Still no PvP? How about...

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    You have some of your team work on things this game desperately needs. ( simple things that could be added while we wait and wait and wait for PvP or more blog post on monster affixes, only about 10 of them a week that solve few issues.)

    Clan Support
    Chat channels
    Randomization in the world even remotely....
    Create a game function ( Trade games, Duel games, Act 1 games etc etc. )
    More then 30 people doing the most popular quest aka change the way linking with community works
    Doing Act 1 - Diablo in one game keeping NV stacks.
    Having gear less dependent on your weapon
    There is very very few unique item visuals
    Some sort of optional ladder system
    Better home screen ( such as the one the guy posted on here not to long back or an updated one )
    Better RMAH or AH functionality such as tracking items, shift clicking items, maybe item for item exhange etc etc ( I mean game is based on AH now. )
    announcements on what their working on whether it be new classes, new maps, anything to let us know were not doing the same none randomized map forever.
    Give bosses an update with better random mechanics ( reasonable )
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