Flip some gold on 1.0.7 legends/gems.

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    For some who still want to flip some gold before 1.0.7 hits here are some suggestions which might help you with your investments.
    These are of course predictions based on what info blizz has provided and assumptions lead users have made. So what we know untill now there will be no pvp specific gear only pve gear which will be good for pvp or 1on1.
    Stats which you should be looking for on items are:
    Loh on wepons, Life reg, high vit, AR., %life, cc reduction (pick up radius, health globes are high risk)

    Here are some examples of legends you should be sniping/bidding:

    -Mepho with cc reduction those with intelect are still pretty cheap
    -Vile ward with high life reg and at least 8% life, those with vit are too expensive
    -Calamity with 700+ loh, 1k+dps
    -The 300th spear +1kdps, 800loh+, 40%+ skill modifiers
    -Blackthorn 2 set: pants + amulet , solid and relatively cheaps sets.
    Try get amulets with 200+vit, 100+ primary stat, rest is always LOH,AS,life %, bleed chance
    As for jousting mail Look for +250vit with physical resist (socs,AR are too expensive)
    with these 2 items you can get 550-600vit and ~26% life
    -Other amus with +600Loh, high vit, AS, and high primary stat will also be worth a lot
    -Rings should have +avarage(still underestimated stat easy to get bargain), crit/as, loh/cc reductions., any primary stat
    -As for other rares or legends combination of AR, high Vit,%life,primary stat,life reg will be good

    You could also invest money in crafting materials: tomes, tears, but the biggest income I would expect from flipping gems.
    Radiant start emerald goes for 28-29m, emerald 9-10k. I dont expect other gems to cost that much but when 1on1 hits a lot of people will discover they need more vit. When the demand grows so does the price. Radiant amethyst will probably go to 22-25m as most of new/old players will go for the best %life in helm soc and other parts of eq if needed, but its not the gem you should be buying of ah atm.

    Flawless square amethyst is 300-400g which 25x less than emerald. A lot of people will buy tons of f.s.amethysts to make radiants just to profit from jewelcrafting as they are
    now doing with f.s emeralds. Asuming that the radiant star amethyst will cost 23m+ the cost of f.s. amethyst should oscillate around 4-5k, as it does on hc mode where people actually socket vit. Then the cost of making radiant will be 20m (assuming 750g per tome).
    That is alsmot 10x+ income on 1gem, 2.5x more than you could have made on flipping brimstones.
    Most people will ask where I will store them? Ah tab>completed can store 50x21000gems, which is 1050000gems, more than enough.

    1.0.7 may also bring changes in bs crafting and maybe incorporating gems in that process, which can also increase base prices of flawless squares.

    Of course these are only predictions, GL with your investments.
    And share some ideas if you like.
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    these are pretty straight forward assumptions for building defense. in any duel the one with top defense and that edge in skill and dps will win. to have this right now is expensive in terms of gear. it will still be expensive after the patch. I forsee that no major economic changes will occur after the patch. people will win/lose by making effective use of some skills in detriment to other skills of an adversary
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    i wouldn't put that much hope on LOH sure it's better than lifesteal but skills that have high proc rate (barb: sprint. wizard: wicked wind. WD: rain of toads) are useless in PVP
    generally all defensive stats become more desired but i dont think it;s going to be that big difference
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