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    Quote from Melt

    Uff, improving items via enhancing. Good idea, but!

    - It NEEEDS randomization beyond the dropluck of tomes and dusts,
    - there have to be alternatives, options the player has to be able to go by and downsides for taking that path other than huge costs and removal of the item from the market,
    - It has to add possibilities for customization. If you complete enhancing two helms simultaneously with one being 5% weaker than the other at the start, you will end up with 2 exact same helms again with a difference of 5% in overall strength. In the end you didn't change your character at all.

    Agreed. Good points.

    I'd say, if item enhancing existed, you should have to pick one stat on the item to increase. That might still be an easy choice, but at least you had to choose.

    Increasing all stats are kinda a no-brainer.

    As far as having downsides, that could just be a choice between either enhancing an item or imbuing/enchanting it (as in adding new stats to an item).

    However, having multiple systems that does nearly the same thing is mostly adding complexity just for the sake of complexity.

    Imbuing and enchanting are both more interesting than enhancing imo, simply because having more of a stat you already use => pretty much always very useful, but hardly changing anything, as it just turns into a "number game" of ever-increasing stats. Imbuing or enchanting new stats on items might of course result in just having higher stats over all as well, but it might also result in having some new stats on your item, that you wouldn't otherwise have => more variation and much more interesting imo.

    Another issue that haven't really been touched, when it comes to all these "item improvement-systems", whether it is imbuing, enchanting or enhancing, is how it affects the acquisition of new items.
    The more you improve your current items, and thus the more time, gold or other materials you put into improving them, the more difficult it gets to find new items to replace them with, since you will have to start all over with the improvement process. That might be hard to justify if the time commitment to your current items is high.
    Since it seems like one of the bigger complaints about D3 is how hard it is to actually find upgrades in game, that might be a problem worth considering. Item improvements will only make this worse.
    On the other hand, having item improving systems gives you something else to do in the game instead of finding new items; as in improving the ones you already have. But is that really desirable? Shouldn't it be both.

    At the same time, allowing people to transfer imbues, enchants or enhances between items would just make them glorified gems, and pretty uninteresting types of progression - since you would just get the ones you wanted once, and never think about it again.

    Some solution in between might be needed?
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    Itemization can be improved if Blizzard simply reduced the drop rate of rares by 90% or so. In turn, if Blizzard tightened up the array of possible affix combinations such that the resulting rares would be more desireable, then when rares drop we'd actually be inclined to pick them up. For ex., if rares no longer rolled with all three primary stats, or if class-specific items no longer rolled with non-primary stats for that class, this would greatly improve the state of rares.

    In step with this change, uniques should be made more... unique. Too many uniques are doomed to the salvage heap currently.
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    Improving the stats on items, and subsequently the chances of getting drops that aren't objectively crap (it is hard to fix one without the other imo) is surely important, and pretty fundamental for everything else.

    However fixing stats wouldn't really be enough in the long run.
    "Item improvement" is needed both for the added customization it brings, and for having more goals to work toward when playing.
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    Read the start of the thread. It tackles the issue of improving gear characters.
    Basicly, what players want is not to constantly get better rare items, but to improve constantly (and noticeable to a certain degree). This issue can be made more rewarding via parallel progression.

    As you said, all you do right now is improve the DPS screen and maybe paragonlevels, itemslots lack character and therefore it feels like there is only one item that drops. Either in increases your DPS (jay, i'm happy) or it does not increase DPS (oh, i'm not happy). By introducing multiple paths you drive on at the same time you can find a lot more upgrades throughout the game. On day 1 you find a perfect imbue part, on day 2 you craft an improved crimson item for your crimson set, on day 3 you finally upgrade a rune to a higher level, on day 4 you finish an imbue that is better than the one you had, on day 5 you find one rare item that upgrades your dps, on day 7 you finish your ember set but it has low quality, on day 8 you improve the ember set and also find a powerfocus, on day 9 you only have 1 bar till the next paragonlevel left, so you farm it.

