Who Is The Worst Villian In Diablo 3?

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    Blizzard asks who is your favorite villian in Diablo 3, but who is the worst and why?

    Personally I find Mahgda to be the only one who doesn't really fit into the diablo franchise at all. With her fairy wings and all, she seems more fitting to be a villian in a Disney movie. :)

    What do you fans think? Who is the worst?
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    Magdha. She is endlessly annoying. I hate the way she laughs. My brother and I make fun of her laugh while we're doing ubers.

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    I'm so sorry, but I really don't think there's an argument here.

    It's Maghda. Plain and simple. I usually love debates and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but...

    Maghda. Just no. She's a freakin' anthropomorphic butterfly with demon horns and a vaguely human-like body.

    Who happened to kill off Cain... WTF?
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    Quote from Jaetch

    Who happened to kill off Cain... WTF?

    Oh man, I skip all of the story sequences so I almost forgot about that. It would have been more devilish if Adria had killed him instead seeing as she was on our side from the start. Instead we get evil tinkerbell teleporting into cain's house. There is so much wrong in the story. Oh we'll :/
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    I'm still of the opinion that Maghda only facilitated the death of Cain by putting Leah in a situation where her powers would be responsible for his death. That being said she's my favorite because, simply, ALWAYS MAGHDA. (Sorry, inside joke from the Shattered Soulstone podcast) ^^

    Erp. Forgot to include my opinion on my least favorite which would be Ghom. Stomach mouths keep me out.
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    Maghda. It's Diablo 3, not Power Rangers, I don't even want to understand what were they thinking while she was designed. Close second Queen Araneae, because it's just a big spider. Kill & forget.
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    Maghda. Someone needs to be fired. If they haven't already.

    Favorite villain would have to be the Treasure Goblins. Treasure Goblins should have killed Cain, then at least you know there'd be loot.
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    Jay Wilson.
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    Ghom or Magdha.

    You can barely hear what Ghom is saying + there's too little questing around his area, a breakin under the bastion keep is a pretty solid setting for good lore/questing.

    Even though Magdha is supposed to be the other witch and serving witch of Diablo, she and Adria does not give the impression of witches at all. 90% of the time, You are not sure wether or not Magdha is a ghost/projection or not...so confusing. And her lore/presentation as a villian is just terrible.
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    God, you guys reminded me of how bad the characters, esp. the villains, are in this game.
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    Long live Cain.

    ...but Diablo's voiceover actually comes close to being the most awful thing I have ever heard in a video game. No, wait. I think it is.
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    I sorta liked Magdha, I think she could have been rehabilitated. It's too bad the game does not give the male character @Lair of the Witch, the option to ask her out on a date.
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    The most annoying is Azmodan, the more idiotic power ranger wannabe by far is:

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    Quote from IgnatiusReilly

    Maghda. Someone needs to be fired. If they haven't already.

    Favorite villain would have to be the Treasure Goblins. Treasure Goblins should have killed Cain, then at least you know there'd be loot.

    You must be playing a totally different game. Everyone knows treasure goblins never drop any worthwhile loot. Then again does anything?

    Diablo was the worst villain. SheHe just didn't know how to shut up.
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    excuse me but "worst" is a perspective point of view it could mean that worst as in the most best? Not sure which one the op meant but i would agree madgha if it meant lame... but worst i think kulle would be my pick for bad ass.

    oh and rakanoth... i mean come on. that shit doesnt even feel like the diablo series..
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    Maghda had a pretty (harr harr) awesome model concept, she gets credit for that.

    Treasure Goblin is clearly the "best" villain. The idea of leading heroes into death by promising treasure is just pure evil.

    Any and all bosses shouting "NEPHALEM" in my face are annoying as hell.
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    Maghda is the worst villain I've ever seen...She doesn't belong in Diablo, it's as simple as that :/ She looks like and sounds like a character from a game for 6-14 years old...Her model should be darker, she looks like a stupid clown! Her voice reminds me of my annoying aunt, she's coward and kills Cain (I don't believe Blizzard was serious about Diablo 3 story. Maghda killing Cain? Not cool...if she looked like a zombie clown, ate her servants and had a voice of a transvestite I would like her :/)

    Belial is the Lord of Lies? Well, he's really bad at those lies...again, he's too obvious and only kids will be tricked...and just because he's the Lord of Lies it doesn't mean he has to be such a coward.

    Azmodan wins the worst tactician award! They present him like the master tactician...well, he just tells you everything he's going to do because we are all 6 years old...it would be much better if things just happened. Like, he doesn't tell us that Ghom is breaching the keep and we just have to participate in a huge fight with some NPC's and we have to go down the keep and help soldiers fighting the demons off without knowing for sure what awaits us.

    Diablo talks too much and also tells you too much...Why does he talk so much? In Diablo 2 he just laughed or said a badass line...

    The story had a lot of potential but it was ruined because Blizzard made it for little kids. It is and will forever be, the biggest flaw in Diablo 3 in my opinion. They had such a great concept and just did the worst they could...
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