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    Can i obtain fiery brimstone from salvaging (high) lvl blues, rares and low lvl legendaries?
    Is single set plan contains all of items in it? Just curious.

    I thought it will be cool purchase just plan from ah, and then farm the rest. Some motive for farm. I have few low lvl legendaries, but checked official guide and it says, that salvaging low lvl legendaries 100% will give else material, not brimstones... :facepalm:
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    No, low level legendaries will not give brimstones, sorry.

    High level rares have a very very low chance of salvaging into brimstones (like 1 in 1000 or something).

    To obtain brimstones, you need to salvage highlevel legendaries (require lvl 60 to equip legendaries).
    I can see what you see not.
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    Brimstones come 100% from legendaries that require level 60 to equip. I believe there is a 1% chance of them coming from blues and yellows that are lvl 61+

    From my own personal experience, the number is probably closer to 0.5%

    Anyway, you don't want to craft anything right now. When you play anything past Act 2 MP0 (and all of MP1+) every item you find has it's affixed rolled from the level 63 range. Craft items don't currently go any higher than 62. I think myself and everyone else are saving Brimstones for the inevitable crafting patch coming who-knows-when.

    <edited for clarity>
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    JKlimek is right on. Crafting needs some love and hopefully will get some...soon.
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    Well shit. But thanks for info! Good thing that i checked first and not salvage legendaries into that other stuff.. I guess, i will try get something from that 1-0.5%.
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    I know crafting is bad, but i still do every now and then to remind myself how bad it is. Blizz fix it or take it out.
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    I prefer fix rather than removal. Sometimes results are not that bad, especially at low lvl. There were annoying bug though, when you can't equip crafted gear, it cost a lot of mine nerves.
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    Crafted gear is awesome in lower levels. Especially when you are just starting out and/or don't want to drop out of the game to AH every 5 levels. It very quickly drops off tho. Any Hellfire ring makes equipment unnecessary when leveling alts too... I have a WD that's level 15 literally needs nothing but the Int HF ring to one shot everything on Normal MP10
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