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    Quote from Kallizk

    ... the most amazing i got till now was a goblin that dropped 3 legendaries, 1 while beating him up and 2 upon death.

    Haha that's awesome. I also had a legendary drop while beating him - it was the 1st hit and it was funny to see the HUGE two handed IK mace drop of that little goblin. Never had 3 from a single mob though.
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    Yes, it happens. In the Vault of the Assassin I broke one of the tombs and a leg popped out.

    Honestly, I think I get my legs more from random places than I do from Elites.
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    Quote from IgnatiusReilly

    Yes, it happens. In the Vault of the Assassin I broke one of the tombs and a leg popped out.

    Honestly, I think I get my legs more from random places than I do from Elites.

    This is definitely the case for me. :/
    Well, at least 50/50 iirc.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Quote from Siima

    i got a legendary once by bitchslapping a treasure gobo. he threw it to the ground and ran away.

    got that one too - all i need now is a resplendent legendary. should of been an achievement made for this :)
    also from bosses - i got legendary only from ubers not the usual quest encounter - but that's maybe because i skip all events when farming act 2 or 3.

    the most memorable legendary drops (not because of the quality of the items) were
    - the 2 instances when 2 legendaries dropped from a single monster - the double pillars of light are awesome
    - the goblin bitchslapping - quite funny actually
    - starting an alkayzer run and the first creeper in the core from the azmodan entrance dropped a legendary
    - a casual run with some friends on mp5 - fastfarm act 3 - 6 legendaryes in 10 minutes - best run ever (the top after that is 3 legendaryes for a full act 3 clear).
    - and of course the barrel encounter - just walked through a group o barrels with my firewalkers and the thing dropped.
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    my buddy: some bones at the fields where u get the sword for tyrael... the legendary belt dropped (witching hour? idk ) - he got 160mill for it and that was his first ever legy ........
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    Laughing skull from predator nest, desolated sands. Now i try check all of them, when i can. lol but i havent found a single legendary in about two fkin months... sigh*
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    Found one legendary from a barrel too :)
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    Last week I started out at the Arreat Crater checkpoint outside Azmodan's room and got a legendary from a chest at the top of the path . Then a goblin was hanging out near it and he had a legendary wand, two without stacks without killing anything (except the goblin) GO brims! lol
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    Thought I would share this one because I thought it was funny. I decided to make an infernal staff to do some Whismy for the hell of it. Literally the first monster I whacked when I walked in dropped a legy. lol

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    My first legendary was found in a barrel, also the second one.
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    Quote from overneathe

    Found a Mace recently from a weapon rack. :)

    Interesting, I didn't think anyone got anything from them other than junk. I may investigate things more closely now. I did get a legendary once from an unusual place just before Azmodan, but I can't remember exactly what.
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    My first legy drop from a treatning shouted white zombie in act 1 way before 1.0.3. I was so surprise that my barb could do that ! It was real crappy and never happen again.

    I think they change that so treatning shout could not drop anything from monster?
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    Picked up a ceremonial dagger from a corpse in Alcarnus.
    sto lavorando
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