60.
    2. Most of the drops are crap (you out level them very fast) so no point in making more of them.
    3. Even if you get a set recipe to drop at low lvl, odds are this is your 5th char you are lvling and he is twinked from the AH.
    4. Diablo 3 system was first designed around getting BIS rares not legendaries and set, this was changed now to be more of a mix of both, but when the change occurred little love was given to the low lvl stuff.

    The reason why Legendaries and Set drops in D2 while lvling was exciting was because some of them where bis even for lvl 99 chars. Now this idea has been copied a bit in the last few patches, like Skeleton ring and Buriza which both have uses even for lvl 60 characters.

    Personally while lvling I can remember a few remarkable drops:

    First WD found maybe 3 Legendaries while lvling to 45 (died on NM Belail).
    Second WD found rare amu lvl 48, was using it for quite some time at lvl 60.
    Second WD found 2 Legendaries while lvling to 60.
    Second WD found 3-4 legendaries while farming for roughly a month in patch 1.0.X to 1.0.6 in act 1 (trying to gear up for Belail, he died when I decided to take on Belail... while drunk ^^; )
    Third WD (which I'm playing atm) found 0 legendaries while lvling, but is now finding about 1/h when I AoE farm in Act 3 on mp0.

    So either patch 1.0.7 (mp0) or farming in act 3 has started to give me a LOT of legendaries and set drops. Not sure which.

    Third WD is currently farming, hoping to gear up for mp5 and keywardens, then later mp10 Belail ^^

    Edit: Ohhh forgot, I've played around 250h total on WDs, here is link to my current WD if interested:
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