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    Fixing up Monks would be nice. I have one but it seems almost impossible to get it up and well over the 100k mark, at least without spending a ton of gold/money, way more than what it takes to upgrade a Wizard or Witch Doctor.

    The reason Wizards are super cheap to gear up is because they suck (your mileage may vary, but AH prices very much suggest so). So I guess bringing up the Intellect classes on par with the others would be higher priority at Blizzard than Monks. Monks share gear with Demon Hunters, a super-expensive class, nothing surprising here. Personally I think Monks rock. They might need a bit more diverse builds, but that's common for all classes on high MPs.
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    Quote from XxlegendxX

    Any speculation when it's hitting?

    January 23rd.
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    And I was correct as always :D
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