Diablo 3: "Show Some Class!" Win a signed D3:CE & Mini-Tyrael Statue

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    Diablo 3: "Show Some Class!" Contest

    DrJDredscythe From Diabloexpressions.com

    Thanks to Moderation team for permission ahead of time, always like working with ya!

    With BlizzCon13' coming later this year and the real possibility of having an expansion shown one of the new things could be is a new class. That's what I want to see from you! I want you to step up to the plate and create a new class and a few things to go along with it.
    What I require at minimum (more couldn't hurt):
    • Class Name*
    • Archetype style (caster, ranged, healing, tank, hybrid)
    • At least 3 unique spells and/or abilities, but more are always welcomed.**
    • Any artwork or lore you like behind it (if you can draw great, if not provide some lore to it)
    *Can be named anything but keep it clean.
    **Can model your spells after D1, D2, or really anything out there, but I'm looking for new ways to do old things. Copying may not win me over.
    • The contest is open to US and Non-US residents.
    • You can only have one entry, BUT YOU CAN EDIT YOUR POST any amount of times before the end of the contest.
    • Contest starts Thursday January 10th, and goes to Thursday January 17th. I will pick a winner on the 18th and announce him or her that day.
    • Please post all submissions in this thread.
    GL, HF
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    Nice contest. Good luck to all.

    I might try crafting up something later on :P (and then I'll edit this post to add it).
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    Thanks, would like to get a few ideas. if any seem good, send them to Blizz : D (wishful thinking I know, I'm in the business).
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    Sounds interesting. Let's see if I can come up with something.
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    Edit: Added an extra passive, active and also runes to all the actives as well as some more costs, cooldowns, the primary stat mechanic and weapons he can equip.

    I really liked the assassin in d2 so i'm making a new version of it ^^
    This new version is related to a poisons build which would be more focused on elite killing or pvp, i even put in some cooldowns and numbers, hoping to give the feeling of the overall build, but of course that would be balanced and the class would have more non poison related abilities and runes, hope you like it.

    The Assassin:

    Primary Stat: The Assassin would get damage from all 3 stats instead of just one, but only at a 50% rate compared to the other classes.

    The Resource: Awareness (100), behaves kinda like a mix of fury and discipline, it raises very slowly, but dealing or receiving damage increases it's regenerating rate.

    The Weapons: The Assassin can only dual wield, but he can use all 1h weapon types, and has a class specific hidden blade which can be equipped only in the off-hand.


    Master Alchemist (Passive):
    Each time you use a potion or pick up an health globe you also release a poison cloud around you applying a poison which stacks 5 times.

    Poison damage: 0,4% of target's max health per sec
    Poison lasts: 5 seconds


    Poison Coated Blade (Passive):
    Every 4th ability used by The Assassin also causes him to attack with his hidden blade, dealing 150% weapon damage to all enemies around him and applying a poison which stacks 5 times.
    (Requires Hidden Blade equipped in the off-hand)

    Poison damage: 0,4% of target's max health per sec
    Poison lasts: 5 seconds


    Debilitating Poison (Passive):
    Every poison stack reduces enemy damage by 2%


    Cloak of Invisibility (Active):
    The Assassin goes into stealth, becoming invisible to enemies and making his next ability add 1 poison stack if done while stealthed (attacking while stealthed breaks the stealth).

    Lasts: 10 seconds
    Cooldown: 25 seconds
    Cost: 15 Awareness

      • Smoke Bomb: The Assassin releases a smoke bomb when entering stealth, blinding nearby enemies for 3 seconds.
      • Vanish: Increases the duration of the stealth to 15 seconds.
      • Lurker: The Assassin regains 3 Awareness per sec while stealthed.
      • Recuperate: Heals The Assassin for 40% of his maximum Health.
      • Shadow Strike: Hitting an enemy while stealthed will cause him to be shrouded in shadows, dealing 50% weapon damage to all nearby enemies per sec for 4 secs.
      • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

        Ambush (Active):
        Attack an enemy dealing 200% weapon damage and adding 1 poison stack, adds 2 poison stacks if done from behind.

