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I report duplication, blizzard dont care, such a rubbish company!!!

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    Enough with the flaming already please, this isn't the forums where things have gotten so out of hand long ago that it's impossible to enjoy your stay there.
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    Two friends of mine bought the same EF and they both bought it from Unghost#2625. Can we stop discussing with the topic whether BLZ did something? Please pay more attention to this guy Unghost#2625. We can know the method of duplication from him.
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    I did this because blahblah
    blizzard did this because they suck
    conclusion. d3 sucks because blizzard sucks.

    Honestly, if you have an issue with a single problem, point out the problem and read up on the issue. dont just connect all the dots together JUST because you want to whine.
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    Quote from reportcopy

    I report this problem to blizzard ask them to check. Blizzard don't care my report. WTF!!!

    How exactly do you know that Blizzard don't care?

    And why should they tell you their plans for tackling this issue?
    And posting someones battletag on a public forum without him being able to defend him self is quite low and will actually get you banned on the official Diablo 3 forums.

    There are enough threads about duping here, closing this one.
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