Diablo 3 dev team question

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    The dev's representatives, the community managers, are reading the official forums and have responded to almost every constructive (and sometimes even unconstructive) topic at some point - it's difficult to find a topic about D3 which wasn't touched with a blue post at some point.

    Whaaaaat. Despite the fact that they deal with the 'créme de la crap' that the internet has to offer (forum trolls), the CMs are pretty trollish themselves (some more than others). Plus, some of the best, most well written, and most poignant threads get completely overlooked (perhaps because they ask uncomfortable questions), while we get blue posts like "what hero do you most resemble". I'm really disappointed with the official forums CMs, to be honest.

    Hm, I actually prefer this. If they don't act like humans (i.e., use sloppy language and sometimes even act "trollish"), it feels like you're talking to a chatbot like in many other online services, where CMs pick from predefined answers. There was a blue post recently about this, CMs should be more serious in their answers... dunno, I like the way they write. Reminds some people that CMs are actually also just humans doing their job.

    I agree though that sometimes they should just post something in these really good topics just to mark them with a bluepost. But there was also another blue post about this - just because a thread isn't tagged, it doesn't mean it's overlooked. What I really dislike though is the blue post pushing of WTS threads.

    However, I'm also not a frequent visitor of the official forums, I mainly just browse blue posts.
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    I personally couldn't care less about if the CMs are baiting, trolling, sarcastic, whatever...

    The product is all that matters, and that is badly lacking.

    It seems like the more big-time advertising I see from Bliz, the less interested I am in playing their games. Funny how that works.
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