        Cooldown: 5 seconds
        Cost: 25 Awareness

          • Gutted: Reduces damage of ambush to 125% weapon damage but it now deals damage to all nearby enemies.
          • Eviscerated: Increases the damage of ambush to 250% weapon damage.
          • Tactician: The Assassin regains 40 Awareness if ambush is done from behind.
          • Live to Fight Again: If ambush fails to hit the target The Assassin will stealth for 3 seconds.
          • Hardened Killer: After using Ambush The Assassin will take 35% less damage for 2 seconds.
          • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

            Low Blow (Active):
            The Assassin deals a low blow on an enemy stunning him and adding 1 poison stack.

            Lasts: 2 seconds
            Cooldown: 6 seconds
            Cost: 30 Awareness

              • Cheap Trick: Increases cooldown to 10 seconds and duration to 4 seconds.
              • In Your Face: Low Blow no longer stuns but deals 150% weapon damage
              • Poisoner: Stun duration reduced to 1 second but now adds 2 poison stacks.
              • Saboteur: Enemies killed while stunned by Low Blow will explode, dealing 200% weapon damage to all nearby enemies and applying 1 poison stack on them.
              • Death Warning: Increases Low Blow's cost to 50 Awareness but makes enemies hitted by it to take 25% additional damage for 2 seconds.
              • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                Assassinate (Active):
                The Assassin teleports behind an enemy striking with both main and off-hand, dealing double 100% weapon damage plus 5% extra damage for each poison stack on the target.

                Cooldown: 10 seconds
                Cost: 50 Awareness

                  • Poisoned Blood: Instead of dealing damage per poison stack The Assassin heals 5% health per poison stack instead.
                  • Focused Killer: The Assassin no longer teleports but deals 150% weapon damage with each strike.
                  • Killing Instincts: Instead of dealing damage per poison stack The Assassin regains 10 Awareness per poison stack instead.
                  • Poison Mastery: Increases damage per poison stack to 10%.
                  • Faster Then Sight: The Assassin gains 25% movement speed for 3 seconds after using Assassinate.
                  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                    Hack & Slash (Active):
                    The Assassin attacks with his main hand and off hand in rapid sucession dealing 75% weapon damage with each strike, The Assassin regains 5 Awareness if both hits damage the same target.

                    Cost: 5 Awareness

                      • Fluid Combat: The Assassin regains 10 Awareness if both hits damage the same target but damage is reduced to 60% weapon damage.
                      • Determined Killer: Damage increased to 100% weapon damage but no longer refunds Awareness.
                      • Perseverance: Reduces Hack & Slash cost to 2 Awareness.
                      • Poisoned Strikes: Hack & Slash has a 10% chance per hit to apply a poison stack.
                      • Agile Prowler: The Assassin gains 5% dodge for 3 seconds after using Hack & Slash stacking 3 times.
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              gonna think about it, hope i wlll have some time to compose something.. some strenght based char would be nice
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              The Fallen

              This class is basically Angles that have fallen from grace (Tyrael).
              They agree with Tyrael with protecting and fighting for the Nephalem.
              As such they were "booted" from heaven but still retain some angelic powers.

              Main stat: Strength
              This class will focus on AOE
              Resource: Divinity; pool of 50

              Skill #1- Prayer of Famine
              Enemies with in 12 yards have there attack speed and damage cut 10% for 8 seconds.
              Cost: 15 Divinity
              cooldown: 12 seconds

              Skill #2- Heaven's Tears
              Imbue your weapon with the sorrow of the Nephalem causing enemies struck blindness and slow for 5 sec.
              Last for 10 secs
              Cost: 30 Divinity
              Cooldown: 15 seconds

              Skill #3- Empathy (passive)
              You gain any buff the enemy casts within 14 yards for 5 seconds, also any enemy you slay that has the same buff will increase its effect
              for 1 second staking up to a maximum of 12 seconds.

              Well there you go. I just slapped this together real quick.
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              Artwork courtesy of my younger brother, a budding artist in the making!

