PSA: Possible Nerf to your favorite Weapon

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    Hey guys im from guatemala, last night me and a couple of guys were playing d3 as usually we do, when another friend of us appear with the new about a possible nerf weapon, we disscus it at mumble and i decided to share the information we got about it. As we all know nothing its confirmed yet and im not assuring the information its entierly true. what i can tell its that prices in sume objects at the AH are stuplidly increasing and fast, and for what i understood weapons like EF, Skorns, etc will be affected severly.

    Well the post was made yesterday at Reddit site and here its the post textually:
    Thought this topic was worth making for those that don't read the patch notes too carefully. The change isn't active on PTR yet as far as I can tell, but it is something that will likely get addressed, specifically due to the new red gems. I always make a point to cash out before every patch , and this is no different. IAS Nerf, New Legendaries, Monk Snapshot etc, I always believe it was my duty to cash out before something bad happens ( Exhibit A: + Show Spoiler + )

    The bug fix in the PTR 1.07 notes:

    (edit: clarification, it is not in the patch notes, but in the 1.07 Known Issues list, which is why it isn't verifiable nerfage on PTR atm : US Forums Link )

    The main hypothetical reason was to allow the new boosted Red Gems to work properly if they are +150 min and +150 max damage, as it would have varying affects on different weapons unless this "bug" is fixed. (Some weapons would benefit much more than others)

    What popular weapons are likely affected by this bug? "Black Weapons" or those with +Min and +Max. But only if their damage range is fairly close - Windforce is a "black" weapon, but is/will not be affected because it's min damage is much lower than its max damage. The way damage calulations have worked with the MinMaxDam affix, was that since the min damage and bonus was added first, if the Base Min + Min affix > Base Max, then the Base Max got set equal to Base Min + Min affix + 1 , and then the Max affix added on top of the new Base Max.

    What does that mean exactly? Would probably be best to just show some examples of some popular weapons:

    Skorn: May get nerfed from 1428.2 to 1309.8

    Echoing Fury: May get nerfed from 1300.2 to 1137.8

    Rare Spear: May get nerfed from 1245.6 to 1069.2
    + Show Spoiler +

    Rare Wand: May get nerfed from 1304.1 to 1090.95
    + Show Spoiler +

    Windforce: Not getting 'nerfed' because the base min damage + min affix is still
    + Show Spoiler +

    As for your beloved Manticores, WKL, Shenlongs (ok maybe just me), they are not affected because they are ELEMENTAL DAMAGE, and are added after the "black" / base damage is affected.

    Manticore: (elemental damage with +31 max)

    tl;dr Pay attention to what happens with how Blue responds or addresses this "bug fix" listed above. Your weapons may be worth much much less if it goes thru as suspected.

    I took the Echoing Fury example above: and with the +150minmax gem on 1.06 now it would bump from 1300 dps to 1757dps. If the bug is fixed, the 1300 would drop to 1137, but with a +150minmax gem would get boosted to 1442, which is what I suspect Blizz's goals are. So I'd start selling those black weapons now for 90% sure! ;-D

    (side note: if the Windforce listed above had a socket, it would then be bugged with the 150 gem and get boosted from 1407 to 1851 bugged, but only 1752 with it fixed)

    edit: #2 Adding some additional Info from a post further along the thread: Link

    Here is a Link to the "MinMaxDam" affix possibilities Blizzard mentioned:

    As the discussion drifted to buffing instead of nerfing, elemental damage weapons being allowed to benefit from +% Damage on weapon would result in this crappy 200k 992.5 dps Shenlong (ignore the socket) to get buffed to 1133 dps (elem damage moved from after to before the 1.5 multiplier )

    One important twist in this conversation from the 1.03 Patch:

    This could mean that all that will get fixed is the below amulet will change from "+28-57 damage" to +28 Minimum +29 Maximum. There are other discoveries people have made that I should probably mention where a large +min damage bonus from jewelry 'over-whelms' a +max affix and resulting in zero damage bonus. (but only when testing really low level weapons where the affixes are greater than the base damage - but further testing required for confirmation, each value has several hidden #s associated with it)
    + Show Spoiler +

    new definately TL;DR This is why the topic was titled: POSSIBLE, no one will know for sure if this is what will happen or if this is what they meant by their vague known bug fix wording. Hopefully on Monday enough fuss will be raise to get a response!

    well thats it guys, i hope the info never comes true or at least if blizzard does make any changes i hope itswith the less changes possible.


    Source post can be found here:
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