Cheapest and easiest class for MP4-6?

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    I have a Archon Wiz with 5500 Armor and 900 resists along with 230K Damage when in Archon and MP 4 gets hairy and 5 is just red gear. Id like a class that can farm those pretty easily for some good drops. Id have to spend like 600+ million on gear to be able to get my Wiz to that point but I just dont have it. Is there an easy class that doesnt require a billion gold to be able to easily do mid level MPs. Also please no WW barb. Im willing to roll another Barb again but I tried WW and hated it. It just wasnt for me, no matter how much I forced myself to enjoy the build I just couldnt, and eventually just rage quit and deleted him. If they have viable 2 Handed builds thats fine, but NO WW!. Also open to other classes as well like Monk or WD. Im just sick of always doing MP2/3 and also Archon is about slow as hell. I kill fast but move soooo slow.
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    My Monk is semi-good geared and I can "do" MP4-5 but it's a bit time consuming. I'd say his gear is at about 20-30mil (for which I haven't found a lot of upgrades the past months).
    My WD on the other hand cost me around 4 mil and he can do MP3 just about fine. Gotta be careful of that incoming damage though.

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    Quote from thomasmgp30

    also Archon is about slow as hell. I kill fast but move soooo slow.

    +24% movement speed, Scramble, Teleport (skill + Archon rune), Illusionist?

    But pure Archon is not suitable for high MP. For high MP you want to use a hybrid spec.
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    My WD can farm mp5 easily, but dies in a few hits if the enemies get past my pets. I spent somewhere around 20mil total for his gear. My other characters can only farm mp3-4, with more expensive gear.
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    I would suggest Witch Doctor however I've watched some high end Witch Doctor's and the builds they use seem really boring. I play a Barbarian and really want to switch to WD but these streams/vids really discourage me.

    Sorry I was not very helpful but as far as cheapest to gear it would be WD. There may not be a perfect cheap/fun combo.
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    get loh and all resist and you're golden
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    Archon MP0-4. I run over 500K DPS on MP4 and even I feel that's too slow for me. MP5, that's just a hassle with the HP the mobs have. There's really no need to farm MP4-5 with Archon.

    If you're looking for loot, then run a WW barb (right, you don't want to, but it's proven efficiency) or a TR monk on higher MP levels and just speed through mobs and pick off elite packs for the quick guaranteed drops.

    If you're looking for paragon EXP, if you main your wizard, then Archon's there for you on lower MP levels. Hey, loot drops on MP3 aren't that bad.

    P.S. High-end Archon wizards are notoriously one of the most expensive builds and classes to gear to farm efficiently.
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    I don't know how other classes compare but by the time you get to MP4-5+, CMWW becomes faster at farming than Archon since you can halve your char sheet dps compared to Archon and still do higher sustained DPS with the SNS spec. You can also spec into wormhole for faster movement between packs, and use some of the same gear as the archon build.

    The main stats to reach are:
    2.5+, or 2.73+ APS
    45-50%+ crit
    600-1000 LoH (since you'll probably have 150k dps or so, you might need more like 1k-1200).
    3700 armor
    600 resist
    35k hp
    18-20 APoC

    Higher values are better and the Armor and resists is roughly speaking, so less might work or more might be needed at lower APS. With those stats your effective dps should be about 6x your char sheet dps. The more crit you have the higher it goes.

    MP4-6 is pretty easy for CMWW. I can farm MP7-10 in my current gear, though again, I dont know how the farm speed compares to other classes. I happen to like my wiz so it's the only class I have leveled to max so far.
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    You could run a HotA barb. Barbs, in general, have it pretty easy.
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