              Class name: Avenger

              Class type: Melee offensive hybrid

              Primary statistic: Strength

              Starting resource pool: 150

              Description: Like ninjas, the avengers are capable of quickly closing distance between their foes and themselves with both grace and power. They could fill roles as silent assassins as well as front-line brawlers. While they are bulked by strength and the innate armor that the stat provides, many of their abilities rely on sapping their own vitality. At the end, one of the avengers' greatest weaknesses is their own selves.

              The avengers are of a lightly-framed class of heroes that rely on overwhelming physical attacks while also fueling their own power while in the thick of combat. Avenger attacks grow exceedingly more devastating as the avenger takes more damage. Coupled with various skills that draw upon the avenger’s own health and defensive stats, the avenger is a masochistic hero that fears no pain, no risk of death. As long as their foes fall, be they demonic warriors or anyone who chooses to stand between the avengers’ and their objectives, the avengers will not hesitate to spill their own blood for their values.

              The original avengers hail from the tribes of the southeast corners of the Dry Steppes region, just east of the Borderlands and north of the Swamplands. Here, the avengers have the sanctity of the mountainous cliffs and wide open terrain of the Steppes to hone their combat skills and survival tactics. Highly polytheistic, the avengers and their tribes rely on their bonds with nature, and their beliefs in their gods and legends for inspiration and strength. These warriors may fall victim to the feverish thrills of battle, but that is not to say they still look for ways to protect themselves, their allies, and the greater good of Sanctuary.

              Combat style: Duel-wielding standard one-handed weapons, single standard two-handed weapon, standard one-handed weapon with off-hand “Relic,” standard two-handed weapon with off-hand “Relic,” cannot equip shields

              Short saber: one-handed weapon, 1.5 base attacks per second, can spawn class-specific stats “+X drive after each kill,” “+X maximum drive,” and boosts to class-specific abilities
              Relic: off-hand, can add X% bonus to elemental damage and/or critical hit damage, can spawn class-specific stats “Increases drive regeneration by X%,” “+X maximum drive,” and boosts to class-specific abilities
              Chain brace: avenger-specific bracers, can spawn life on hit, class specific stats "+X maximum drive," and boosts to class-specific abilities

              Resource system: Drive, Health
              Avengers rely on an active resource system called “drive,” a resource that passively regenerates at a moderate pace. Drive is a measurement of the avenger’s will to fight. An avenger low on drive will suffer from poor and sluggish combat. However, the avenger has a secondary resource: their own health. Avenger skills predominantly rely on drive, but when there is insufficient drive, avengers will tap into their own hit points in order to make the most of their abilities.

              For instance, the avenger skill “Eternal Marathon – Outbreak” consumes drive per second channeled. However, the ability will continue to channel even after drive hits 0, as the avenger will then start consuming X% of health per second, always proportional to their maximum health pool.

              Most of the avenger’s abilities rely on drive before tapping into hit points. However, some of the more powerful abilities immediately require hit points to activate. Some require both drive and hit points. At the end, the only time an avenger can’t activate use some sort of skill is when the avenger is already incapacitated or dead.


