Are a lot of people still playing?

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    I stopped playing about 2 months in after I got to inferno on my barb and hit a wall. I was wondering how the game is looking these days and if a lot of people are still playing.

    I'd like to give it another go.
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    I'm still playing! :D they may have made many improvements since you've been away. for all your Trans Siberian Orchestra listening pleasure
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    Depending on who you ask this game is either played by no one anymore or it's still played by millions. There's no correct answer unless Blizz starts giving us daily numbers. :)

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Well I just started playing again, after a few months break.

    That's how I recommend you play any of the Diablo games. Play play play, until you die (only play HC), then take a break, then come back when you get the Diablo itch again ^^
    Winter is coming...
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    Quote from overneathe

    Depending on who you ask this game is either played by no one anymore or it's still played by millions. There's no correct answer unless Blizz starts giving us daily numbers. :)

    ^ this.

    It's a lot easier getting through Inferno though, so you'll probably not going to hit a wall with that Barb of yours. With a couple hundred thousand you can put together a Barb that can easily get through MP0 (and maybe even MP1).
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    Edit: Never mind, responded to the wrong thread :P
    Winter is coming...
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    Millions of people still play it and will play for years and years because diablo 3 fanbase is so huge. I'm one of them still enjoying the game. Welcome back :)
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    Great responses. Thank you!
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    Best ARPG on the market right now, especially now that good items have a chance of dropping (with a bit of effort) and the difficulty isn't ridiculous, opening up a lot more builds.
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    Still playing, not as much but u cant play a game everyday for so many hours.Especially if you are 20+ and mb have a job, college etc.But I still enjoy it, and even tho I will prolly take a break at some point its a game where u can comeback just like that and have fun.

    In terms of player base, I couldnt give 2 shits, I play this game for me.But considering the fact that if u stay on AH and try and do flipping and u constantly refresh and there are always 1d 12H being posted, it is obvious the game is active.Not as active as lets say beginning of 1.0.4 but its active enough.+ When u have ~400-500mil worth of gear, u can basically ignore the AH ( unless u do flips ) until uget 2 bil.
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    People still play. I think if Blizzard released numbers they would be surprising. 11million copies sold as of last quarter and I still see people in chat who just got the game. A lot of people jumped ship but not 11million. Even if 75% of people don't play anymore there's still 2.5million+ which is still huge. I think people fail to realize how remarkable it is that World of Warcraft still has 10million subs and think that when a game has 2million players and compare it to the size of WoW they assume failure. 2 Million is PLENTY. Honestly that is a pretty low estimate but making it just to be safe.

    A lot of my friends gave up in June and ask me all the time "Isn't Diablo 3 dead?", "Lol nobody plays that game". I think some things that people use as "evidence" to prove that the game is dead are kind of misleading. Public Games never really were popular and this particular fan sites activity has never really changed since I registered in November 2011. It's the way of the community now.

    I'll stop there. TL;DR - yes.
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    I'm not sure if ALOT of people still play but people still play, Diablo 3 is by no means dead.

    The fact is and from the eyes of Activision Blizzard(A/B) D3 is a huge financial success, how it got there is another story, but because it is a huge financial success A/B feels the need to continually support it is they plan to have at least 1 if not more expansions in the future.

    They might end up pulling a WoW and already have a total of 4-5 expansions planned for it already... or at the very least go the SC2 route and have at least another 2.

    At the end of the day as long as there is hope (continued promise as well as small delivery of improvements) people would still play.

    I personally don't actively play but whatever reason, whether its nostalgia or my ill founded hope for D3's future. I am still here and will play a bit with every new patch/PTR that goes out.
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    If you play the game, flip items on the AH, and remain active in the chat rooms you will see that there are a lot of people still playing this game. There is activity at all hours of the day and finding public games is no problem, depsite the lack of MP currently. I suspect you will see even more folks in the public games when the MP is enabled in them. The game is alive and well IMHO.
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    same here, I stopped playing a few months ago bc I just burned out. didn't seem to be much motivation to play after beating inferno. Just got back into it a few days ago, and I am really enjoying a lot of the little changes they've made. Strictly no AH this time, which makes the game much more enjoyable IMO.
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    Quote from TehAdi

    On the other hand i think 50% of the playerbase are bots at the moment.

    Sorry, but I have read some pretty stupid posts on these forums before but this one just takes the cookie. You have got to be speaking facetiously, right?
    "There is no cow level!"
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    Quote from Syronicus

    Sorry, but I have read some pretty stupid posts on these forums before but this one just takes the cookie. You have got to be speaking facetiously, right?

    Actually maybe not 50% but its close lol.
    Blizzard lost it, you should talk with some botters here and there if you don't believe.
    Did you know that botters were selling EU gold for 0.12 euro per 1M on the gold selling sites just few days ago? That actually tells a lot about how many bots there are.

    Oh check this out - :)
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    Still playing since launch day, 5/16/12 (see the joke there...har har harr).
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    Quote from expansionsss

    Jay Wilson and company should take a note from the FF14 team and admit failure, redo everything, and then re-release in hopes of being forgiven. Dozens of band-aids fixes just confirms what the game really is, cash grab.

    ... so... if they'd done nothing at all with the game after release, that would mean it wasn't a cash-grab?
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    I played a lot at the start and since every patch has taken game to wrong direction I have decreased playing time. Now I have been like 2-3months without playing at all but still staying up-to-date with changes. Looks like I'm going to have to wait for big expansion with my fingers crossed
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    Yes next patch after 1.07 will be good but at the mo its same old shit. Its a real shame they must be keeping everything back for a paid expansion, as i can not find a reason why they would develop so slow with crap ideas.....????????????
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