For once: NOT a hate post!

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    Hi guys

    Today i wanted to cast aside all the trolling, flaming, and generally un-needed negativity to express a few ideas that i feel may improve the game. I'm sure none will agree with me and that i may not even get the responces i wish for (if any at all) but i would still like to talk about them nonetheless.

    So where to begin? Well firstly the "general mechanics", now I have leveled 2 barbarians to 60 and played the game and got HF rings and whatnot but theres something not quite right here and it wasn't until the other day when i figured it out (i might be a little late). I realised that diablo 3 wasn't WOW!

    you may be confused but let me explain, now in WOW you have "agro" and "pull" and stuff which a Tank usually takes care of so damage dealers can sit back and blast stuff. This is a good concept for an MMORPG where a lot of the gaming aspect comes from being in a group, i guess who would sign up to WOW and attempt to play the whole game alone right? and the instances alone... as a tank right? so you need to be in a group. However even with patch buffs, you can either be a DD or a tank (as a barb in D3) but why would i ever want to be a tank when concepts such as agro and pulling mobs don't exist? Tanks are useful in dungeons and instances, which do not appear to be implemented into D3.

    I have a solution to this, even though i know it cannot be implemented. When a character reaches level 60 (or whatever lvl cap arises in later expansions) Paragon levels should include something like a specialisation concept which can be mixed and matched (without losing NV i might add :P ) and tailored for your needs (thus breaking up the monotony of every character revolving around the same build and ideas).

    Imagine the Job system in Final Fantasy v f you will, a character gets to level 60 and then has a choice of (in the case of a barb) being a "hulk" a "mono'war" a "demigod" or (i dont know) "mountain shaman" and these could give you different skills or facets for example:

    Increases character size by like 20% (like WOTB)
    increases base strength by 10%
    slows movement speed by 5%
    increases crit chance by 8%

    Hulk abilities
    Gain the ability to wield two "two-handed" weapons
    attack multiple adjacent enemies with a 25% increase in attack speed (similar to the paladin skill Zeal from diablo2)
    Health regen over time (regain 100% health over like 10 minutes of something)

    Increases potency of health potions by 50%
    Increases movement speed by 20%
    removes cool downs for "Earthquake, Call of the ancients and Wrath of the berzerker"
    Attack speed increased by 20%

    Mano'war abilities
    When using ground stomp enemies drop gold (100%)
    Increased magic find at the cost of fury (only have 75 fury in globe for say 50% MF)
    Swords Proc stun novas (5%) Axes Proc tremours (5% covers screen in random places, tremours hit mobs for 50% weapon dmg) Daggars Proc chain lightning (hits random mobs 10% of the time and dmg dealt is a random % of weapon dmg, could be 400% or 2%)

    Removes potion cooldowns
    Gives the barb an "ethereal" aura
    increases crit damage by 100%
    increases all AOE skills by 50 yards

    Demi-God abilities
    Able to craft unique weapons using potions, dyes, and other equipable items, stats would roll in acordance with level, but they would be fixed (and fun, like a barbarian able to summon the demon from the maximus sword)
    use a healing spell on you and your party for 30% maximum health
    grant immunity to missiles for 7 seconds

    Mountain Shaman
    increase all resistances by 70%
    create a wall of energy to stop attackers for 4 seconds
    call of the ancients is now a constant skill always on, the three barbarians attack with 100% weapon dmg, but you are only limited to buff/debuff spells (no attacking) and take the form of stone, defence increases by 150%
    option to change the ancients attacks to either elemental or physical

    Mountain Shaman abilities
    gems have changed attributes that now aide summoning (for example, rubies increase summoned strength, emeralds increase their speed, topaz increase their crit chance and amythysts increase their magic dmg)
    allow yourself to become one with the land to move invisibly through enemies for 4 seconds
    reduce enemy resistances by 40%

    The abilities would be added as extra 3 passive slots and you would gain their powers over time. you then pick and chose from the ones you have learnt.

    i KNOW this won't happen but these extra skills would aide you in the new Uber dungeons i'm thinking of. After playing median xl, once you get to the end of hell, the actual game begins with uber dungeons, which take bits from the diablo lore and add them into the game (for example duncraig, tran athuala, fighting inarius etc etc) this would be AN AMAZING load of added content for diablo 3, instead of the random dungeons (like the ice caverns act3) there could be uber dungeons, where instead of just going in and fighting two bosses... the same every single time, there could be a real process and a real radomised map with different bosses (not just the same ones in a darker pallette).