              Primary (signature abilities, free to use):
              1. Shred: Rapidly cut at a single enemy for 100% weapon damage; the avenger’s attack speed is innately boosted by 15% when using this skill
                • Gore: An enemy struck by Shred has a 30% chance to Bleed for an additional 200% weapon damage over 4 seconds.
                • Fanatical: Increases the damage of Shred to 135% weapon damage as Fire.
                • Relentless: Enemies killed with Shred recovers 15 drive.
                • Slice and Dice: Critical hits increases attack speed 15%, which can stack up to 4 times for a total of 60%. Each stack lasts 3 seconds.
                • Terror Blade: Shred can hit all enemies within 6 yards instead of just one target. Each hit also grants a 35% chance to Fear the enemy for 1.5 seconds.
              2. Reaper’s Might: Impales a target with withering force, dealing 120% weapon damage as Poison, slowing the target’s movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds.
                • Chain Effect: Targets within 7 yards directly behind the primary target will take 60% weapon damage as poison and will have their movement speed reduced by 35%.
                • Degeneration: The target will also take 50% additional damage and have its attack speed reduced by 40%.
                • Catalyst: Enemies killed by Reaper’s Might have a 20% chance to explode, dealing 300% weapon damage to nearby enemies.
                • Parasitic: The avenger also gains 15% movement speed while attacking a target under Reaper’s Might. The buff lasts for an additional 5 seconds.
                • The Reaping: Critical hits drain 3% of the avenger’s maximum life, but will deal a bonus 350% weapon damage that extends to all valid targets within 10 yards.
              3. Extirpate: Releases a mighty blow that strikes a target for 150% weapon damage.
                • Trounce: Each hit has either a 20% chance to stun the target for 2 seconds or a 20% chance to Knockback.
                • Slay: Enemies killed with Extirpate recover 2,000 life [level 60].
                • Blaspheme: Slices in a wide arc for 110% weapon damage instead, while enemies hit this way have a 33% chance to be blinded for 2 seconds.
                • Colossus’s Will: Increases Extirpate’s damage to 200%.
                • Empower: When attacking enemies with active debuffs, the avenger will recover 2% of the damage dealt by Extirpate as life.

              1. For the Gods (35 drive or 10% of max health): Strikes the ground, dealing 225% weapon damage to all enemies within 15 yards. When using health, damage is increased to 325% instead.
                • Grounded: Enemies that are hit also have their movement speeds reduced by 40% for 3 seconds.
                • Bilaat’s Will: Reduces the casting cost to 25 drive.
                • Higher Force: When using health to cast, damage is further increased to 410% weapon damage.
                • Blood Tribute: For each enemy struck, up to 10, the avenger’s armor is increased by 200 [level 60] for 10 seconds. Each enemy struck beyond the initial cast adds to the stack and refreshes the buff duration.
                • Blood Worship: For each enemy struck, up to 5, increases health regeneration by 84 per stack [level 60] for 5 seconds. For each enemy struck, up to 5, when using health, increases drive regeneration by 6 per second [level 60] for 5 seconds.
              2. Sandstorm (11 drive or 1.5% of max health per second): When activated, cloaks the avenger in a wreath of swirling sand that deals 120% weapon damage and passively increases critical hit chance by 3%. Can be deactivated anytime.
                • Hardened Sand: Also increases armor by 2,500 [level 60] when active.
                • Sand Typhoon: When health is used instead, damage is increased to 175%.
                • Will of the Sand Titan: Movement speed is increased by 12% when active.
                • Sand Restoration: Each enemy struck restores 1 drive.
                • Desert Storm: Leaves a trail of blazing sand that impassable by enemies and will torch them for 20% weapon damage per second as Fire.
              3. Infiltration (25 drive or 5% of max health): Sprints behind and stabs a target for 200% weapon damage, followed by 450% Bleed damage over 4 seconds.
                • Flesh Wound: Increases Bleed damage to 825% weapon damage over 4 seconds.
                • Crude Strike: Removes the Bleed effect and replaces it with another strike of 200% weapon damage.
                • Guerilla Warfare: Increases the cost to 50 drive or 10% max health, but grants the ability to break from disabling effects and ignores further crowd-control effects when sprinting.
                • Instance: Instead of sprinting, the avenger teleports to the target and leaves an illusion behind. The illusion deals no damage, takes 400% additional damage, and lasts 2 seconds.
                • Advantageous: For each active buff on the avenger, sprinting speed is increased by 3%, initial damage is increased by 9%, and Bleed damage is increased by 20%.
              4. Relentless Assault (15 drive or 10% max health to cast, 10 drive per second or 2% max health per second to channel): Lunges forward and releases a series of devastating jabs, dealing 300% weapon damage that pierce through all enemies in a line.
                • Control Freak: Instead of jabbing through a line, damage is inflicted with slashes in a wide cone in front of the avenger.
                • Management: Removes the casting cost.
                • Rest in Pieces: Enemies killed have a 33% chance to restore 10 drive.
                • Sun Lord’s Assault: Grants a 40% chance to blind affected enemies for 1 second and damage is dealt as Fire.
                • Will of the Karkadann: Increases the range and increases the damage to 375%.

