Diablo 3 Exp timer/counter (counts exp per hour, online, no download)

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    I am Diablo 1 veteran, still loving that game much! I started playing Diablo 3 not long time ago, hit level 60 and started looking for some exp calculator so I can check how my exping to level 100 paragon is goin'. I haven't found anything online, only some stuff to download, and I don't like to download anything ;) so... I wrote and design my own counter :)

    I would like to show you my work, I hope you will like it (and I hope it is not against forum rules to post it). It is online, and it:
    - counts exp per hour
    - shows is your progress in leveling is going better or not
    - shows time to level up
    - shows exp points to next level
    - and some more stuff like Paragon's level info

    Other feautures:
    - NO need download anything
    - NO need install
    - it is NOT violate Blizzard TOS
    - it is just website where you type-in manually your experience points, so it does NOT read D3 memory or antyhing like that

    It looks like this:

    And here is the link:
    Diablo 3 Exp Timer (http://diablo.kalais.net/d3exp/)

    I spend last few nights working on it, so it's kinda Beta version, but I haven't found any bugs. If you have ideas of improving my counter let me know.

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    I wont try it, (no offense) But just looking the screenshot it looks amazing. Looks like a really great work !
    Thumbs UP !
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    Careful, if this program reads directly into D3's memory there's a chance you or anyone using it can be banned.

    Edit; Just read the fine print, looks like it's just a data entering program that you manually update yourself, so you should be good =D Nice work.
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    Hi guys,
    yup, it is just website where you manually enter exp points and it counts everything for you. Perfectly safe. I updated 1st post with additional info.

    I understand you tho, never to much caution ;)
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    This is awesome and i'm finding it very useful.

    I do have one suggestion that would help me. I would like the option to manually start recording each run instead of recording all the dead time between. I'm not always grinding each run one right after the other but would like the chart to keep growing as if i were.
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    You can use http://safeweb.norton.com/ or similar services if you're unsure about a web site.
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    Spreading the word tomorrow as a news on a swedish site ( Diablo3pvp.se )
    Want swedish translation? Let me know!

    Swedish Official Fansite www.Diablo3pvp.se

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