State of Diablo 3 Ep 7Round out of 2012

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    Hey everyone -

    I hope you all had an awesome Christmas. I wanted to share the latest episode of "State of Diablo 3" with you all. Join Ken and I, as we round out our thoughts on the state of the game in 2012.

    Round out of thoughts for 2012

    Thanks for everyone here for your support of the series, and to the website forums here. Thanks for watching and Happy Holidays and New Year. I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

    Cheers 0/

    RTG Sibcoe
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    Is it just me or did they delete your topic in the D3 forums?
    I have to ask because of my recent 72hr ban for "advertising" after I pointed out the D3 CM's/mods selective enforcement of the rules.

    Your videos are amazing btw; I may disagree on many of your points in the videos but Blizzard should be watching your podcasts and taking notes.
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