State of Diablo 3 Part 5 - Leveling / Paragon

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    Nice work OP. For your next video you should talk about PVP, it would be a lot quicker. All kidding aside, Im sick of playing act 3 to level my demon hunter.
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    Quote from RTG_Sibcoe

    Quote from BornBadd

    It's crap. All I could stand to listen to was the first half ... & it was all negative. I heard not 1 single positive thing about D3 in that part not anything constructive to help my play the game. Whoever was in that video kept comparing D3 to Torchlight 2 (whatever that is). So tell me this: Why is everything so negative about this game? I have a few things I'd like to change, but for me I have a blast (playing Barb para LVL 60 currently). If all these people are so negative about the game why do they bother playing so much then slamming it? If I dislike a game so much as these people do (just going by their comment about how much better other games are) I wouldn't bother playing more than an hour or 2. I would really love to see & hear CONSTRUCTIVE comments & videos ... not crap comparisons to another game. Nuf said.

    Hi BornBadd - it sounds like you didn't like it - so sad :( Thanks for watching the first half though. One thing to keep in mind - it is a state of the game, not a game guide. :) I do hope you check out some of the guides and enjoy those, and if not, hey, maybe watch the first half of the next one too.

    Cheers 0/

    RTG Sibcoe

    My sincerest apologies! You are correct that your video is talking about a 'state of gaming' (I didn't catch that part of the topic title :( ). Considering that, I re-watched it with that frame of mind & did understand the weak points of Diablo 3 that were pointed out & hopefully will be addressed in future patches. Unfortunately I don't know anything about Torchlight 2 so those comparisons fall short for me. Overall, it was good & appreciate the effort :)
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    I enjoy Paragon farming, I only have 1 issue........But I am afraid to even say it because similar commets get trashed by "true diablo fans".
    So please, hear me out before you trash me!

    I don't like how Paragon levels are only for one character. However, I dont necessarily think it should be shared either.....

    First, I understand why many people don't want paragon to be shared, and agree. Just remember though, D2 was a very different game, it encouraged and was designed for people to make many many characters for different reasons, plus you had ladder resets so you could always switch characters then without feeling like you lost all that time on 1 character.

    D3 is not designed, nor does it encourage this type of play. When you put in time into the game, it is most beneficial to play 1 character and stick to it. Not only because of paragon, but because of the massive investment you need to make to get your gear. (especially since the economy makes it tough to tade in, say, wiz armor for Barb.....15% AH fee?)

    So as long as D3 gives huge benefits to sticking to 1 character, I will feel like I am forced to endlessly grind on my "main".

    So, my solution is to somehow encourage more characters, give us reasons to level multiple characters (AT LEAST 1 of each class) and not feel penalized for spending time on anything but our mains. One solution is of course shared paragon.....but not the best solution I am sure.

    I would just like to see some sort of reason to Plevel alts. Maybe a portion of their Plvl goes to your main, or a bonus to XP/MF/GF when on alts (maybe wears off over time), or more things like hellfire rings that are character bound......give you a reason to play different characters, something. I am sure there are way better ideas........but the bottom line is I feel like if my goal is finding the best loot and progressing my characters (not only my main, but all of them) the best way to do that is to endlessly grind on 1 character.

    I dont like that.
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    I'm not really a grinder, so I don't really enjoy the system, I don't think I have even hit Paragon level 1 on either of my 60 DHs. The game is definitely more for a grinding crowd, and that is why I didn't get into the first games very much, I played through them non-stop, loved them, but didn't really commit much past that. I know that is what everyone loves about the Diablo series, they like that hunt for loot, but I wish there was something different they could do. PvP I guess would be that step that I'm waiting for, not really sure though. I hope they can come up with a system that will let other people that don't like the grind continue just the same.
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