Uber Kuile Enrage has gotta go...

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    I for one like enrage mechanics. I think long dragged out fights have no place in this game. Implementation of the enrage could have been implemented a bit better - like increased over time as it was already suggested here and on reddit a couple of times.
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    Quote from ruksak

    I don't want them to do anything to make the game easier than it already is. Frankly, it needs more difficulty installed other than just the MP setting.

    That being said, enrage timers seem out of place in Diablo games.

    I was talking about that with a friend of mine yesterday. WHat I would like is a menu option to play Pre-1.04 Diablo. Inferno was a brick wall for me then and it would be interesting to see how I could handle it now.
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    Quote from Bleedxd

    Im pretty sure the other 3 people he's playing with want to have fun aswell, and having to carry a 33k WD through mp10 is surely not many people's idea of fun. Sorry, this is a multiplayer game.

    He's playing solo. Even if there were those 3 other people with the attitude you mention... are they forced to play with him? And what does it have to do with Kulle's enrage?

    Quote from Ashes

    I for one like enrage mechanics. I think long dragged out fights have no place in this game. Implementation of the enrage could have been implemented a bit better - like increased over time as it was already suggested here and on reddit a couple of times.

    I think getting rid of the enrage would not have any impact you. I don't know your equipment, but i guess if an enrage is a problem for you, you would gear for more damage(like most people do). If an enrage wouldnt exist, you would still gear for more damage so you dont have to deal with long dragged out fights, right?

    Do you prefer fighting 8 minutes, then getting slapped in the face while being told "your dps sux" or fighting 12 minutes, killing the boss and thinking to yourself "i want to kill it faster"?

    edit: oh and i didnt even mention those unlucky guys that die to the enrage at like 1% boss hp... that's totally cool i guess :S
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    Quote from Bleedxd

    Cry as you might, they wont remove it, because it's fine. As Bashiok said once, stop trying to do content that's too hard for you.

    Quoting Bashiok to prove a point is never a good idea. Im glad that sarcastic prick is no longer around the Diablo 3 community. He does have a point here though. I don't know why anyone plays MP10 (excluding farming keys), there's no point.
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    The only time I think enrage timers have made sense is when they are sort of a gating mechanism (dps check) to point out if you can't do this, you are not yet ready for the later content beyond this which will require you to be able to burst through the a future boss mechanics in a short amount of time. The enrage timers are there basically to indicate to you in a very firm way, "you are not yet prepared". Even those are artificial but at least they make sense from a game progression perspective. For example, if there were actual boss mechanics in D3 uber fights that required you to do x damage in y time AND if they put the enrage timer on the key wardens to indicate if you can't do this much dps here, you are not ready yet for the uber encounter these wardens give you access to, that would make some sense from a game play perspective. This is not the case however.

    Anyway in D3, where they have already removed timers from just about everything (the quote was something like this is about "efficiency"), not sure why there are some exceptions left. If someone is having fun taking 20-30 minutes to kill an uber, have at it. It's not going to imbalance the economy or anything -- the rings are BoP.
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    Not in favor of them bein removed but would like to see a little more creativity in the exicution. Maybe have an added ability every 5 minutes or something that increases the difficulty but still allows for skill.
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    the enrage in its current form is stupid. pulling a switch is not fun, even in wow its not really fun.
    if you want to do a time constraint the right way of doing is more or less slowly increase dmg/frequencies/speed/etc of abilities.
    let kulle get a stack each minute that increases slowfield radius and ups his dmg a bit or something like that.
    that would be fun and still after some time the slowfield gets so big you cant escape, but more skillful people can survive longer
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    Quote from Solmyr77

    Quote from Vooodu

    Ok so basically i refuse to use a cookie cutter build. Ya, im pretty sure i mentioned that in my 1st post.

    It's not about using a cookie cutter build, it's about the need to score in an effort to win. You demand to be declared the victor after scoreless four quarters.

    Haha. Man this analogy is awesome.

    What I've found when my DPS is lacking, is that it's not even a gear problem usually, most of the time I can get a bit more damage output just by moving a few runes around. I don't even think you'd need to completely respec from your non-cookie cutter, just rethink it a bit.
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    stupid phone double post
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    I was recently informed of an easy/cheap way to glitch through the enrage timer.

    Works great.

    So ya... Enrage is fine with me now.

    Mua... muah. MUAHahhahHHA.
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