Starting D3 again, what class to play?

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    So i played d3 earlier when it was launched, but quitted it short after monster power came out, and now i wonder what class is the go to class, when i quit i know barb was the class. Is barb still the best/easiet class to farm as? i've got around 250m gold or so to spend on gear, should i go barb? or can for example a DH farm just as easy on like MP5 or so? =)
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    In terms of pure efficiency, barb is probably still the best. All of the classes have really good builds now that let you farm fast with decent equipment.

    Wizard has Archon
    DH has Elemental Blast/Flip thingy (no idea what this is called)
    Monk has Tempest Rush
    Dunno what the Witch Doctor build is, but I know there is one.
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    go Barb, just spin around and around and loot, profit.
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    Witch doctor with acid armageddon build is awesome for farming
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    If you want the fastest/easiest class....than yah, Barb. WW barb is the cheapest way to farm high MP, and very fast for farming.
    Archon Wiz is very good for efficiency as well, and you can CM high be highly sought out for Ubers.

    I have a 60 of each class, and if your goal is fun, I enjoy DH the most. They have a lot of styles to choose from, and do a ton of damage, and since Blizz buffed their survival, they are pretty damn god overall.

    Monks are great for survival, but slower to farm than the rest at the same gear, although another fun class who can handle about any siutation.

    WDs I dont enjoy at all, I just don't like the symmetry (or lack there of) there spells. It seems like they can't make up there minds....Are my close ranged? Kite? pet? psuedo Spriti Walk tank? They just don't flow like the other classes. And I've always been adverse to classes that require buffs that are conditional........(WD has 2, either globes or getting close to 5 mobs first)

    So my list would go like this:
    WW Barb

    If your main goal is efficiency, i'd flip-flop DH and Barb.
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    Barb is probably your best bet, however I personally find dash / tempest monks extremely fun compared to barbs.
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    I have atm lvl 60 dh,wiz,barb and monk, the class i found most fun was DH but when i played, barb was by far the best farmer, so i was basiclly forced to re-roll barb to have any chance to farm and earn decent amount of gold. Think im gonna play DH due to the fact it is the class i enjoy the most, and mby i dont need to quit the game cuz i get boored of the gameplay (barb just spin and spin and never die, never even being close to dying) and it seems DH is abit buffed since last =)
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    I like my DH. Lots of fun and not a hell of a lot of concerns about elite pack affixes due to smokescreen and great mobility.

    Very much a disappointment, my WD essentially drove me away from the game when I was short on time to begin with. I haven't touched her since I came back, although it has been a patch or two, but I assume from a little forumcraft that things are largely the same. Very efficient farming, then you don't get enough globes to keep the machine going and you die repeatedly trying to regain momentum.

    I also enjoyed my barb, monk, and wizard, but haven't done much of anything on them since 1.04 or so. So my own anecdotal evidence will be limited to the two mentioned prior.
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    I love my Wizard, though I don't play much, stil pretty good at 60. cm, can be devastating with low gear.
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    Any class is worth playing if you have the gear for it. In your case, the budget is 250m. I'd say go with either a barb or a wiz for the efficiency factor (loot/exp per hour). The dynamics of the game have changed since the last time you played and it's all about farming faster/efficiently and getting better loot. There's a video I saw yesterday on a 1m budget Archon wiz build and I was pretty impressed at the way it took on mobs on MP1 A3. You should try looking for that video on the front page (just scroll down a bit). But it all really comes down to your play style and how you want to enjoy this game. Do you like smashing through mobs without stop as a Barbarian? Or do you like cutting down monsters with insane speed at a range while vaulting away from elites and bosses as a Demon Hunter? Maybe you want to be the center of attention with all the crazy elemental light shows a Wizard gives off? Or perhaps speed through dungeons and maps while delivering devastating punches and kicks that send enemies flying across the map as a Monk? Or just create chaos in a battlefield with all the crowd control aspects and buffs/debufs a Witch Doctor can provide?

    Hope this helps :D
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    I would say Barb also
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