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    Hello everyone,

    The few past days i was thinking a way to make diablo 3 more attractive to PvE players both solo and Party.

    The main idea and concept is this:"After Diablo died the 80 Dukes of hell started a rebelion of who will take the Hell's Burning Throne. Their bet is whoever conquest the Human Realm first is the one who will claim the Throne. That's how we can connect current story to game's current senario.

    Now the idea in the game.

    A portal named Highway to Hell will open in a location. Players above 60 who enter Highway to hell have to deal with 80 mighty Dukes(Bosses)

    There can be 80 floors with each floor holding a boss fight. If we kill the boss we get the save of the floor up to 80. Now about the difficulty. In my opinion the difficulty must in a default level that rises as you get deeper into Hell's abyss. (if you find it hard to think of 80 boss names, it's easy read the book of solomon :P ). In accomplisment of that hard achievment you can probably have a legendrary recipe for a weapon(like hellfire ring) that will make players even more obssesed into finishing it.

    Now some aspects that my idea might ressurect.
    -Reason for playing Multiplayer(in a party you'll probably need a tank, tanks are dead today)
    -Some useless legendary(there some legendary items that are, sorry for the word, crap and in current state of game absolutely useless. So some players maybe they find em more attractive to buy if they need em.)
    -More fun for PvE players(yeah we all expecting PvP but think of those who need an alternative gaming experience other than just farming.

    Sorry for the long post.

    If you find my idea interesting you can mail me at [email protected]

    Feel free to comment.

    Thank you for reading.
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    i'll read this when i wake up in 10 hours, but for now i'm voting pokemon :)
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    I voted "pokemon" because I'm sick of people proposing ideas that would, essentially, force co-op games on the community.

    Also, Diablo has never been about "tanks" and "healers" and "DPS" so drop that idea right where it stands.
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    Stopped after reading: to PvE players.... you do realize diablo is a pve game and there isnt even pvp added to it so tbh every aspect of the game is pve. Also pokemon
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    Quote from sythan

    Stopped after reading: to PvE players.... you do realize diablo is a pve game and there isnt even pvp added to it so tbh every aspect of the game is pve. Also pokemon

    Yes i realise that Diablo is a PvE game so that's why i am suggesting it.
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    Seems nice, but Blizzard seems a bit busy at the moment so I don't think they'll implement much before they're done with the 1.0.7 on the PTR servers.
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    The idea of endless dungeuns (which is pretty much what this is, except you cap it at 80 for no apparent reason) has already been suggested many times.

    I wouldnt mind seeing endless dungeuns, but I dont think they need to add only 1, that would get old really fast. They should just make some of the caves and dungeuns that already exist have an unlimited number of floors that scale as you go, and give an achievment for each floor, or several floors. No need for in-game ladders or rankings, but give the achieves or track it in a stats panel along with elite kills so sites like Diabloprogress can track it, or you can see how far other people have gotten in-game.

    This should not be the focus on PVE though, it should just be one of many features to give us more stuff to do. Thats what I think Blizzard doesnt get, we arent necessarily looking for this big, super-innovative new PVE event, we just want some new gameplay. Ubers is honestly not a bad addition, but it cant sustain the game by iteself. And not being able to track or see how far others have gotten in Ubers makes it dull.

    Endless dungeuns, epic boss battles, more random events with bigger challenges, more randomized maps and spawned events, and of course a reason to farm more than Act 3. These are the things that provide variety, and dont make the loot grind feel so grindy.

    Guranteed legendaries or leg patterns is not needed. They need to fix the loot first, to make less items suck. Then reduce the number of rares you get overall so we dont spend every 15 mintues Un-IDing 50+ trash items. From there alls you need is more variety in farming routes, more randomized maps, and better spawned dungeuns, bosses, and events.

    Get this done first, then add some more PVE content. Because right now the PVE content we do have isnt good, so whats the point of spending all their time and resources on new content??
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    The same ideas get thrown around in many topics which people don't feel like reading all over, but generally the community seems to agree very much about infinite (or large enough) dungeons being a good choice for added content. Myself included.

    I'll just copy paste my answer from this topic as I feel it's relevant:

    Quote from author="overneathe" »
    Infinite dungeon is an old but still very relevant idea that hasn't been mentioned yet. The way I can see it work is there is no monster power level in it but as you progress mobs get +0.5% damage and +1% health per level. This way at the first few dozens of levels you'll be plowing through them but at level 100-250 you'll have to actually start working really hard to survive.

    Also make it so you can swap skills and remove NV from the infinite dungeon. It's all about skill, survivability and ingenuity in order to progress.

    As a reward each level will increase your magic find by 1-1.5% MF with slight increases of monster density. At the end of the day you'll have a big Diablo 1 remake that goes on and on getting more and more fun (or frustrating, depending on your mood).

    There also needs to be some sort of diminisment so that at some point you feel it would be best if you restart the dungeon. This also means the dungeon doesn't reset itself until you decide to reset it. But there needs to be something that starts making it very bad for you besides the damage and health increase in monsters. I've not really given that much thought though.

    (edit: just figured that deciding to stop could probably bring in some huge reward for you depending on which level you got to. The reward could be anything from guaranteed legendary items to tens of millions of gold, but at least you'll know that resetting the instance will make it much easier for you again but also bring in huge benefits)

    To top it all off - every 10th level or so is a boss level, but as with everything it's completely random which boss it is, plus at very high levels start giving bosses more affixes.
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    I suggested tower defense style at one point, except there are no towers and you just stick with your character through rounds and rounds of mobs.

    Anyone who's played "Hero Line Wars" mods for Starcraft and Warcraft III should know what I'm talking about.

    Also, Pokemon. Can't wait for the 3DS ones coming out in October :P
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