              1. Veil (20 drive or 7.5% of max health): Draws upon the elements of nature to shield the avenger from harm. Lasts 2 minutes.
                • Earth Veil: Increases max hit points by 15%.
                • Water Veil: Increases life regeneration by 0.5% of your max health.
                • Air Veil: Increases dodge chance by 30%.
                • Fire Veil: Increases resistances by 20% and reflects 25% of damage back to attackers.
                • Steel Veil: Increases armor by 25%.
              2. Eternal Marathon (15 drive or 10% max health to cast, 10 drive per second or 2% max health per second to channel): Increases movement speed by 30% while channeling.
                • Headfirst: Removes collision size and deals 100% weapon damage when in contact with enemies.
                • Nimbleness: When hit by an attack while channeling, there is a 20% chance kick up a layer of dust that increases the avenger’s dodge chance by 5%. Can stack up to 5 times for 25% dodge. Buff wears off when channeling stops.
                • Outbreak: Reduces the movement speed to 24%, but adds the ability to rapidly slash at enemies while channeling, dealing 164% weapon damage per second.
                • Rough Landing: When channeling stops, kick up a cloud of sand that deals 275% weapon damage, blinds enemies for 3 seconds and causes Knockback at the cost of 5% max health.
                • Lasting Vigor: Health costs for Eternal Marathon are removed when the avenger is below 30% max health.
              3. Shift (20 drive or 7.5% of max health): Grants 10% chance to dodge incoming attacks. When dodging, movement speed is increased by 25% for 3 seconds. Lasts 30 seconds.
                • Sand Screen: Instead of dodging, the avenger vanishes for 1 second.
                • Somersault: Dodging triggers a forward flip of 10 yards, and then a dagger is thrown in the direction of the attacker, dealing 125% weapon damage.
                • Reclaim: When successfully attacked, also grants a 10% chance to recover 50% of the damage taken as life.
                • Fluidity: Consecutive dodges after the first add a buff that further increases dodge chance by another 5%. Can stack up to 4 times for 20% bonus dodge. Failure to dodge an attack resets the stack count to zero.
                • Huma’s Will: Whenever the avenger’s health falls below 30%, dodge chance is increased to 30% and movement speed is increased by 10%.
              4. Tribal Medicine (25 drive, 25 second cooldown): Instantly heals the avenger for 7314-8102 life [level 60].
                • Potent Medicine: Increases the cooldown to 30 seconds, but increases the healing effect to 8626-9852 life [level 60].
                • Painkiller: Also removes all debuffs when cast.
                • Aromatherapy: Also heals all allies within 15 yards for 3657-4051 life [level 60].
                • Added Concoction: Also increases health regeneration by 1% of max health per second for 4 seconds after using Tribal Medicine.
                • Fervor: For 10 seconds after using Tribal Medicine, the avenger’s attack speed is increased by 40%.

