Thread opening? Admin, please explain me something

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    I don't know if Im the only one who find this really annoying but every time I click on a new topic to read it, the thread open on the last page at the buttom of the page. I then have to scroll back up and select page 1 in order to see the first post and then follow the thread.

    I can understand that if you are participating in one thread this behavior might be good because you will have to scroll up a little on the last page. But, even if you participating into a thread there's still a good chance that you will need to go back 1 page or two.

    I think, but I might be wrong, 75% of the time, people click on a thread to read it from the beggening and then add their comments. In the 25% remaining, some people will still need to scroll up and change the page.

    My question: Why is it not opening on the first post of the first page. That would save alot of time to people like me who read alot of post and to other people who need to change the page because the are participating in a thread.

    Like I said, I could be wrong but does anyone think the same way?
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    I guess not :)
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    Well, I think its working as intended. When you go forums and click a topic it brings you to 1st post of that topic like as you said it would be best. But what you are experiencing is, I guess, at main page there are recent posts and clicking one of those takes you to that specific new post, not to first post of topic. But that is simply because it says "recent posts". :)

    I usually use only those recent posts links and thats why I have to scroll to first post very often too. So if they changed the "recent posts" to a "recent active topics"? or something, it would work better atleast for me. Was this what you meant?
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    That's exactly what I meant. I didn't know that the behavior was different when clickling on the "recent post" link. I always do that and that's why I always get the problem. Thank for the info!

    Anyway, I think you are right, they should change that section to something like "Hot topics" or "Recent topics". That would make my life a little easier :) I'm wondering if the vast majority of people use the recent post link to read "recent topics" or they normally open the whole list of topics and select one.
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