    You keep twisting your head and want to improve at one part but bäm something else drops and draws your attention in. THAT is parallel progression, THAT creates a powerful flow.
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    These recipes bring a new use to all the crowd control affixes that spawn on items by adding a dmg-aspect to successful procs. Anthracite items can not roll main attributes. Along with this set there will be a new lvl 59 2hand legendary which quadruples the damage done by the procs. They can not be imbued and can not be traded. Anthracite Items can be made for the chest, head, belt and ring slots. They have 3 base affixes:
    - Reduction to crowdcontrols +3%-12%
    - Reduced damage from elites by 2%-5%
    - a) Empathy 300%-1500% (90% chance) or B) Empathy 1300%-2000% (10% chance)
    (Empathy: For every proc of crowd control effects the target also receives x dmg based on Vitality)
    Along with these set affixes there are another 4 affixes (excluding main attributes):
    1. random crowdcontrol effect
    2. random affix from the current affixtable (affixlevel = itemlevel)
    3. random affix from the current affixtable (if 1 higher alvl is available than alvl = ilvl + 1; if no higher alvl is available than alvl=ilvl - 1)
    4. random affix from the current affixtable (if 2 higher alvl are available than alvl = ilvl + 2; if no higher alvl is available than alvl=ilvl - 2)
    Additionally to the affix roles the player can enchant crafted items to gain one permanent minion (mystic ally,raven,3 zombie dogs,Madawc) that is resummoned after 30 if it dies. Only the latest ability that has been put on works (if the player has more than one enchanted item).

    8. Example:
    Imbue of oppression:
    - Parts drop in all dungeons that spawn randomly
    - Can imbue belts
    - 5 Parts
    - 1-3% Chance to stun on hit, 0,5%-1.5% inceased attackspeed (Min: 3% stun, 1.5% ias)
    - Completion bonus: Oppression: Increases the duration of crowd control effects by 10%-60%.
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    I'm working on a jewels update!

    Basic idea:

    Lots of stats with a few new affixes (auras that increas damage of the entire group)
    Multiple tiers like gems
    One unique jeweltype with unique affixpool per class
    5 jewelsockets + 1 gemsocket per item possible: Rare items lose one affix per added socket, white items with +% increased stats also increase the affixes of jewels socketed into them by x%.

    How would you add jewels to the game? Give me some thoughts
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    Jewels were a nice small addition to the original Diablo 2 making loot even more interesting and giving more choices for socketing. The new jewels should go the same route having a few primary goals:

    + New items to search, find and loot
    + Adding alternatives and allowing players to make choices
    + New system for players to learn and research
    + Easy to go into and very rewarding if dedicated to it
    + Constantly small steps of progression

    First of all there need to be some changes made to the socketing. Jewels have to be unique and allow new choices and alternatives to give people the items they want. Putting them on the same level as gem-sockets is therefore not an option. Instead each jewel will be put at the same level as one affix. So this is how it'll work:

    Shen gets a new tab called "add jewelsockets". Selffound non-jewelsocketed white/blue/yellow items will be put in a slot and the player can chose to socket the item.:

    Rare items: The player can chose how many jewelsockets he wants to add. The new sockets remove one affix per added socket from the item after the item has reached 6 affixes and start removing the affix in the lowest position of the item after that. Example:

    Gloves: 150dex, 50 vit, 5 pickuprad, 5%ias -> adding 4 jewelsockets -> 150dex, 50 vit, 4 jewelsockets

    Gloves: 150 strength, 5 pickup, 400 liferegen, 50 fireresistance, 5%crit, melee attacker takes 50 dmg -> adding 3 jewelsockets -> 150 strength, 5 pickup, 400 liferegen, 3 jewelsockets

    Blue Items: Shen adds a random amount of sockets , up to 5, to the item. 9% chance for 1 socket, 14% for 2 sockets, 39% chance for 3 sockets, 34% chance for 4 sockets and 4% chance for 5 sockets. Blue items keep their normal affixes. A blue item with good rolles and 5 sockets is therefore stronger than a rare but very unusual.

    White Items: Shen adds a random amount of sockets , up to 5, to the item. 9% chance for 1 socket, 14% for 2 sockets, 39% chance for 3 sockets, 34% chance for 4 sockets and 4% chance for 5 sockets. Jewels used for these sockets are increased by x% based on how strong the white item was. Example: White superior boots with 14% increased defense increase the stats of the jewels by 14%.

    Variations of Jewels:
    Having just one type of jewels wouldn't increase the current loottable by a lot so there have to be different types of jewels:

    Normal Jewels: These jewels have up to 3 random jewelaffixes.

    Class-specific Jewels: These jewels have up to 2 random affixes from the normal jewels-affixtable + 1 additional class specific affix (+% damage for ability/reduced cost of ability).