              1. Crusade (20 drive or 7.5% of max health, 15 second cooldown): Charges forward up to 10 yards into battle, dealing 150% weapon damage as Holy to all targets near the location, and then striking a random single target for 185% weapon damage as Holy. Ignores crowd control effects while charging.
                • Smite the Cursed: An enemy killed by Crusade restores 30 drive.
                • Rampant Wave: Ride an electrified shockwave that deals 280% weapon damage over 4 seconds as Lightning to all enemies in contact while charging.
                • Feast: Recovers 50% of the damage dealt as life.
                • Merciless: Instantly land a critical hit on the target, also stunning it for 4 seconds.
                • No Rest for the Wicked: Each enemy killed by Crusade reduces the cooldown by 1 second, up to 15 seconds.
              2. Dark Ritual (12% of max health, 30 second cooldown): Instantly restores all drive.
                • Great Suffering: Every 1,000 hit points lost in the 15 seconds after using Dark Ritual will restore 15 drive [level 60].
                • Welcome Reversal: Instead of using max health, at the cost of 25 drive, restores 60% of max health.
                • Heavy Burdens: Reduces the cost to 8% max health and increases max drive by 25 for 5 seconds.
                • Reha’s Tribute: Casting cost is removed if the avenger is below 20% max health. Also increases life regeneration by 618 per second [level 60] for 10 seconds.
                • Timely Ritual: Cooldown is reduced to 20 seconds.
              3. Containment (35 drive or 10% of max health, 40 second cooldown): Creates a spiritual ring with a diameter of 45 yards that lasts 15 seconds. Enemies within the circle take 50% additional damage.
                • Derangement: Enemies within the circle also have a 20% chance of attacking each other for 5 seconds.
                • Chemical Trappings: Creates a poisonous circle that slows enemy attack speed by 25% and deals 7% weapon damage per second as Poison to enemies in the area.
                • Sheperd: Gain 5 drive per enemy caught in the circle.
                • Blood Rain: While the circle is active, rain of blood pours from the sky, dealing 150% weapon damage as Physical.
                • Cage Fight: Enemies cannot pass through or enter the circle.

              Passive Skills:
              1. Rajai's Spirit: When a health globe is picked up, the next instance of enemy damage is reduced by 40%.
              2. Entity Beyond: Successful dodges have a 5% chance to create an illusion that deals no damage, takes 400% bonus damage, and lasts 5 seconds.
              3. Feast not Famine: When a series of ability costs cause a 30% drop in max health in less than 5 seconds, damage is increased by 20% for 5 seconds.
              4. Combat Fever: Increases armor by 50% when surrounded by 7 or more enemies.
              5. Unbreakable: Increases resistances by 25%, but reduces all damage output by 10%.
              6. Blood Rage: For every 9% of life missing, damage is increased by 4%. The first bonus is at full health. Caps at 48% bonus damage.
              7. Adrenaline Fuel: For every 11% of life missing, attack speed is increased by 3%. The first bonus is at full health. Caps at 30% bonus attack speed.
              8. Handiness: Duel-wielding increases critical hit chance by 7.5%. Wielding a two-handed weapon increases critical hit damage by 75%.
              9. Infinite Blessings: When equipped with a relic, drive regeneration is increased by the avenger's current attacks per second.
              10. Infinite Curses: When no relic is equipped, enemies within 15 yards take bonus 0.5% more damage per 1% of health missing from the avenger (if the avenger has 20% of max health remaining, enemies within 15 yards take 40% bonus damage).
              11. Drive of Chaos: When drive is empty, all cooldowns are reduced by 25%.
              12. Avenger's Blood: When the avenger or any nearby ally falls below 50% max health, resistances and armor are reduced by 20%, movement speed is increased by 15% and all damage is increased by 20% for 10 seconds. This cannot trigger more than once every 60 seconds.
              13. Chimera's Revenge: When disabled, there is a 30% chance of summoning a Chimera, a beast that deals 75% weapon damage as Fire and regenerates nearby allies 340 life per second [level 60]. The Chimera lasts 30 seconds. Only one may be on the field at any given time.
              14. Last Breath: When below 30% max health, all health costs for abilities are reduced by 50%. Upon death, a spirit is summoned that deals 500% weapon damage to all enemies within 10 yards.

              More to come.
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              Wow guys, got to start reading these now if I have a hope at picking a winner on time. Great stuff, glad to have people entering!
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              My class idea is on the original thread at Diablo Expressions:


              Class Name: Alchemist (a.k. Bountyhunter)
              Archetype style: Melee / Tank

              Vampires do exist, and their minions of walking undead is just a fragment of their power. I come from the dwelling "Wiedergeburt", only a few are left scattered around the sanctuary from our clan. We have heard of this day, when the heaven tremble and a giant glow will fall to our realm. The greatest of all the evils have what we need to end Dirgest, the everlasting vampire with one single blow with our alchemy mixture.

              The rain is coming, and it will be red!