    I'm really sorry about the wall of text and i know some of this cannot be implemented, but we need more ideas, thoughts, and enthusiasm as a community rather than hate, appathy, or quite frankly praise. Of course we should kind of praise blizzard, but if people dont document their CONSTRUCTIVE ideas then blind praise can be just as bad as hatred and trolling.

    TL:DR? I'm a dreamer :cheers: Cheers Blizz
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    This actually made me log in for once.

    While I read all of the abilities, buffs etc. all I thought to myself was "nope, nope, nope" when actually... I think the idea is really really cool, BUT (there's got to be one of these) they would have to do a lot to the game and put a load of work into designing four unique "jobs" with x amount of unique abilities and buffs for each of the five classes.

    Now, I am against the whole thing about not losing your NV stacks, when changing skills and passives. Maybe I missed this when reading through, but would you be able to switch specialization as well as specialization passives without losing NV, or would you just be able to change the passives within the chosen specialization?

    (If that last part makes any fucking sense, please say so)

    Really cool idea though! I don't know if someone at some point is able to develop a mod (on a private/seperate server) for this sort of thing, but certainly would be interesting.
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    Cheers for the reply.

    First off, no one would be able to mod it because all the needed files are on blizz-side servers (to my knowledge)
    and in regards to NV stacks, i dislike the idea that i cannot change skills with 5 stacks. My idea with the abilities above would be that you could change them as you wish without worrying about losing your stacks. The abilities and names and whatever else i have put are not to be taken seriously, only the IDEA :D
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    And a lot of people would say "it would be alot of work, but its only manipulating programming thats already there so its not THAT big a deal! :)
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    I love the idea :) It sounds like it could be really awesome if they were to do something like this.

    I'm still really excited to see what they are going to do with Diablo 3 as it is right now.
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    if im honest theres not really a lot they can do right now, unless they do radical things (like my proposal at the top) the game will stay pretty much the same. i hope some things get sorted for the expansion, but things that get to me will still be there, like the constantly online stuff :(
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    also itemisation needs rethinking, we NEED static stats on set and unique items, it doesnt really matter about how often they drop but it DOES matter if it drops and you ALREADY know its gonna be no good because the chances of rolling decent stats is slim to none. the auction house needs to be reset, and legendaries/sets need static stats
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    Being able to play offline, would save me in dire times of boredom with no internet :)

    I don't know anything about your preferences when playing, but if I need something different to do currently I go to the skill calculator, close my eyes and click the chat gem and then use the build I get to clear an act. That way I find myself suddenly using certain abilities that i never even considered.

    The itemization could be different, i agree. I don't think legendaries and set items should have all their stats static, though. I don't know how, but they could make a stat like dex more interesting to wizards and WDs. I don't know how many would favor dex over str as a "secondary main stat", since str gives you 1:1 armor and dex gives only small amount of dodge (though I can't count how many times a dodge has saved my life).

    An expansion is bound to bring new features to the game, but I think that quite a bit out in the future.

    We also seem to have strayed a little from your original post, but that might just be me :P
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    Honestly, the build diversity and customization isn't that bad. They need to buf and nerf certain spells so we can use more of the spells we already have before adding anything like this.

    The spell system mixed with the wide array of gear sets you can make pretty much allows you to get say.....15% more damage, or 15% more armor etc.

    They have a lot of other areas they need to fix, there really isnt an insentive right now to specialize in anything if they dont add content to use your "specialization" in, in other words other than Ubers, there not much use for any of the roles you listed.

    CM Wizard is the closest thing to a specialization right now, but there's not much else you need. Not to mention once you get a few hellfire rings, your back to farming 100s of items which are all vendored. Thats the core of the problem right now, and until they fix that, I'd rather they don't add any new skill systems.
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