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    most of us played d3 for like half year now,yes?
    i think every1 saw these pictures before ....but what do u guys think of them now?


    i wish we can play "that" game instead of what we have now....
    it is just me,dnt get me wrong i like d3 and ah tycoon simulator alot but this images ...of dark ambient and gothic look just makes it more diablo then this diablo,hahah

    i have got nothing against god ,it is his funclub i cant stand !
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    Looking at the pictures if the game were to be released like that I think there would have been even more of an uproar :P plus it looks just like d2, so go play that if you want to play the game in the pictures! They do look very nice though.

    Do these pictures look more diablo than diablo 3? naaah
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    Honest opinion....it looked like it would rape my machines capacity for graphics processing. I'm not sure how many people own a PC that could handle those graphics with 34 monsters moving around, skill animations flying about and 3 other players in the game.

    That being said, the final design for Act 4 sucked donkey cock. I hate that act just for it's ascetics alone. It feels all wrong, like the whole Act 4 development was rushed too fast.

    I love Act 1. I wish the whole game had that dark, gritty atmosphere of gloom. I swear....if the new act/acts for the x-pac involve a snow landscape....ima gonna be pissed.
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    Quote from slayervedran

    i think every1 saw these pictures before ....but what do u guys think of them now?


    Nope, I have never seen these pictures before.

    -The menu clearly looks like Diablo 2.1, I have no idea where these images come from but when I saw the menu I was like "this is a D2 mod"
    -Some of the images show that the view is not like in all the Diablo series ("from top") but more like "over the shoulder". I like that D3 sticked to the isometric view (is that the right word?) and didn't turn into a 1st person game like Fallout 3.
    -If I remember all the rage about "D3 being too bright and colorful", this must be a joke. At least the first few images on the site you linked are FREAKING BRIGHT IT HURTS MY EYES. It looks like some Caesar style adventure - I'd love that, but nothing close to what I imagine for D3.
    -Some of the images look like Ironforge. Which makes this seem to be more legit, because D3 was initially planned as an MMO. Thank god these people left and the project was resetted...

    => Some great images, would love to see them at some point, but nothing for the Diablo series.
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    Quote from slayervedran

    i wish we can play "that" game instead of what we have now....

    No. No, no, no, no,no...

    You have the right to be disatisfied with D3 as it is. It's not a perfect game. But seriously. Their is a limit to nostalgia. In fact it's not even nostalgia because "that" game never saw the light and was never played to begin with. It's more like wondering what could have been. It's easy to imagine it would have been better if you never tested it.

    It's like that job you decided to refuse, that girl with witch you could have been, that trip you didn't make... sure, maybe it would have been awesome when you think about it a few years later - if you're not really happy with your life. But when those choices came up, you decided they were not a good idea. And you had your reasons.

    If this game never made it through in this form, it's probably because it s*cked donkey balls. Not hard to picture.
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    People bitch that D3 is too MMO-like as is. And you want the *actual* MMO version?

    Well, there's no accounting for taste.
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    I watched the Collector's Edition "behind-the-scenes" Blu-Ray and I have to say, there were many features they included in there alone that don't show up in-game (e.g. 12 total abilities for followers, more gothic art style overall, etc.).

    It leads me to believe a lot of things that have been scrapped will somehow find their way into the game in future patches and/or expansions. After all, I don't believe the company will toss out anything for good. Especially when there was so much potential in those concepts, getting rid of them would be a waste of time and resources.

    We shall see.
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    Dont mind the ui its work in progress. I like the old graphics more than the current ones but there are money to be make and kids would not like the grim version of diablo.
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    I have to say that I like how it looks now better than those pics. I just wish they make them a little bit darker to create a better atmosphere in some areas.
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