PvP and 1.0.7 investing - The State of Diablo 3 ep 11

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    Hi Diablo Fans -

    I wanted to share with you the latest episode of "The State of Diablo 3."

    In this episode Sibcoe, Dred, and Dan discuss:

    PvP - Dueling, class balance, how it will work, gear, impact on the game, how pvp will affect the AH, items to invest in and much more.

    PvP, Investing in 1.0.7 - The State of Diablo 3 Ep 11

    Check out the show and let us know what you think.

    Thanks for watching.

    Cheers 0/

    RTG Sibcoe
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    I didnt watch it, didnt have time. But I disagree PVP will affect the AH. People will still ned gear for PVE, so you sould see little change. The only thing that will change is some items with defensive stats will be more expensive. Also, you shouldnt invest in any PVP items yet because no details exist about how duels or PVP will be handled.

    Same with class balance, it's hard to comment on class balance when we are just few days away from patch notes. When the patch notes are released and we see what they are changing, then it will be worth having that argument, and complain about balance.
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    I listened to it all and to be honest I kinda feel meh about fliping as well, because simply to flip you have to have above 100+mil to even start. I mean yea you can play the low flip game with items for 100k and resell for 1-3mil but not much more, in order to make real money you have to have about 100+ mil to spare that way you can snipe something worth 50-70mil and resell for half a bil or more... I also hope they look at crafting more as it stands right now crafting is completely useless in D3.
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