Least auction house dependant class?

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    I haven't long been playing. I can't seem to make my mind up with what class i should roll with. So far i have checked the skill videos, and armor looks, and at the moment i would order them Demon Hunter, Wizard, Barbarian , WitchDoctor, and Monk. I hear about classes relying on the auction to progress, so i thought i would ask. It would also be nice if people could input about playing solo; i hear Barbarian and Witch Doctor.
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    Why barb? Witchdoc by far, zoo is tanking everything fine. Monk is second for me due to his option to adapt via his skillset. No life recovery? Picking that rune here, that talent there and it's something.
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    Witch Doctor if you just want to farm mp0-3, higher than that is going to require a lot of gold. Barbarian is the high MP king, their passives and skills make it easy to gear up for mp5-7.
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    The honest answer to that question should be 'all of them'. Auction House is in now way mandatory, it just speeds things up.

    BUT, WDs are the easiest class to go undergeared. I finished Inferno with mine with very low stats, relying on pets and ranged skills.

    In order, without AH: WD, Kiting Wizard, Tank Barb, MoE/Backlash Monk, whatever DH
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    is there a consensus on best class yet? or are they actually pretty well balanced? any class clearly worse than others?

    Is there a class that uses gear that can be bought for a lot cheaper on the AH?

    I've only played a barb so I don't know much about other classes.
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    If we talk in general, Barbs are the best for PVE. But if you have insane gear, like 400K DPS unbuffed Wizards are the best. Since with that DPS you can kill everything fast in MP10 with Archon.
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