D3 Smart Phone App. Your ideas

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    Should Blizzard create a smart phone application for Diablo 3 and if so what would you like to see in it?

    Some obvious ideas

    -All data present on profiles. Chars, equipment achievements etc.
    -Gold colected in the last day,week,month,YEAR :)
    -PvP stats ( one day in the future)
    -Recent legendary identified inc Freinds
    -Access to AH
    -Exp gains (day,week,month)

    Looking foward to every ones input
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    i want there to be an ah app. post/cancel/buy/bid stuff on ah.
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    Idd ah app
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    I'd be really happy with an app for D3. As far as its features, I think if it were to include things like gold accumulation and XP gain, our formal profiles on the official website should include those first (though, that would be great to have more info there as well).

    And although I don't use it much, I am fully in favor of people having an AH feature or application to use on smartphones and/or web browsers. If all some people want to do is shop, they should be able to do that without having to log in to D3. I mean, some people log in just to shop, which is their prerogative, but no need to clog up bandwidth and server activity if people just want to scan pages of items, and they could probably get their transactions done a lot easier by doing it via smartphone or web.

    I definitely at least want more info about my characters, account, progress...track my deaths, boss kills, average stats for elites, XP gain rates, all sorts of stuff. I want lots of information, :-)
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    Id love an AH app but I'd imagine the security concerns would be outrageous. There is already a 3rd party app out there for viewing profiles etc. While not entirely epic, it was great for passing some time while at the Drs office the other day.
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