Item I listed for auction earlier tonight has disappeared.

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    I listed an echoing fury for 250m earlier tonight. Now it's disappeared from AH. :/ Its not in my finished auction tab, neither where in my auction tab. And when I search for the item I can't find it on the AH, its just like it disappeared completely. I know there have been bugs when there are AH problems where it doesn´t show for some time, but now its just gone. >.

    Anyone else encounted this? I've heared blizz customer support and GMs don't give a shit about players meaning if the item has disappeared I would probably not even be able to get it back...

    Any ideas?
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    The EU action house has been playing up last 2 days so you will get it back eventually.
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    You may get it, ones i sold a IK crusher for $3 and it took them good 3 days to process the item, which should have been instant considering anything under $5 is supposedly instant. Hopefully you will get the wep back taking a 250mil hit is crap.
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    The EU action house is acting strangely recently. I had the same happen to me a couple of days ago and I got the items and money back that were missing when the auctions expired.
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    Side topic: It's atually possible to add more than 10 items for auctions when AH has stability issues, but on the other hand you have to be lucky to be able to place the auction. :P
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