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    so far we haven't heard anything from blizzard in terms of the addition of the old rune system from D2, which added a massive incentive to play the game over and over and farm for various spec combinations, however I feel like the game could benefit hugely from it. So I have thought about an alternative implementation that could bring back what made D2 one of the best games in gaming history: The Rune Mod.

    The basic idea is to have an item drop at various rarity levels that adds customisation to builds but does not improve the power of the character, for example:

    Blue: +X duration / cc / intensity / resource reduction on Y skill.
    Rare: +X duration / cc / intensity / resource reduction on Y skill + on Z skill.
    Legendary: +X duration / cc / intensity / resource reduction on Y skill and Z skill + fun perks such as a shapeshifting proc or permanent character effect that simply add a non-damage customisation option.

    This could have different effects on skill 'types' (defensive, primary, secondary, etc.) to make the character feel unique to the player. Let's have another example:
    Wizard -
    Primary: Electrocute [Forked Lightning] - Sparks travel {+5-10 yards} but deal less damage the further they travel.
    Secondary: Arcane Orb [Celestial Orb] - Orb travels slower and has a {10-15%} chance to cause disorientation on impact.
    Defensive: Frost Nova [Shatter] - duration of frost nova on targets stacks in accordance to shatter procs (to a maximum of {10-15} seconds)
    Force: Meteor [Meteor Shower] - Meteors have a {50-75%} chance seek out targets but no longer cause scorched effect.
    Conjuration: Storm Armor [Scramble] No longer causes movement speed increase. Causes blinding effect to nearby targets when hit {10-15 sec cooldown}.
    Mastery: Archon [Arcane destruction] - Arcane blast has an {5-10 yard} increased effect range.
    *Bracketed {x} are stat rolls.

    I'm sure someone will think of some better ideas for runes but you get the general idea. Making underused abilities viable by letting players customise them to their character build.

    As for the legendary effects, don't think there would be a lot of work involved. There are plenty of great effects that are already currently in the game that people would enjoy such as:

    Permanent Archon form - Gives you the Archon look, without the abilities
    Thunderlust - Electric effects around your character similar to storm armor.
    Perfectly Cut - Diamond armor look, no ability effects.
    Firestrider - Engulfed in fire, leaving a trail such as firewalkers.
    Shadowed - Shadows seep from you and around your feet

    Zerg lust - Berserker form without effects.
    Bul-Kathos Reborn - take on the look of one of the three barbarians from Call of the ancients ability.
    Muscle-bound - Character increases in size and looks generally angry at everything.
    Barbed to the teeth - Take on the true Barb look with an armor set that has more spikes than a Quill Fiend.

    Tell me what you think!
    I'll add more ideas later if there is interest. Any good ideas posted below will be added with credit given to poster.
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