Attitude Towards Diablo 3: Better or Worse Since Day 1? (Poll)

Poll: Has your attitude towards the game gotten better or worse since

General Attitude Towards the Game: From Start to Now

Has your attitude towards the game gotten better or worse since - Single Choice

  • I'm already bored of this game and have moved on to other games. 2.6%
  • The game has gotten progressively worse. I'm on the verge of quitting. 0%
  • The game has gotten slightly worse, but I have my hopes. 5.1%
  • The game has been about the same (In terms of fun). 5.1%
  • The game has gotten slightly better, but they need to work harder. 30.8%
  • The game has gotten moderately better and still is. 17.9%
  • The game has gotten way better! It's going in the right direction for sure! 38.5%
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    This poll is just designed to see what the general attitude of everyone is towards the game at this point. Feel free to discuss your choices below and the like.

    Edit: Also, it would be helpful if you suggested ideas or gave links to relative threads about ideas that could easily increase the games quality.
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    It certainly got better.
    On the other hand, there is a long way to having a balanced game with interesting mechanics and diverse content.
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    This poll is very nicely formatted, for which I thank the OP. It will become much more relevant however when 1.0.7 shows up on the PTR. Still it's good to see what the majority of this forums thinks. :)

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    "The game has gotten slightly better, but they need to work harder."

    There is no doubt that Paragon and Ubbers added something to the game. Is it perfect?, no, but the game is in a better state since release, for sure.

    Still, they didn't even address non of the main core problems the game has, so, in a way, is the same.
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    Quote from overneathe

    This poll is very nicely formatted, for which I thank the OP. It will become much more relevant however when 1.0.7 shows up on the PTR. Still it's good to see what the majority of this forums thinks. :)

    You're welcome. It probably will be, but right now I think it would be interesting to see really how far the game has come since day 1. So far from what I can tell based off the (Few) votes, they have done some but clearly, not nearly as enough as they need to be doing. I think PvP is everyone's biggest issue with the game at the moment.

    I have some really good ideas for PvP as well. Here's is a copy and paste of what I said from this thread that I was on about PvP ideas.
    • Free-for-All: Everyone against everyone.
    • Siege: Capturing/defending a castle or other structure/location.
    • Capture the (Insert Object Here): Self explanatory. Probably will have other twist to go along with it.
    • Competitive Co-op: Two teams trying to complete a certain dungeon or complete a particular task before the other.
    • Dueling: Dueling would be an option that is always available at all times in the normal online game mode. This would simply be a friendly initiation of a duel with someone, which must be accepted by both players. It would be a one-on-one match. The loser would simply go back to their normal status after the duel was over. Great for settling differences quick and easy. Might even be able to toss in an ante to make it more interesting.
    • Wilderness: This game will be basically on an over sized map that acts similar to Diablo 2's original PvP style. It will have mechanics such as:
      • Hostile and Friendly mechanics, similar to Diablo 2.
      • A new, large map that would be reminiscent of Diablo's older art styles and atmosphere.
      • 16 Player lobby
      • Controllable structures defended by strong creatures that players must fight for to control
      • Players, depending on the game, may start naked (still having a weapon) or with their gear. Naked will require them to search and fight for gear hidden throughout the map. (May have many variations.)
      • Small, but effective safe zones (Areas they capture or the default area they start in.)
      • Small dungeons that carry gear, and may require them to party up instead of killing each other to complete.
      • Merchants/Healers/Etc.
      • "Match" cash/gear. Players will start with a base amount of gold that they can use to get gear. They can earn gold through kills, dungeons, random chest, so on so forth. Such gold and items will be lost after the game is over.
      • The game will feature very good items that are dropped from hidden chest and monsters. Basically, don't make them grind, just give them the shit like it's a party. Please note that these items would not be kept upon leaving the game.
      • Copious amounts of betrayal.
      • Insert other cool ideas here.
    Of course, there are other issues that need to be addressed other than PvP.
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    Indeed I very much liked all your ideas. And these are the kind of critique posts I like saying personally. :)

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Really nice poll.

    And from the general looks of it, most people actually think the game has somehow improved.
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    The game has gotten better, but my attitude towards the game has progressively worsened since launch.

    The patch that brought Ubers and legendary imporvements improved my attitude quite a bit, as I thought those changes were in line with how I feel the game should be headed. However, the painfully slow patch cycle, and the steady realization that Blizzard just does not think D3 is failing in the areas I think it is, has made me quite irritated and frustrated with Blizzard and D3.

    The new patch notes left quite a sour taste in my mouth, because I don't think they are addressing any of the core issues in the game. I think Blizzard just has a different idea of what a good ARPG is than I do. To me, the game should be designed around the actual item hunt, but instead it is based around grinding gold, and using the AH. None of the changes have addressed the fact that end-game content consists of running A3 endlessly, at low MPs, in order to gain gold to play the AH. That is not what I envisioned for D3, or any ARPG.

    Luckily, the farther along Path of Exiles gets in its development, and the further away D3 gets from what I think an ARPG should be, the easier it is for me to let go of D3 and commit fully to POE.

    At this point, I have lost hope in Blizzard, and at the same time gaining a lot of anticipation and excitement for POE.
    I'm not trying to be the guy who bashes Blizz and declares POE is going to ruin Blizz or anything, because thats just not true, Blizzard will always make incredible games and have a massive fan-base. But for me, POE is looking better and better the farther way D3 gets from my values in an ARPG.

    Edit: I chose "Already bored, and moved on"
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