Ruby upgrade but not topaz?

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    With the change of the ruby to compete with emerald for weapons... What about the topaz? Currently it gives thorns which at the moment is essentially useless. How about changing the stat for it aswell. Maybe it could gives you resource regeneration.

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    who cares... have you seen its cost? who could afford that, seriously though?
    its like 65mil if you craft it yourself, on AH add like another 30mil
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    Quote from MrBlaine

    who cares... have you seen its cost? who could afford that, seriously though?
    its like 65mil if you craft it yourself, on AH add like another 30mil

    + plan 50 mil. I bet you wont find it yourself... ;)
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    Eh, OP is talking about the buff to rubies in weapons not the new coming gem upgrade.
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    Yea, my understanding was every step of rubies would effect the weapons attack speed as of 1.0.7.

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    Quote from Zissou

    Yea, my understanding was every step of rubies would effect the weapons attack speed as of 1.0.7.

    It already does. Straight damage effect weapon attack speed builds more than Crit Damage. The problem right now is that the damage is so laughable (+40 damage) that its pointless.
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    idk where u heard rubies would increase attackspeed in 1.07, but if it does, thats awesome.

    @chaoslux - hes saying increases attackspeed not +damage.
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    We also took the opportunity to modify the Ruby effect in weapons. At the moment, the Critical Hit damage bonus provided by the Emerald is a clear choice for anybody looking to do more damage with their weapon. The new tier Ruby is a significant bump up that should make it the preferred choice for those who favor attack speed over Critical Hit chance, or for those who use skills which do not benefit as much from Critical Hit such as Sentry and Hydra.

    Yea if you read it closely it says nothing about increasing attack speed, only that builds that rely on it heavily will get more benefit out of the new rubies instead of the new emeralds. Blizzard always had an odd way about how they word things so you can really never pin anything down on them.
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    ^^ thx dartok. i did a quick skim of it on the front page and that skipped my eye XD

    id say its either +ias or ias%. should be interesting none the less

    for ww barbs. rubies with any attackspeed bonus will be the new prefered farming gem in wepons for more hits/second/mob before they die allowing the highest amount of fury back from sprint.
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    Also, it's not really clear but it says the new tier. Could that just be the tier past the last current? Or are all Rubies getting this change...
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    Rubies will provide massive min/max damage bonuses, instead of the miniscule numbers they provide now.

    It would be awesome if topazes would increase attack speed...

    But the "attack speed" in the preview entry means massive damage on weapons that would be very desirable for people who stack attack speed rather than crit damage (CM/WW wizards perhaps?).

    As for...

    The new tier is called "Marquise" and most of its stats are in line with the current gem progression.

    The new tier will be a step above Radiant Stars, with the same progression of stats.

    i.e., Marquise Amethysts will likely add 62 vitality for armor pieces, 19% life to helms, and 700 life on hit to weapons; Marquise Emeralds will likely add 62 dexterity for armor pieces, 33% extra gold find to helms, and 120% crit damage to weapons, etc.

    Edit: And it looks like Wyatt's post on reddit reflected exactly what I suspected with rubies. gg.
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    I'm pretty sure they'll take a look at Topaz's effect on weapons at some point in the future, or even more likely at the whole "Thorns system".

    I guess they didn't expect monster HP to scale this high (they weren't planning on having MP), and didn't want a system that would allow all monsters to just kill themselves (hence the limited numbers and it not affecting ranged units).

    I think they could really make Thorns have some sinergy either with a character's Main Stat or Vitality. Maybe even both at the same time. And also make it deal like 50% (or 30%) of its damage to ranged monsters.
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    I'm confused about the ruby. Did they change bonus from +damage to +IAS when applied to weapon. And what is this Marquise do?

    Wyatt: Sorry for the confusion. The new Ruby gives flat damage increase, much like the existing rubies do. However, because of the way the math works out, the higher your attack speed, the more your character benefits from a flat damage increase.

    For example, let's say Your attack speed is 1.1 If a Ruby adds 20 damage to your weapon, then it is adding 22 DPS to your weapon. However, if your attack speed is 2.4, then that same Ruby that adds 20 damage to your weapon is going to add 48 DPS to your weapon. Essentially, flat damage benefits higher attack speeds.

    Our goal with the tuning on the new Ruby is that if you have high attack speed, and/or your skill build leans heavily on skills that don't crit (such as Hydra), then you may prefer the flat damage granted by the Ruby over the Critical Hit Damage provided by the Emerald. The exact tuning point has gone through some internal testing but we'll be monitoring things on PTR as well. I expect some clever theorycrafters will figure out some breakpoints for when to use one gem or another.
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    i wonder how much new ruby will be in damage, it needs to be like 100-200 atleast to beat 100 crit hit dmg
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    Actually, Topaz could also be improved for the helm slot. The flat mf increase was ok at release but now, with all those mf buffs from parangon, mp and neph stacks, it became unnoticeable. Maybe they could at least double the amount of flat mf it gives or make it a +X% to our total mf, allowing it to go above the cap by that %.
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    Quote from Zissou

    Yea, my understanding was every step of rubies would effect the weapons attack speed as of 1.0.7.

    There is no change to attack speed, same as it is now, just higher value.
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    They probably didn't fix topaz because they want to fix thorns itself.
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    Quote from carlucio

    They probably didn't fix topaz because they want to fix thorns itself.

    This appears to be the case, as mentioned in this blue post:

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Thorns is another affix we feel leaves a lot to be desired -- not just in co-op games, but in solo games too. It's not a bad stat, per se, and there are many builds that can benefit from it, but it definitely needs some tuning before it can really be considered competitive. We don't have anything planned for the short term, but for the long term we've considered various improvements and tweaks like allowing thorns to benefit from primary stats, building in additional passive support, as well as having one of the gem bonuses give a boost to that style of damage. (We've also tossed around the idea of adding another affix that's very similar to thorns, but has a much more universal function and would be able to benefit all classes [i.e. ranged + melee damage] without the need for passive skill support.)

    I'd say we're getting closer to that "long term" that was stated back then. Hopefully. :)

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Lack of a "Craft All Button" still makes this a boring and repetitive game. Why would I want to spend about 109.4 minutes (roughly) just to craft a single new Marquis gem if I start from flawless gems.

    That's 2188 clicks at 3 seconds per click, and that is if I perfectly time all 2188 of those clicks within that 109.4 minutes. (current takes 729 clicks per radiant star, so (3)(729) + 1[for last click from Radiant Star -> Marquis = 2188]

    I might as well just spend 5 minutes to write a simple script to do it for me go out to grab a bite and come back then click my mouse over 2000 times in during 2 hr period.
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    So... its just the new tier, above the highest current one thats changing right? Not all Ruby's?

    (If so... OMG... so lame Blizzard. Seriously... where do you come up with this shit? Its almost like they are intentionally trying to make people angry with pretend improvements and add-ons)
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