              The Wiedergeburt is german and means Rebirth, a collection of human bountyhunter alchemist who fuse their whips and holy crosses with silver and exploding powder. If the zombies are walking, the demons may have wake them, but they are controlled by vampires. In later days announcement of a great battle merged in the sky and as the legacy speaks "The rain will be red", the last two of the greates warriors from the Clan Wiedergeburt will hunt down Dirgest, the leader of the Vampire cult to drive the silver deep into his soul and seal his fate forever. Many think Wiedergeburt's are vampires, this is however wrong. They have made some sacrifices before and darker magic have embraced them with bloodmagic, something they try to hide and hard to forget. It will be proven as a great gift in their struggle. The warriors in the clan live as a traveling ghosts who make mney by doing townsfolk favours. Bigger sums are sent back to their family or to other families in their realm.

              Weapons of choice
              A Weidergeburt is equiped with alchemist powder, silver and whip but can use a scythe, scepter or polearm due to its range. The best part is that this class love 1-hand and shield.

              Spells / Abilities (examples)

              - Imbue weapon with explosive powder to transfer attacks into BOOM. Chance 10%. Runes may shift exlopsions to fire, poison, frozen etc.
              - Expand: Weapon have a longer arm, hitting enemies far away (almost like deadly reach).
              - Sirens Gift: Fearsome scream electrify the air with thundercloud, making it light up and shock enemies around you.
              - Reincarnate: After a clouding poff powder the enemies close to you get struck by you. This attack goes visually so fast that it looks like 2 other transparant pale blue mirrored images of yourself is hitting 3x times same attack. Cooldown.

              - Reverse blood: Swap Health with Darkblood. Cooldown 30 sec.
              - River of Pain: Damage from affixes of Champions and Rare sets better focus and force darkblood to grow faster. X seconds.
              - Shapeshift: Into a beast in x seconds that ignore pain and ordinary weapons.
              - Biting Gift: Combo attack with blood-dripping weapon with a final blow of your shield.
              - Rain: After a kill with this attack there is a chance of corpse explode and rain magical blood (bloodmagic) in radius of X around the body.

              - Ironskin: Harden your skin for x% armor in x seconds.
              - Thrust: Thrust with your shield to paralize enemies.
              - Shielder: Use shield as an boomerang with ironskin while it flyes away and back again.
              - Bat thorns: higher % on damage from hitting enemies.
              - Needle: Push out thorns from your armor, doing extra damage for x seconds.

              Resource: Darkblood
              The source works almost like Demon Hunters source except with some huge twists.

              First of, both Health (blood) and resource (darkblood) regenerate slowly. They can swap, if you need more darkblood you may take from health and vice versa. The resource will be filled if you find health potions which leads us to use double amount of healthglobes on the road then needed for any other class. Using signature skills like Imbue weapon, expand and panzer do take much of the resource or none of the darkblood. Some other skills take a lot or could even drain it.

              Why do you want to have this class?
              1. It's a shield-based half-ranged shapeshifting necromantic holy warrior that struggle between light and dark.
              2. It's power are unique in a way that it feels like the old Diablo 2 classes: Necromancer + Druid + Paladin, which fills the gap.
              3. Original new weapon that only this warrior can wield: The whip. And a better use of shield.. And a scythe / polearm / scepter.
              4. Alchemy is based out of powders and metallic substance. Not firearms!
              5. Source may be something similar of a Demon Hunter but it feels original.
              6. Dirgest

              Swedish Official Fansite www.Diablo3pvp.se

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              Got a little hic-uped on picking the winners,

              1st place Enkeria (Signed D3:CE and Mini Tyrael Statue)
              2nd place Jaetch (Signed D3:CE)
              3rd place michlichwitch; from my forum, (Mini Tyrael Statue)

              I added in 2nd and third place because of the sheer amount of effort everyone put in, I will be compiling a word doc of all the classes you came up with and sending it in to Blizzard : D

              Will be contacting for address tonight/tomorrow. Be on the look out for them!

              As always, thats to moderating team for allowing me to post the contest!
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              Thanks a lot for this!
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              Can't believe I didn't see this thread. I like discussing imaginary custom classes.

              Congrats to the winners!
              sto lavorando
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