Fastest class for mp5-7 farm, 500m budget

Poll: Fastest Class ?

Fastest mp5-7 farm class

Fastest Class ? - Single Choice

  • Barbarian 60%
  • Witch Doctor 0%
  • Wizard 20%
  • Monk 20%
  • Demon Hunter 0%
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    What do you guys think, what is the fastest class for mp5-7 farming ? I'm leaning towards wizard with archon build but I'm not quite sure yet. Leave your opinions.
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    Archon? Haven't played wizard at that level, watched some streams and I think you'd need a lot more than 500 mil to be able to farm 5-7 fast. Barb is the answer. You'll definitely farm faster than any other class.
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    I prefer 100% WotB uptime Hammer Barb with Sprint (Marathon rune)

    Im farming mp5 relatively fast (20-25m XP/hour with no XP gear/gem) and can play mp7 keys/ubers easily. My gear was not so good it was bought some time ago for around 100m only and there are some MF pieces as well. (110k dps/ 210k buffed)

    I tried other classes and builds as well with good results but this spec is my favourite (edit: WW probably faster but dont like:))
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    You will not be able to build an Archon wizard with 500M that can efficiently melt through MP5-7. One thing you need is a high DPS, life steal and socketed fast one-hand weapon. That on its own will eat your 500M budget or more.

    You'll have a better shot with CM/WW wizard or standard WW/Sprint/HotA barb.
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    MP5-7 is Barbs territory after that its monks.
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