How lucky do you get?

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    Well to increase your chances you need to become efficient in farming, which includes an efficient build, as good gear as you can afford and an efficient farming route.

    There are many great class guides on these forums, just make sure you pick the one that is fun for you personally. Most ppl farm a3 because of the big mob density there, allowing you to kill more monsters in a given amount of time. There are many variations to what zones to run, but the basic one is the Alkaizer route (google it).
    You should be trying to keep going forward, don't get disctracted by 1 mob you left behind, when in the same time you could be killing 10 mobs in the direction you want to progress. Skip all small chests, don't break any objects, except the ones in your way, caught in your aoe or so.
    Learning item names can be beneficial. Some rares simply cannot be good, no matter how well they roll, so there's no point in picking them up.
    Also, you should be playing on MP where you one-shot most monsters (mp0-1-2 i guess)

    Having said all that, some ppl don't enjoy this type of playstyle, so just do what you like. Don't anything that's boring is my advice.
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    Quote from DHbaddie

    Fair enough, I have not logged nearly as many hours as I have had alot of RL stuff popping up since august really. I am Paragon 40, so I suppose I can't complain really, and I don't have a decent MF set sadly, again I apologize to you Jaetch, my hostility was not necessary. Again I will keep plugging away! hearing that you guys have found some good items gives me hope, and I will keep trying!

    good stuff will start droping around paragon 70+

    i have 2 accounts ,1 with barb 88 pragon and this 1 with paragon 69 item i got so far was skorn with sold for 200 mil,i had tons of items that sold for 50+ mils but nothing above those 200 .

    i am stil satisfied
    i have got nothing against god ,it is his funclub i cant stand !
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    I'm paragon 89, and I have never gotten a single item I sold for more than 100M. I've got plenty of 50-90M ones but never a single great item. Most of my fortune I earned selling those 5-15M items
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    Paragon: 70
    ~4 items in 20-30M range
    1 in 60M range
    1 in 100M range ( using the item myself though )
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    Quote from DHbaddie

    So you can tell me I have nothing on you? that I haven't put in 800 hours played? and that I have no right to complain? I know people IRL who are as smart as an eraser, and they get drops out their ass, farming act 1, 0 MP. I didn't start the thread to get bashed, I was simply seeing what kind of luck others have had with drops, trying to see if those items worth 100+ mil i've heard about actually exist, and sell for said price.. 320K dps sig tells me you're just going to berate me.

    And this, boys and girls, is how you alienate one of the most helpful members in here.
    A case study indeed.

    Still, just try not to think about what the items are worth. If you find a cool item, wear it. That's it. And keep killing :P

    "The good stuff starts dropping at around P70" -_-
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    get MF up to around 330% with buffs and so then you will get most likely 1-3 Legendar every act 3 run you do.
    I have now run like 20 Act 3 runs and one run i got 5, a few runs 4 legendary, 2 runs none rest of them 2 or 3.
    So just make sure you get up around 330% MF and you will get Legendaries.. if they suck then it is just rng.
    **Farming is my life**
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    I guess it all depends on when did you find an item. I remember a time when I wished i got a IK chest, since the worst was at least 60M on the AH. Then some time went by and I got my first IK chest. Guess what was the price for the worst one 10M. Just sad. Although I got a decent one and sold it for around 80M if I've gotten it a month earlier I could have gotten 800M.

    It all comes down to luck at the end, some of us have it some of us don't. I wont complain, as there are worse cases than mine, but a buddy of mine that I play with(and around the same time as I) has found at least 2 200+M items so far, and yet I have not found one over 100M.
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    Everytime i read threads like this i wonder how fast joshua(WOPR) would come to the conclusion that the best way to play this games is to not play at all or well since joshua is an ai hes a bot from the begininnig...
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    Not found much, but then not played that much compared to some, found a strength Puzzle Ring yesterday though which was nice.
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    Paragon 53 here. Up until two days ago I hadn't found anything worth 10m. Two days ago I found a ring that sold for 175m, and yesterday I found a Manticore that sold for 70m. Just keep rolling the dice, eventually something good will drop :)
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    Your next big drop is quite a ways away but at the same time, it's sooner than you think.

    This is how an addict plays Diablo 3. ;)
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    Another thing that has not been mentioned. Invest in some pick up radius gear. You would be surprised how much extra gold you make. Also, if you have an item that you think will sell put it up for bid with no buyout. I had a butcher's sickle that i put up starting at 1 million. It sold for 80.
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    Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. I won't give up!
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    I dont know if you need to be lucky to sell things well. You need to know what people are willing to spend on. Lately I have made millions slowly by selling lvl 13-16 rares when I am farming for low level legendaries like a Leroic Signet. I was "unlucky" to get one on my first run and sold it for 36 million. Why unlucky? Well after countless runs, I cannot find another one. And since it seemed so easy the first time, I have been obsessed trying to get another one. If you find certain rare items with high stats on experience you can get 100,000 to 400,000 regularly.

    With your money you can find some good deals and sell them for higher. When there is some new guide that talks about needing a specific gear to kill quickly at high monster levels go buy those items quickly. Example would be a zuni chest with damage reduction from elites based on this guide. I bought one for 5 mill and sold it quickly for 25 mill. I see them now selling even higher. Too late now to buy them and make some easy gold but keep out for the next guide that has some random gimmick stat.
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