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    Was talking to a few friends to see what they were doing today and they responded "It's double XP weekend I'm going to be on Duty all day" and it got me thinking that it would somewhat be a intiguing idea to introduce this to Diablo 3. It would be interesting to see difference between the amount of players that log on during a double XP weekend on Black OPs II compared to a regular XP weekend.

    This would be a interesting concept to add to Diablo 3. I don't even know how I truly feel about it but it is just an idea that came to mind after thinking about how many more players would probably play on that weekend. If you take two weekends out of the month and say make one a double MF weekend and the other a double XP weekend how many more players would play during those weekends compared to the other non-benefit weekends. Someone like me who basically has a 9-5 would be on that whole weekend. The weekend is also the least time players raid so it would entice WoW players to hop over to Diablo on the weekends.

    Another idea that came to mind with WoW was how there is Call to Arms where every weekend a different battleground gives double the experience then what it normally would. You could do something similar to this with Diablo where one weekend Act 1 gives double experience and then the following weekend Act 2 does. If you increase the monster density in the other acts like its been discussed this would give us even more of a reason to play in these other acts instead of going to our normal Act 3 run. During the weekend we would run Act 2 since it was double XP and get a lot of keys from Act 2 then during the week work on the other acts to slowly get the other keys.
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    This wouldn't excite me much.

    I doubt double MF week ends could ever make their way into the game because of the obvious impact on an already fragile economy.

    As for double XP... it's still a long way to the final parangon lvl. Players who play all week long would still play. Those who play only on week ends; well, they could feel a bit less bad for not playing all day long... but not much more

    In the end; Diablo 3 isn't a MMORPG. In my humble opinion, everything that's wrong with this game comes from the bluring of line between rogue like inspired Hack n Slash the firsts diablo were, and the mmo.

    This feature could'nt really harm the game, but I would find it a bit stupid. I don't see myself calling my friend to say " Hey guys! Double xp weekend on D3! Let's go! Good times!"

    Sorry. I wish I could be more enthusiastic, but anyways... if it ever came to be, it's not like it would bother me or anything. Maybe others will support you and think it's a cool idea :)
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    Patch 1.0.7 will give us more experience / monster power.
    And the deal with Diablo 3 is to take the time to reach Paragon 100. Once we hit 100, its time for 4 other classes to go all the way there.

    I think people might stop playing if they rush and just think the game is about hitting Paragon 100.

    It's about good loot and kill demons so you feel satisfied.. Grindfest, no thank you.

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    I actually really like the idea. Even with the double MF weekend, it's only for two days out of the month, so it won't impact the economy that much, and it would be really fun to look forward too. I like it =D +1
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    Maybe double exp weekend would be nice, but double mf? Please don't.
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    I really like the idea of the double xp weekend, but the double MF weekend, maybe not. Why not GF instead? that would be pretty nice.
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    Maybe Double Holidays but not weekends.
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    A lot of games seem to be going down the weekend bonus route but it is unfair to people that can't play weekends. I wouldn't mind a small bonus (just enough to make it worthwhile) to random acts on random days though.
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    Being spoiled on 2x experience temporarily makes playing on 1x sluggish by comparison. Then my desire to level decreases when I don't have 2x exp.
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    See my thing is that the community is dying so less and less people are playing. Last night on double xp weekend there was 845000 players playing black ops II. On average that number is typically 300-400k. So double the amount of players were on during the weekend which would give opportunity to meet people and get more people playing consistently.
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    Make it triple :P

    But seriously, that's an awesome idea. It works great on CoD, I think it could work even better on D3. It would be a great way to get Public Games with MP on Patch 1.0.7 rolling ;)

    I'm pretty sure quite a few of my friends would play D3 on these weekends if they ever happened. One of them bought CoD BO2, played for 2 days and stopped - he only plays on double xp weekends.

    It's the whole "you can't miss this deal" idea that people like, I'd guess.

    Then again, the devs have to be careful. Some people might only play then in these events, as they might feel playing any other time is a "waste of time" (as one of my friends said about CoD).
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    I don't much care for it.

    1. It would encourage poop-socking in a game that's already capable of eating arbitrary amounts of time.

    2. It's annoying as hell when event like this happen when you have to be out of town, or at your mother-in-law's birthday or some other equally horrific event.

    3. It doesn't really solve anything.

    God forbid yet another WoW-ism makes it into the game, but 'rested XP' might work (I cannot overstate how much I'd like that for my alts)... but I think by far the best way to get more people playing D3 is simply to keep improving the game. Hopefully we'll get a glimpse of what's coming in the dev Q&A.
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    If they are going to do something like this, they need to increase the PL cap and/or the amount of XP required to level up. 100 was achieved very fast by a lot of players.
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    i like the idea of giving bonusses on different acts. like each week another act gets x1,5 xp or something, or a different multiplier for the different acts. could also help the endless act 3 farming until monster density gets up in acts 1,2,4
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