HUGE Giveaway going on HERE!

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    I am back with a huge giveaway before posting the next part of the guide(on weekend).

    Here is everything I got :

    I tried to add only the decent/wearable items to the giveaway and not the brimstones like useless dawn crossbows,sultans of biding sand and shit like that.Of course there ain`t any high end items here,but you will find items ranging from 200k to 10 mils(few of them).

    1.Only low players,begginers,people with trouble progressing etc. are allowed to participate
    2.Each player can only claim a maximum of 3 items!You can have as many items as you wish as long as YOU NEED AND YOU USE THEM,so if you just started you can have a item for each slot if they are upgrades or they are of use for you.
    3.In order to claim your items use the following formula:

    Stash number: x

    Items: x y z / if you don`t know the item name simply type row/column number.

    Stash order is

    1 2

    3 4

    Forgot to add that on the screen.

    4.First come first served - if the item has been already taken you need to chose something else,look at the posts before you to see if it is still available.

    For now,post the items you want,I will start giving them away tommorow.

    Please post here after you received your items.
    This is on Europe!

    For donations or questions or even for the giveaway feel free to add me:


    But remember to specify the reason in the friend request.


    I have added the list here so the evidence can be keept easier.


    @rudroth - Added
    @Veld - Waiting for battletag
    @Zero(pS) - Added(From US)
    @Westy357 - Added(From US)
    @thekoalaz - I am sorry,neither of your requested items got spirit regeneration,chose something else if you wish.(From US)
    @Discontinued - Added
    @Raja - Added
    @ipodinfinity - Added
    @jayder22 - Added
    @Ziggy420 - Added
    @Uglen - Added
    @sykotic - Added
    @Game Over - Added
    @staine - Added
    @demonknight667, @asdfywea - Added(From US)


    @Abaht - Gave some to two of his friends also


    @fr3drikk - Gave me a bunch of legendaries for giveaway,thank you!
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    I could use a couple things for my Barb one of the echoing furies with str and crit damage possibly? the mempo if it has str and the IK boots? Thanks! jmcdougal8#1704

    EDIT: Didn't realize till just now you were an EU player. You can remove me and give my stuff others. Thanks anyways and best of luck on the give away! The community could use more people like you.
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    Mmm... I'm still leveling my Wizard and guess I could use a few items when I hit 60?

    Interested in the mempo, the echoing fury across from it and Triumvirate?

    No idea on the stats, but thanks?
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    Stash number: 1

    Echoing Fury

    Stash number: 3

    Immortal King's Iron

    Stash number: 4

    Lacuni Prowlers
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    Tsirk #1506

    Stash 1 : Mempo

    Stash 2 : Tal Rasha

    Stash 4 : Lacuni

    Ty :D
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    Awesome giveaway. Good idea to keep the stats hidden ;)

    I'll give it a try :P been wanting to come back to playing and some upgrades would be great.

    Stash: 1
    Item: Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit (row 2, column 5)

    Stash: 2
    Item: Natalya's Embrace (row 1, column 5)

    Stash: 2
    Item: Immortal King's Irons (row 1, column 9) or Echoing Fury (row 2, column 1 - Stash 4)

    My tag is Nomad#1741 (link for you to check character power).

    Edit: :( it's on EU servers...
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    Stash 3, Row 1, Column 7
    Zuni head

    Stash 3, Row 1, Column 5
    Echoing Fury

    Stash 3, Row 3, Column 10
    Chando's Will

    I got my items, thank you very much.
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    I'm on USA server so, oh well. :S
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    Stash 1
    Xephirian Amulet (does it have spirit regen?)

    Stash 2
    Jordan (does it have spirit regen?)

    It's thekoalaz#1951.

    Of course if there are other people who need those more desperately you can skip me. :)

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    Stash 2:

    Stash 1:

    Stash 4:
    Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare

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    Stash 2: Lacuni Prowlers

    Stash 2: Immortal King's Stride

    Stash 3: Immortal King's Irons

    Whichever ones aren't taken already.


    Edit: This is on EU servers! I am on US :QQ:
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    Stash 1: Triumvirate
    Stash [1/2/4]: Skorn (whichever has str and higher dmg)
    Stash 4: Lacuni (with Int)


    :/ not on EU
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    Stash 2: Fist weapon
    Stash 3: Shenlongs
    Stash 4: If i can ask for it, the best Whon kim lau in your opinion,

    Thx in advance.

    Got my loot
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    This is awesome, I've been looking for gear for my barb to progress.

    an Echoing fury from stash 1 would help, and then possibly one of the amulets if it is an upgrade. :)

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    I'd be interested in the Dawn S3R3C5, the Bul Kathos Sword S1R3C7, and one of the unclaimed lacunis (dex/str preferred). If this is possible I'd greatly appreciate it!

    Btag ZigZagintheV#1714
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    This is pretty nice :)
    Hope to get somthing to my new WD or Wizz.

    Stash 1: Mempho Lacuni Prowlers

    Stash 2: Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit

    Stash 4: Lacuni Prowlers

    Sprutuglen #2101
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    I would like to try and get a few better pieces of gear so I can level my Wiz and WD.

    1. Stash 2,3,or 4.
    Whichever Thing of the deep has the best Dmg and Int. (or you can just give me whichever you would like. =D)

    2.Stash 2. Sloraks Madness (whichever the best one is)

    3. Stash 2. Depth Diggers

    Unfriend #1973
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    EU or US...?
    stash2 row3 column 10
    stash1 row5 column 3
    stash4 row1 column 7

    schippi#2399 EU
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    1 chants wand

    2 tals

    3 mempo

    would be great

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    1. mempho
    2.blackthorns pants
    3. chandos

    battletag: navia#2246
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