    Elemental Jewels: These jewels have up to 2 random affixes from the normal jewels-affixtable + 1 elemental affix (+x% firedamage, + x% additional damage as fire, +x% fire affinity)

    (Fire affinity acts like +x% firedamage but every jewel scales with itsself multiplicatively. Therefore it has to be lower. If used on a couple of jewels it is weaker, but when used on many or all jewels it has to be vastly superior)

    Affixjewels: These jewels have up to 4 random affixes from the normal jewels-affixtable.


    Since items with jewelsockets can not be imbued or enchanted they have to be stronger than usual affixes when combined but every jewelaffix on its own has to be weaker. 33%-50% of the normal affixes' strength should be able to be achieved by jewelaffixes. The offensive affixes crit/critdmg/ias should not be in the jewelsaffixpool.

    However, because jewels give players a very direct and easy way to "craft" customized items jewelaffixes with high properties have to be very rare (10%chance).

    Max roll for dex on regular item: 200. ->
    Jewelaffixes: 50% 15-46 dex, 40% 25-56 dex, 10% 35-66 dex

    Constant progression:

    Since players will be encouraged to collect whole sets of jewels (10+) the chances of finding an upgrade are much higher than for example finding an upgrade for the amulet slot. This is much more rewarding and fun to the player, since even if he finds a very good jewel there will be still plenty of uses and potential for upgrades on the other jewels.

    List of affixes:

    All jewels:

    Regular affixes: After a regular affix is picked it's quality version will be rolled: (50% chance regular, 40% superior, 10% mighty)
    These are the mighty versions of each affix:

    Dexterity: 35-66 , Intelligence: 35-66 , Strength: 35-66 , Vitality: 35-66 , All Resistance: 15-25 , Arcane/Cold/Fire/Lightning/Phsysical/Poison Resistance: 20-40 , Extra Health from globes: 4000-6000 , Life %: 2-4, Life after Kill: 1400-2000 , Bonus to minimum/maximum physical damage: 6-10 , % Damage: 2-4 , Armor: 66-100 , Block %: 2-4 , Blockamount: 200-600 , Crowd Control reduction % : 3-8 , Reduced damage from melee/ranged % : 1-3 , Reduced damage from Arcane/Cold/Fire/Lightning/Physical/Poison % : 3-6 , Thorns Damage : 1333-2000 , Gold Find % : 8-12 , Magic Find % : 9-14 , Movement Speed % : 2-3 , Pickup radius: 2-4 , Reduced Level Requirement: 5-6 , Chance to Chill/Fear/Freeze/Immobalize/Knockback/Slow/Stun on Hit % : 2-4 , % Increased Elemental Damage: 2-4

    Next, there are rare affixes for all jewels. These are very unlikey to roll (<1%), but have unique traits:

    % Increased Ressource Generation: 2-8 , Indestructable , Increased Movementspeed % : 8-12 , % to Intelligence/Strength/Dexterity/Vitality: 3-6 , % to Armor: 5-10 , Life on Hit: 150-300 , % Chance to duplicate last spell: 2-4 , % Chance to drop healthglobe on Hit: 5-10 , % Chance to summon Fetish on Hit , % Dodge: 3-6 , % Increased drop rate of jewels: 10-20

    Elemental jewels:
    These affixes are all tied to an element:

    % Increased Arcane/Cold/Fire/Lightning/Physical/Poison Resistance : 3-8 , % Increased Arcane/Cold/Fire/Lightning/Physical/Poison Damage: 3-8 , % Reduced Damage from Arcane/Cold/Fire/Lightning/Physical/Poison Damage: 2-4, % Damage added as A/C/F/L/P/P: 2-4 , % A/C/F/L/P/P Affinity: 2-6 (Affinity becomes strong than % Increased Damage after 11 jewels (1.06^11=1.89 vs. 0.08*11+1=1.88)

    Class specific jewels:
    These affixes give class specific bonuses:

    % Increased damage of random secondary ability of Increaseany class (19 Abilities) , Reduced cost of random ability

    Finding and crafting jewels:

    Jewels have to be quite rare (10% per rare pack) but each type of jewels has to have an area with an increased dropchance. A jewel can be reroll the affixes but staying the same type (Classspecific/elemental...) using another jewel and 3000 gold or a brimstone and 10000. Using a scroll of nephilim will reroll the value of the affixes but not change the affixes.
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    Edit: Changed a lot! Added Imbues, craftingsets, runecrafting, jewels and charms

    Have fun!
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