New Stream !

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    Gonna start tomorrow a stream with 4 wizzards CM can find there build discussions..pvp and lots of other things including awesome giveaways :) check it out
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    hooray another streamer!
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    stream is live now and gonna be everyday..see you there
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    Quote from Lohk

    hooray another streamer!

    Yea....I don't mean to disrespect the OP but we've got 7 or 8 threads on the first page alone that are just people pandering their streams, usually by enticing viewers with prizes.

    I really think it's about time we have a separate forum for stream advertisers. This is, by all definitions, just spamming and I'm not sure why it's allowed.

    I'm sure many others would agree that we come here for discussion and it is kinda annoying to have to sift through all these advertisements for streams.
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    Hell yes. Completely agree with you ruksak. I even mentioned this in a personal conversation with one of the admins, but it seems they're hesitant about this, for whatever reason. I'd really like to see a video+streams section on this forum. Sure, some of the streams are really interesting and some of the videos may thrive interesting discussions, in particular the RTG series; but then in the end most of these threads feel like some people want to get more subscriptions to their stream/Youtube channel and more likes, and the threads are not bringing new people to DiabloFans, but rather taking them away (didn't really have too many interesting new topics here lately). After all, let's not forget that Twitch has become a business and people can earn money with streaming.

    +1 for a Video/Streams sub-forum.

    Edit: I think it's not right to hijack this thread, it's not the first and not the last. Sorry Scorpy4fun, but at least your thread gets more attention ;-)
    Let's take this discussion to the section of this forum where it belongs =>
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    it's fine with me..anyway i think i will delay my stream opening a little bit..need to improve video card to support 4 CM wizzards +stream..without stream is perfect but i play with low fps on stream and i don't like it
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